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G’day community! I, like a lot of coaches, love the anxiety-inducing fear of missing out that happens during the preseason. Do I start Jayden Short ? Is Cam Guthrie a viable pick? Why aren’t more people picking Ben Brown? Plus a thousand other questions that cross peoples mind with every selection.

In the Jock Reynolds crew we have amazing people who all provide unique perspectives on teams. We have two people who are known for being “numbers guys”, Azza and Statty Matty. These gorgeous math boys are always keen to dive in when any of us ask for information and provide us with sexy, sexy stats at a moment’s whim.

There is another unspoken skill that those of us not gifted with numbers use when selecting our teams. The age old method of Vibes. This isnt an exact  science by any means but a useful skill and an important one to hone, So lets vibe out some SuperCoach selections while it’s still preseason and I technically can’t be wrong.

Tim Taranto – MID/FWD $529,700

Good Vibes

  • Absolutely talented player with ability and work rate across the field. 
  • See the above image. 
  • MID/FWD with the potential to average over 100 playing in the midfield

Bad Vibes

  • The absence of Toby Greene and injury to Brent Daniels probably marks Taranto to be stuck in the forward line for a decent stint. 


Bad Vibes. Ultimately, I think I’m going to struggle to start Taranto this year but he is absolutely someone to watch with interest. Swooping in to pick him up if he manages to regain his mid rotations, potentially at a lower price, could be a great move for Coaches. Wait and see until Greene is back.

Jade Gresham – FWD $299,000

Good Vibes

  • Attractively priced for a forward with potential to average 80+. Great stepping stone option.
  • Training reports indicate he has recovered well and is training hard  
  • Big coach raps on his role and expected influence across the saints attack. 

Bad Vibes

  • Has not played a lot of football in two years. A back injury in the second half of 2020 and a ruptured achilles in early 2021. 
  • Falls into the mid-priced madness category
  • The prior injury concern means that the focus will be on keeping him healthy before really going off the chain.
  • This headline


  • This pick isn’t for everyone. It does give me distinct bad vibes only for the big unknown factors on his actual match fitness, role and just how much opportunity he will have to score. 

Jordan Dawson – DEF $550,300

Good Vibes

  • Dawson has been really impressive in all pre-season reports so far. His role isn’t solely a mid role but has seemed to include mid time and potential CBA’s. 
  • Has a great kick and could be a key factor in moving the ball across the half back for Adelaide. 

Bad Vibes

  • Could be limited by those around him if time is needed to adjust to the structure. Adelaide are really still beginning to regain some of their best footy compared to the Swans.
  • At his price, there is a decent risk if he isn’t a keeper. 
  • Plenty of competition for mid time at the Crows with players returning. 


  • Despite the risks involved, I’m getting good vibes from the information that’s available. Dawson provides the crows with skills and technique that they really need and I can see him being integral to how Adelaide moves the ball. 

Tom Hawkins – FWD $510,900

Good Vibes

  • Literally one of the only key forwards I know who has managed to consistently end himself at the top of the lists consistently. 
  • Hawkins will always be able to surprise you with his output and is guaranteed to have at least one games the gives you the eyes emoji. 👀
  • Has  “would offer to pick your Grandma up from bingo” vibes

Bad Vibes

  • Age. Big question marks on when the torch will be passed to some of his teammates as each year goes on. 
  • The Rollercoaster. His highs will need to be worth taking the occasional 50’s
  • Does a fit Jeremy Cameron affect his scoring opportunities ?


  • Hawkins is one of those selections that I’m always jealous of when he goes big. Unfortunately, the rollercoaster has too much of a bad vibe for me. It feels crazy to say that about a man who averaged 93 last year and I understand why people are selecting him, it’s just not for me. 

Who are you vibing this pre-season ? Let us know in the comments.  Make sure to get your vibes attuned as we come into the AAMI Community Series starting real soon!

Clarky is participating in the World’s Greatest Shave and any support towards his campaign would go along way. You can follow Clarky on Twitter here.

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Getting Collin-good vibes for Patrick Lipinski. Should get a good run in the midfield, has a name that BT will get right into and just a good looking specimen of a footballer.


The BT name thing might have some legs


Love it Clarky!…I had good vibes about Gresham but they’ve turned into bad vibes unfortunately for the reason’s you mentioned, the nursing him into it thing.
Also Timmy Taranto needs to work out a bit more, looking a bit flabby around the mid section lol
What vibes are you tuning into when it comes to Butters, and Thomas in the fwd line?


I’m starting to get good vibes about Butters. They were good before preseason but faded with the entire forward line. Both Heeney (especially with Mills likely to miss games) and Butters are feeling good


Butters was my first picked. Better than good vibes. Bloody off the charts vibes. Been big on him all year. Will play 70/30 mid fwd. Could well be top scoring fwd by end of year.

JohnDJ59.Black Flag

I’ve had good vibes about Butters from the start, some people here tried to talk me out of it, but he is still in my side.


One i am starting to get a good vibe on is Liam Henry. Everyone talking Curnow, cogs, brodie, Raynor Gresham but Henry has slipped under radar.

Curnow- injury history but 1st full pre-season
Cogs – injury history may be used fwd
Brodie – is he best 22?
Raynor – injury history full pre season
Gresham- see above.

Liam Henry – small fwd played 17 games 2021. Verdict small fwds suck at SuperCoach.
2022 – change of role (always pricks ears up in SC)
Playing on a wing this year. With his footy smarts and kicking ability much more SC friendly role,
Smashing pre-season and match SIM (but everyone is right?)

So do you go for an injury prone player or a player not guaranteed best 22?

Henry offers something different.
Something to chew the fat over.

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Feeling the good vibes about Josh Rachelle after today’s game, apparently he was one of the Crow’s best. He does have a very impressive video highlights package, looks much more mature on field than his age.