Top 5 PODs to Consider

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At the time of writing this article, there are currently 32 SuperCoach players with an ownership of 25% or higher. So many that you can actually make what’s also known as a ‘cookie-cutter’ side – the most common side full of the most owned players. It looks like this:

All in all, it’s not a bad looking side. But SuperCoach players like to be different and stray from the norm, looking for the players to set their team apart through what we call ‘points of difference’ or PODs.

Generally speaking, any player with an ownership of 5% or less is considered a POD, of which there are hundreds. But here are my top 5.

5. Jack Ziebell (NTH – $585,800 – DEF) – 4% ownership

After producing a career best season in 2021 and rising over $200,000 astounding many SuperCoach pundits, the love for Ziebell simply isn’t back in 2022.

But with Ziebell likely to continue taking the majority of the kickouts coupled with the recent injury to Aaron Hall, Ziebell could prove to be an astute POD in defence.

4. Patrick Dangerfield (GEE – $567,800 – MID) – 2% ownership

Dangerfield has averaged over 100 in his past 10 seasons and over 110 in 8 of those 10, showing tremendous consistency. Alas, 2021 saw Dangerfield’s lowest season average in a season plagued with suspension and injuries.

A return to fitness could see him back averaging over 110, but it’s the introduction of the new in-season positional changes that makes Dangerfield such an intriguing option given he’s been a MID/FWD previous seasons.

Do you take the gamble, get in early and potentially save a trade if he does get DPP status? Or simply look at Danger as a unique POD for your side?

3. Oscar McInerney (BRI – $509,600 – RUC) – 2% ownership

A true risk v reward POD. Max Gawn, Brodie Grundy, Nic Nat, Sean Darcy are the uber-premium picks in the ruck department and any combination of the 4 is pure set-and-forget.

But if you head over and check out Marto’s ruck analysis of Oscar McInerney, McInerney becomes a very interesting prospect and could be a breakout that flies under the radar and if it comes off, you’ll be well remembered for choosing this POD.

2. Andrew Brayshaw (FRE – $584,300 – MID) – 4% ownership 

2020 was the year of the #BrayshawBreakout, but could 2022 see a sequel with #BrayshawBreakout2?

From Rounds 15-23, Brayshaw averaged 117.1 including a season high 190 against Richmond in Round 20, and from only 62% of CBAs. All of this before his 22nd birthday.

With Adam Cerra off to Carlton, David Mundy well into his twilight years and Nat Fyfe racing to be ready for Round 1 after shoulder surgery last season, Brayshaw will play a massive role in Fremantle’s midfield, which can only spell good news for SuperCoach and could prove to be a huge POD if he breakouts for a second time.

1. Ben Keays (ADE – $560,400 – MID) – 1% ownership

Much like Andrew Brayshaw, Ben Keays could be poised for a monster 2022 season after breaking out in 2021 increasing his average from 81.2 to 103.0.

Taking a look at a number of his games in 2021 and his season averages as a whole, there’s so much to like about Keays. Averaging 28.1 disposals (14th overall), 6 tackles (9th), 2.6 clearances (20th), 5.4 inside 50s (8th) and in Round 23 scored 173 against North Melbourne.

But with the good, comes the bad. In 2021, Keays was ranked 561st for disposal efficiency (65.4%), 330th for goal accuracy (41.4%), 1ST for turnovers (6.6) and 46th for frees against (1.5). 

However, these are stats that can easily be improved on, further pushing his SuperCoach average up into uber-premium territory and a huge POD that will truly set your team apart in 2022.

What do you think community? Are you starting any of these blokes? Did I miss anyone?



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Was looking at Danger earlier today with the news of Neale, 122+ avg over the last 10 games! But it was all over the shop admittedly with a 180 a 130 and 2×160’s and the rest below 100, but!….If he’s fit with a full preseason? Those sub 100’s may not be as regular.


And he’s a hero who saves drowning people!…bonus 🙂


I think he’s a good option


Please keep quiet about Ben Keays, he’s my secret weapon


I’ll keep it quiet for you


I’m personally loving Josh Kelly at 3%.
Dominated once Whitfield returned and is one of the few in the game capable of pulling out a 200.


Interesting Paul, what’s his price?


Just the 582k. And only missed the 1 game last yr after a 5 day turnaround.
I’m jumping on barring pre season injury


Anyone thought that maybe Keays and Bradshaw could get tag a lot this yr being the obvious main mid players ?


I’m not sure about Keays, but for Brayshaw he was already the main mid at freo last year and had to work through tags. ….i remember the scores below 70 he got me while he was working it out lol


A good question Dave, maybe something we discuss in the midfielders pod (next one to go up)


I have had Cumming since the get go. I thought he’d be a little popular, but I see he is at 0%. I understand why Whitfield would be more popular at 2k less, and certainly Sicily at 40 odd k less. But 0%. Gotta say 0% is certainly so poddish that I am seriously questioning it.


What makes you like him?


As opposed to the next SuperCoach beast, I think he has great chances of being the next seagull.

Not sure why he wasn’t getting a run early in his career

2018. 2 games. 40.0
2019. 5 games. 56.4
2020. 3 games. 67.0

But he exploded in 2021

2021. 22 games. 92.9

He is the right age, and has the right scoring trajectory. After his first full season, I see room he might improve.

In terms of seagull-ability (yes, I made that word up), in 2021

Ave kicks. 15.5
Ave hballs. 6.3
Ave marks. 5.5
Ave tackles. 2.3

This style of footy not only screams seagull to me, but perhaps durability. (Now watch him ping a hammy)

One hallmark missing is that he didn’t improve as the season went on. He was consistent pre and post byes. And he wasn’t great in finals.

So maybe there’s an element of punt, but after being on the fringes, then firmly establishing himself as best 22, I really think he might improve again in 2022.


This is Cumming v Lloyd in 2021
Ave. 92.9. 107
Kicks. 15.5. 18.4
Hballs. 6.3. 9.6
Tackles. 2.3. 1.8
Marks. 5.5. 5.7

He bears the mark of the gull.

Hide your chips.

Lion Tamer

Isn’t a ‘seagull’ defined by the easy 1-2 handball give and gets and dinky kicks backwards? More about having the ball given to them rather than them doing the work and getting the ball themselves. High handball receives and uncontested marks would be the stats that identify a seagull and certainly not tackles. That’s my interpretation but I’m comfortable with hearing other definitions

Cummings might be the next Heath Shaw at GWS in relation to SC points but he just as easily might not be. Last year was the time to take a punt on him, he was cheap and dominated in preseason (but like all the ‘experts’ say “Pres season form & role is no indication”).
You identified proven high scorers at similar or cheaper prices which is why cumming has such low ownership.


My best SC thinking in the preseason shot down in flames. But to be honest, would rather receive negative feedback than to feel like I am shouting into the void. Does look like I need to switch to Whitfield and save the 3k. If Cumming does improve, I can get him later like everyone else.


What are our thoughts on Jack Lukosius, potential break out season will he be staying down back or playing forward this year?


Our GCS expert like him as a breakout. I’m happy to wait and watch him

Rick Grimes

Love Lukosius but I’d be wary of him getting thrown forward. The Suns will be chasing plenty of games and he is a guy they move about to spark stuff.

Lion Tamer

I think that with king injuring one of his main air-conveyance propulsion devices the role of Luki Jack will be more as a forward

Lion Tamer

Keays’ SC output will probably suffer with the return of Crouch. His output against the lions certainly didn’t indicate value, he should have been able to lay at least 20 tackles in that game coz lions had the ball 90% of the time but his AFL fantasy score was less than trappy rayner

Lion Tamer

The big “Oh no why did you pick him” is such an obvious trap that Wil-e-Coyote is running along beside him with a sign saying “Free supercoach points here”
Against the crows Darcy Fort almost doubled his fanstasy score and when “Eric the could be great” comes back Oscar will lose even more scoring opportunity.
Sure based on a couple of abnormal games last year he was worth considering but then Fort was recruited and the coach stated very clearly and repeatedly that 2 rucks is the way to for the lions this year.

Lion tamer

Genuine PODS are just players with low ownership and are easily identified VALUABLE PODS are far more relevant.

Want a POD that is proven and not speculative? welcome to the cage

Most Points in 2021 & Ownership in 2022 (only 3 of them in top 10 most owned fwds)
Taranto – 19%
Hawkins – 2%
Dixon – 0%
McEvoy – 2%
Bailey – 9%
Graham – 1%
Sidebottom – 1%
Thomas – 8%
Daniher – 1%
T.McDonald – 0%

Highest ave in 2021 & Ownership in 2022 (only 4 of them in top 10 most owned)
Dunkley – 53%
Duncam – 16%
Taranto – 19%
Hawkins – 2%
Stringer – 2%
Martin – 31%
Wingard – 1%
Greene – 1%
Dixon – 0%
McEvoy – 2%

Forwards Ownership as 2 March 2022 over $400k (only 3 of them in top 10 for most points)
Dunkley – 53%
Butters – 32%
Martin – 31%
Heeney – 22%
Taranto – 19%
Duncan – 16%
Treloar – 15%
DDe Goey – 11%
Bailey – 9%
Thomas – 8%