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Debuting in the late in the season can either be a god send to assist in finally finishing a team, or an absolute disaster if you planned on these guys being available cheap next season. Let’s take a look at all the late season debutants (Round 20 onwards) and analyse if they could be a good selection, even at their slightly higher price.

Joel Jeffrey ($127,400 FWD) 4 Games, 26 AvgDebuted Round 20

Helped by his -1 in the final round of the season, he’s only $3,500 above what we would’ve paid if he didn’t play at all, not that much extra to fork out. With the sad news of Ben King going down with an ACL injury, this opens the door for Jeffrey to potentially take a spot in the Suns forward line. Jeffrey doesn’t need a whole lot of possessions to make a big impact either, culminated by his 16 disposal, 9 goal performance in the VFL just prior to his AFL debut. One to keep an eye on depending on what rookies line-up in round 1. Probably one of the best late party goers in this list.

Alex Davies (202,500 MID) 1 Game, 62 Score – Debuted Round 23

The best thing about Davies’ debut performance is that he laid 6 tackles. Tackles can’t be taught easily, especially at AFL level. He would’ve earned a fair chunk of his points from those tackles, too. I don’t think Davies will beat out the likes of Horne-Francis, Daicos and Ward at similar price points, but certainly one to keep an eye on. Highly rated as a junior as a ball winning midfielder, there’s an outside chance he can force his way into the Suns midfield with the various vacancies opening up, but he’s probably behind James Tsitas, Charlie Constable and Elijah Hollands at this stage.

Jake Bowey ($265,600 DEF) 4 Games*, 61 Avg – Debuted Round 20
*in-season games

This kid became a premiership player in just his 7th game. Has speed to burn and uses the ball well, too. Not a huge possession winner but makes every one he gets count. There’s worry that we may not get enough defence rookies to start the season, and even if Bowey only maintains his 61 average, he could still make 80-100k and be a viable stepping stone, but probably only poses as a last resort option.

Ben Miller ($160,000 DEF) 1 Game, 49 Score – Debuted Round 23

Key defender at Richmond? Pass.

Lachlan Gollant ($123,900 FWD) 1 Game, 37 Score – Debuted Round 23

11 Disposals and a goal on debut looks like a good stat line, but it only netted Gollant 37 points. 37 points on debut from a medium forward probably means scoring will likely be volatile, but with the Crows drafting Josh Rachele and Jake Soligo, who are both impressing by all reports, Gollant is probably further down the pecking order than we’d like despite being different sort of players. We’re lucky his debut didn’t affect Gollant’s price, so he’s one to keep an eye on, especially with no Tom Lynch and Taylor Walker suspended, but I feel like his chances are slim.

Phoenix Spicer ($123,900 FWD) 1 Game, 12 Score – Debuted Round 23

North Melbourne fans were ecstatic with this kids debut, but it was probably a pretty forgettable experience for watchers. Just 7 disposals and a behind at a measly 14% disposal efficiency for 12 points, I’d prefer to start a key position rookie over the Spicer if 12 points is all I’m up for.

Corey Durdin ($143,700 FWD) 2 Games, 33 Avg – Debuted Round 22

There was lots of hype on this guy prior to the season beginning, and when he didn’t debut early we didn’t know when he’d come into the fold if at all in 2021. Like Rioli below, only 8 disposals over his 2 matches means he’s probably not going to be a great points generator and one that’s probably best left on the shelf.

Brodie Kemp ($156,800 DEF) 2 Games, 36 Avg – Debuted Round 22

Probably the pick of the late party goers in this list as he likely plays regularly, however he’s been transformed into a key defender so his scoring may not be as good as it would be if he had a remained a midfielder but 14 disposals that included 2 inside 50s and 4 rebounds in his second game means only the pre-season games later this month will show us what we’re really in for. Top of the watch list for me, especially at the price.

Brayden Cook ($209,000 MID) 3 Games, 48 Avg – Debuted Round 21

As written in Barron’s pocket profile, Cook probably would’ve debuted earlier if it wasn’t for a busted shoulder that sidelined him for a majority of the season. Barron, in his pocket profile, sees Brayden Cook potentially filling Tom Lynch’s role as a connector type in the Crows line-up, and has drawn similarities with Tom Lynch’s first and second season. At 209k, it’s a very awkward price, and like Davies, you’d probably prefer to start Horne-Francis, Ward or Daicos at a similar price point.

Maurice Rioli ($123,900 MID/FWD) 2 Games, 23 Avg – Debuted Round 21

I love the Rioli name, so to see this guy debut last season was awesome. Hit the scoreboard in both his games but only 9 disposals across both fixtures probably tells you he’s one who’s more exciting to watch live, than own in Fantasy land. Pass.

Nathan Kreuger ($198,100 DEF) 2 Games, 52 Avg – Debuted Round 20

Collingwood has been crying out for the key forward, and Kreuger could be the man to fill that spot. It was a deliberate recruitment from the Pies to go and get him from the Cats, but key position players don’t have a history of scoring well. His stats from his 2 games at the Cats aren’t probably transferrable here either, given he was used mainly as a key defender. Pass.

James Peatling ($242,400 DEF) 3 Games, 55.7 Avg – Debuted Round 20

It was looking like this guy would never debut, and he’d probably be a lot more attractive at a lower price point, but a 97 on debut isn’t something to ignore, especially from just 19 disposals. You’d have to be a scientist to work out where anyone fits in Leon Cameron’s 22, but like Bowey if we don’t have enough defensive rookies to start the season, and he’s there to begin the season, we may not have a choice. I’d still be looking at cheaper options in the meantime though.

Any of these guys on your radar? Have I missed someone?

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For the forward rookies, it just really shows what you can expect. However we tend to hope that the new draftees will be different, so we often pay top dollar for say Rachele rather than lesser for a Spicer or a Jeffery. For me it’s about grabbing a couple of the cheapies and leave them on the bench until they have a big game that boosts their price. Whilst it is frustrating to leave that big score on the bench, just have to think that their purpose is to just sit on the bench and generate cash, plus avoid a donut occasionally. At the moment I only have Holland on field, with Comben and Skinner on the bench. Skinner for his DPP with Kelly. But I think only one of Hayes or Skinner will play, so I suspect I will need one of these. Probably Jeffery at this stage.
on the defenders, if you looking at Kemp as a key defender because he’ll get games, I feel that Thompson is the better choice and save the 30k. When you look at Thompson’s scoring history, you would probably peg him on as a 50 average. Whilst that would be enough to earn your 150k and trade him, I think the scoring has changed a bit in the last few years with spoils earning a bit more. Can anyone confirm that?


Hi Keen, I thought about Thompson but the dude’s 30 now and hasn’t played for 4 years after back to back ACLs. Kudos to him for not giving up though.


Understand where you are coming from. It’s almost like I stop reading when I see the words “key defender “!
Feeling like it’s rookie roulette this year more than most seasons


Im hearing you keen. Though dean may have rocketed into contention with the injury to roughnead yesterday.
Kemp should get a regular gig.





Bundeena Bunnies

Could you all check your emails for the Draft keeper League, Jocks Jungleland,

Would love to have you all back again

Cheers Gator