Top 5 2022 SuperCoach Locks

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Hello JR team, I hope you’re all fit and firing and as PUMPED as I am for Round 1.

Today I’m going to take you through the top 5 players who I believe you need to absolutely lock into your starting Supercoach team in 2022.

I look forward to chewing the fat with you  in the comments below, or over on twitter where you’ll find me talking Supercoach here.

Righto – let’s crack in; 

5. Brodie Grundy (COLL – $627,100 – RUC)

I feel as if Grundy finishes the season as the #1 Supercoach ruckman.

Reportedly revitalized by Craig McRae’s fresh air, he’s trimmed down and is frothing at the chops to rip 2022 to shreds. 

He managed to average 115 in 2021 despite having an underwhelming season by his standards and he has the potential to do something seriously special in 2022. 

The thing that’s so appealing to me about selecting Grundy at R1 is his scoring profile. It really is unique for a ruckman and makes his scoring ceiling massive;

Grundy in a ‘mediocre’ 2021;

  • 10.5 hitouts to advantage per game. Second only to Nic Nat. 
  • 4.4 tackles per game. Number 1 for ruckman playing over 5 games.  
  • 19.1 possessions per game. Number 1 for ruckman. 

Not bad for a season where you could argue he was a bit off the boil. 

Rewind to 2019 where he averaged 131SC per game, he was even better in all of those stats. 

That’s where he’s headed with a new lease on life in 2022.

4. Tom Mitchell (HAW – $638,100 – MID)

Tom Mitchell averaged 129SC in 2018 to stamp himself as a true Supercoach Beast.

Then he busted his leg. That’s bad for footy playing people. 

Then he started slowly getting back to Tom Mitchell levels in 2020..

Then he stuffed his shoulder, needed a reco and missed a big chunk of the 2021 preseason.

Then, having built his match fitness in the early part of 2021 he became Tom Mitchell again after the bye; 

2018 AVGPost-bye 2021
Supercoach Points129129
Hard / Loose Ball Gets9.88.3

Then I locked him in as one of my first picked in 2022

3. Jake Lloyd (SYD – $586,600 – DEF)

If you haven’t yet listened to any of the JR preseason podcasts you need to do that quickly. Then devour them as soon as new ones are released – absolutely essential stuff-them-in-your-ears stuff listen to the latest here with Lek, Patch and Damo in awesome form. 

Having said that – I can’t agree on Jake Lloyd not being a lock, Damo. Sorry.. I just can’t not have him in my 2022 starting team. Yes he’s a touch pricey, but this is a pricey I’m more than happy to pay. 

He’s averaged 10 points more than any other 2022 DEF eligible player since the start of the 2019 season. 

His scoring output was impacted slightly with Jordan Dawson waxing with him on his role and also those delicious kickouts in 2021. Dawson’s gone to Adelaide now so I reckon Lloyd will build his average close to 2020 levels in 2022.

He’s priced to average 109. Will he reach the 122+ we saw him average in 2020? That might be a bit of a stretch but he’s locked hard into my 2022 team.

2. Steven Coniglio (GWS – 261,300 – MID/FWD)

Cogs being awarded GWS Captaincy

I don’t really need to write words about this one do I? 

He’s priced to average 49 Supercoach points. He’s FWD eligible. Pls. 

Cogs should feel a little lighter on his feet in 2022 now sharing the captaincy role that has clearly weighed heavy on him.

He’s been almost pure MID in all preseason sims so far. He’s owned by 65% of us. I reckon the other 35% should jump on too.

1. Lachie Neale (BRL – 543,200 – MID)

Lachie Neale is priced to average 101 in Supercoach 2022.

That’s a lonnnnngg way off the 134SC he averaged in his Brownlow winning 2020 season. 

So what happened in 2021? 

A preseason calf niggle meant he was underdone to begin the season. He battled that niggle in the early rounds. He then stuffed his ankle badly in round 6 and took a long spell. He came back in round 12, showed glimpses of Lachie Neale –  but battled in parts for much of the remainder of the season.

Fact – you can’t do Supercoach Midfield Beast things without a solid preseason, and certainly not with multiple injuries throughout the season.

Even so, Lachie gave us a glimpse of what was in store in 2022 in his last 3 games of the season which included finals. He averaged;

  • 126SC 
  • 5 tackles
  • A massive 12.3 hard / loose ball gets
  • 34 disposals, 50% of them contested
  • 7.3 clearances

Word is he is the fittest and hungriest he’s ever been. 

What do you reckon community? Are you steering clear of any of these blokes, and if so why?

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Four out of 5 for me. Don’t have Lloyd. Dropped from 120 to 107 last year. Is 28 now, not sure he can go back up. Did he really wax with Dawson? I thought Dawson had more of a wing role, but I could be mistaken. My feeling was that he wasn’t given the same space, so either he wasn’t taken as an option, or if he was, had a little less time so more handballs, and a decline in efficiency. I also thought Mills moving from defence took a little away from Lloyd. Reckon Mills might have given him a lot of cheapies.
last year he beat 120 three times – Crows in around 2 or 3, Blues mid season, and a big 154 against the Suns in round 23.
I am not saying he won’t find his way into my team at some point. I just think you are over paying to start with him. The only justification for over paying is that they are a captaincy option. Right now, I don’t think Lloyd is.


I’m with you, Keen1. I’d read somewhere that Lloyd scores better with Dawson in the team, and when I’ve had him in the past he doesn’t close the season with massive scores (except last year), so he’s a wait and see for me. My biggest issue is the ruck 2 possie. I think Max is going to share more time with Jackson, so it’s a toss up between the rucks of the 2 WA teams, Darcy vs NicNat. I’ve heard that Darcy is carrying a hand injury, so I might lean towards Nic Nat. Opinions??


I have 4 Marto, not Mitchell (wish I did)….also reckon Macrae and Oliver are locks but it ain’t top 10 locks haha, is that your face on Gongigliog’s head?


I have all 5. They should finish in the top few in their positions so might as well start them as bringing them in could all be difficult if they start the season well and go up in price

David C

Brisbane have just said both Neale and Lyons will have new roles this year and will be spending less time on ball. Rayner and Bailey to get more time on ball.

JohnDJ59.Black Flag

All five are in my team.


Johnny D!

JohnDJ59.Black Flag

Hi Lek, how are you going, I liked your tribute to Walsh on twitter, very moving. Enjoying your articles, just read the 11 commandments from your link on twitter. Great reading as usual.

S C tragic

anyone know if mitch duncan is injured or not, conflicting reports very confusing.


Apparently calves have been impacting his preseason


Great selections.
I have 4/5. Can’t squeeze in Mitchell but want him. Starting Oliver, Steele Macrae & Neale as the 4 mid bulls. For now with the 4-4-2-2 premo structure he misses out. 😢