Top 5 Most Discriminated Against in SuperCoach 2022

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These 5 brave souls do not deserve this.

Each of these champions of the downtrodden have the right to be selected in a multitude of our SuperCoach teams in 2022. 

But for different reasons, and due to different cruel injustices – they are not. 

Let’s take a stroll through this garden of SuperCoach shame. 

Rory Laird ($632,600 MID)

2% ownership

We still think of Rory as the Crow who got his big boy midfield pants in 2020, don’t we? 

The big brave boy who could. Rory porey. Come hereee Rory. Comeeee here boy. 

We’re not convinced he’s up there with the $600K+ MID eligible only boys are we? Nahhhh.

Rory was second only to Clayton Oliver in SuperCoach points earned through hard & loose ball gets in 2021 (49 per game). This is a MASSIVE Supercoach relevancy stat. 

Rory porey is an undeniable Beast. 

He’s played 70 games straight. He averaged 116 all season, 125 after the bye and 130SC in his last 5 games.

Discriminated against due to: Being an Adelaide Crow. No longer a defender.

Brayden Fiorini ($551,600 MID)

0% ownership

Cmon – this is just cruel.

Poor bloody Brayden finally locks away a place in the Gold Coast Suns midfield after a few injuries to other players. He goes and averages 115SC in the 6 games after Round 17. 

And this is what he gets. A cold glass of stay out of all of our teams in 2022, Brayden. 

Stewie Dew doesn’t like you, and neither do we buddy. He’s kept you in the ressies despite you spraying viscously massive SuperCoach points per minute over the opposition whenever you rotate through the guts.

In rounds 19-22 he averaged 2.2 SuperCoach points per minute. Look it up. That’s obscene.

Gold Coast will need his type in the midfield this year. 

And he needs us. 

Discriminated against due to: Being in Stewie Dew’s bad books 

Chad Wingard ($501,500 MID/FWD)

1% ownership 

Yeah I’m not a fan either. 

But we MUST treat each SuperCoach option without discrimination for any reason whatsoever – be it the team he plays for, injury history, flog tendencies.. anything. 

Chaddles clearly does his best stuff when he’s playing in the midfield switching forward. That’s how he rolled in the back end of 2022. He loved it sick. 

When The Chaddles slipped back into the guts for the last 5 rounds of the year (52% CBA) he averaged 117 Supercoach. That CBA% slipped up over 70% in his last 2 games and he averaged over 120. 

Yeah injuries. Yeah Chaddles. Yeah tendencies – but 1%

Cruel. Give peace a chance. 

Discriminated against due to: Chad

Harris Andrews ($517,900 DEF)

1% ownership

What, I ask of you – has Harris done to deserve this? 

Were 3 scores over 120SC in his last 5 games enough to pique a bit of interest from somewhere? No. No they were not. 

He averaged 100 after round 15 – does that matter? He’s 26 and at 202cm tall he’s only just reaching his prime. What about that?

No, none of that matters. It appears that we don’t take kindly to his type in these SuperCoach parts.  

Discriminated against due to: Being a spoiling defender which reminds us of Simon Prestigiacomo.

Oscar McInerney ($509,600 RUC)

3% ownership 

I’ve referred this one to Amnesty International.

I wrote about Big O earlier in the preseason here. He’s put his hand up as a genuine emerging uber premium ruck.

And what do we do?

We rain on his hopes, dreams and aspirations with this selection percentage. 

What do you reckon the Big O scored in the four games he played consecutively against Sean Darcy, Brode Grundy, Nic Nat and Max Gawn? 119 Supercoach points. 

Darcy Fort? Darcy Schmort. 

Discriminated against due to: Oscarism 

Hope you’re enjoying your preseason as much as I am with the magnificent JR Crew everyone! 

Come and talk SuperCoach with me on Twitter at @MartoBonbeach or down in the comments below

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While I appreciate the effort and can see where you are coming from I’m not sure we need such crass writing on such a great site.

Probably put myself in the cross hairs but we can tell a story without delving into depravity.


We’ve made some changes mate. Thanks for the feedback.


No worries Damo.
Could have gone with poor young Brayden is about as popular as Novak Djokovic with the authorities at the Australian open.
Let me know if you want me to write an article. Always happy to help out. 😉


If you’d like to write an article, you’re more than welcome!


Cheers Marto!…Last time I had Harris, I brought him in the week before he got his head knocked off by Jeremy Cameron, lol I thought after that I must be cursed, or he was…one of us anyway. He averaged 95 last year so is definitely worthy of selection. I’m not picking him cause I have 4 back there I think will average a bit more…good player though.
Oscar I thought he’d be way above 3% with all the people talking about picking him on different sites, maybe as we get closer to gametime?
I’ve got Fiorini in my draft side, very under-rated player.
Cheers mate

Rick Grimes

Oscar is my R2 at present. I think he averages 110-115 this year. Hope he stays at 3% ownership.

David C

Fort is tearing it up in training and there is talk of a split in the rucking duties. Just watch the preseason matches closely.

Rick Grimes

Cheers David. That is concerning.

S C tragic

I too have Oscar as my #2, I’m rather bullish about him actually practice matches will tell left door slightly ajar for Grundy.


Fiorini got broken for me when he got brought in the last round one year, scored well and was priced out of rookiedom forever.

Lion Tamer

Chad has always been a teaser finishes seasons well but spends the first half of season counting and comparing the blades of grass while he plots the seduction of a physiotherapist. Beware the Big O he’s a trap with a big Oh No hiding under the hype.
Rory? Well I for one believe the rumours that he was recruited from area 51, look at those eyes, earth born humans don’t have eyes that are so close together and central in their face. But that doesn’t mean that he can’t play footy.
Similar for Harris, he can play footy well but I am not convinced that he’s not an alien. He’s just not like real people.
Brayden Fiorini hmmm.