2022 Pocket Profile: Collingwood Magpies

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We’ve gone to a SuperCoach stalwart to write this one in Paige of SuperCoach Paige fame. She is a diehard Collingwood fan, and honestly there was no-one better to write this profile for us.

It’s a new era at Collingwood. First-year coach Craig McRae takes the reins at the Magpies and brings with him a wealth of knowledge over his 15-year campaign in assistant coaching, let alone his exceptional playing career during his days with the all-conquering Brisbane Lions.

The Pies are in a transition period in 2022, and with 21 players under 21, opportunities are plentiful for the Pies who have invested in the last two drafts classes, boasting a nucleus of kids who will undoubtedly see game time this year. 

Of the cheapies, Charlie Dean ($102,400 DEF) headlines with the former Fothergill Medalist of the VFL finding his way onto the list via the rookie draft, and could slot in early. Ash Johnson ($123,900 FWD) will see opportunity in the forward line as an explosive forward while Will Kelly ($123,900 DEF/FWD) who’s been on the list for a few years comes in at a cheap price having a few injury-interrupted years but looks ready to deliver in 2022. The biggest cheapie of all is the Reef McInnes ($123,900 MID) who didn’t debut last season due to injury but comes with huge wraps and has been a big talking point this preseason with the next generation academy player considered to the the pick of the 2020 draft class that also delivered players such as Ollie Henry, Caleb Poulter and Fin McCrae. Having crossed from Geelong to Collingwood, Nathan Kreuger ($198,100 DEF) will also command a key forward role in the Pies’ lineup.

Captain Scott Pendlebury ($492,300 MID) will move behind the ball in a new role in 2022 as the Pies prepare for life without one of their finest ever. He’ll still come into the midfield mix, but he’s worth keeping tabs on, particularly if he wins a positional change throughout the season. 



No longer at the lofty price of $700,000, Brodie Grundy’s price tag is welcomed from SuperCoach players in 2022. Although Grundy’s output dipped last year, and let’s face it – he wasn’t alone in that metric, he’s shed a few kilograms so far this preseason and has been fingerprinted by Craig McRae as a key part of Collingwood’s 2022 aspirations. The ruckman who plays like a midfielder has one of the biggest ceilings in SuperCoach, with a capacity to score north of 150. However this preseason the task set before him in a new era at Collingwood has been his connections with his midfield group. He’s been urged to find meaningful and strong bonds with his fellow midfielders off the field, and while that might sound like a load of fluff, internally it’s already paying dividends with his hitouts to advantage, follow up work, tackling, and desire to become a deep target in the forward line coming to fruition so far in match simulation. Track watchers will tell you that Grundy’s enthusiasm, talk, and leadership have him set to mirror his All Australian seasons a few years ago. 



Having crossed to the Pies in search of more opportunities, it was thought initially that former Bulldog Patrick Lipinski would slot into a wing or half-forward role, but having showcased his immense talents as a ball-winning midfielder with breakaway speed to burn throughout the preseason so far, he’s stamped himself as an onballer in his new club colours having impressed coach Craig McRae with his tenacity and grunt at the coalface. The 23-year-old showed his poise and goal nous during his 56-game career at the Western Bulldogs where he was largely played out of position, and those attributes are tipped to shine in a more natural role. There are similarities in his teammate Jack Crisp in his desire to run and carry the ball, hit the scoreboard, and work tirelessly up and down the ground. With plenty of positions up for grabs, Lipinski’s job security is tipped to be high. If you’re looking for a unique option, or even a strong selection in SuperCoach draft, Lipinski is your guy. 



This one may divide opinion, and although Jordan De Goey’s preseason has been anything less than ideal, he is in the best shape physically he’s ever been in, having done a mountain of work on his body with the promise of serious midfield minutes in 2022. Indiscretions aside, he’s slotted back into the club without issue, and undoubtedly remains in Collingwood’s best 22. De Goey remains a match winner and an unquestionable talent who can turn games, and having averaged 85 across the season last year, when deployed into the midfield, he returned consistent three-digit scores. From round 11 onwards, he exploded with seven scores over 100, of which two were north of 120. During that run, he averaged 20 possessions and a goal a game, further enhancing his credentials. It’s a contract year for De Goey who qualifies as a restricted free agent at season’s end. Both the Pies and De Goey will be looking for serious output in 2022, but if you’re looking to add a little bit of flair and dual position flexibility, De Goey poses as the perfect option.  


NICK DAICOS ($193,800 MID)

The hype is real. So high are the wraps on the youngest of the Daicos brothers he could’ve played senior football for the Pies last season. While he sits at the pointy end of SuperCoach rookie price tags, you can’t afford not to have him given his elite ball-winning abilities, goal kicking, and high efficiency – all attributes that bode well in SuperCoach scoring. With the Pies boasting 21 players under 21 on their list, opportunities will be plentiful as the club rebuilds under first-year coach McRae and Daicos will be at the forefront. There is a slight Asterix that comes with Daicos’ selection, like it will many first-year rookies in 2022, and that is that this draft class, particularly those from Victoria, haven’t had as much exposure in the last two years of COVID-effected footy. However, you need only go back to Daicos’ efforts in the VFL game against Footscray at the beginning of last year and his outing against Geelong’s VFL side to know he’s well and truly ready to step onto centre stage at the MCG. Having averaged 36 disposals and two goals in the NAB League, the elite father/son selection will start his career behind the ball, will spend cameo minutes through the midfield and will get his opportunity up forward too. However already he’s been taking quite a lot of kick-ins in preseason drills, and already is considered one of the best kicks at the club. Charlie Dean ($102,400 DEF) also poses as a bargain basement option in defence. Track his preseason to see where he slots in. 


MASON COX ($275,300 FWD)

While it’s no fault of his own, Mason Cox has never really been a SuperCoach relevant player, but his price point in 2022 really does pose the question. If he’s cheap, which he is, and if he plays – why wouldn’t he be worth rolling the dice on? Key forwards rarely dominate SuperCoach scoring, and even then Cox’s ceiling wouldn’t equate him being a long-term prospect in your team meaning you’ll be burning a trade to move him on at some point anyway. The jury is still out on whether or not Cox will be in Collingwood’s best 22 this year, particularly with ex-Cat Nathan Kreuger crossing as a promising key forward, and young gun Ash Johnson tipped to be utilised heavily as forward, Cox’s job security doesn’t look overly appearing in what is a contract year for the American. 

Big thanks to Paige for putting this monster of a Pocket Profile together. Make sure you go and thank her on Twitter, and let us know your thoughts in the replies!

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Great stuff thanks Paige, very informative…To De Goey or not to De Goey, that is the question, I’d love to start him but can he actually get through a season without getting suspended for some silly flog act? I guess we have a few extra trades this year for things like that. 🙂


His off field antics means he doesn’t get a spot in my team Russty.


Fair enough Kat, he is a massive douchebag, but as Paige said, it’s his contract year so if he puts a foot wrong this season, he’s probably done in the AFL, so maybe he’ll be on his best behaviour, and Footy?..who knows with that guy ay?

JohnDJ59.Black Flag

Same here Kat.

Rick Grimes

At this stage Grundy is not in my side I’m not sold he’ll average any more than last year. Still a gun but I’m considering a couple of the new breed.

The Ranger

Thanks Paige. Just added Lipinski to the watchlist.
If he plays onball he could be worth a punt at that price.
And with Roughy out Charlie Dean just took a seat on my bench.


Hi Ranger. I think I read that Roughy should be back Round 5. Do you think Dean will make enough coin in 4 weeks to be worth a spot on your bench? It’s those rookies that get selected round 1 and disappear without making enough cash that are the bane of the side. You either have to waste a trade without enough return, or hang on to them hoping they play again. With a 102k rookie you probably need at least one, probably 2 price rises so you can trade them to another 124k rookie. So whilst I love how cheap he is, his potentially short shelf life worries me. I will probably go Rory Thompson for that break glass warm body sitting on my defensive bench

The Ranger

He’s by no means a lock Keen but the 102K rookies are gold if they can play six or seven games in a row eh? Thompson is certainly a safer bet.


Jordan De GOAT is locked in my side 🔒 and very unlikely he moves


Been there all summer- until I read he played forward not midfield in match sim. I wanna know he’s going back to that mid role before he goes back in. Thomas is warming his seat in the meantime

David C

He seems to be rotating with Lipinski between the forward and midfield. Not sure either is going to get enough midfield minutes.


Agreed keen. I’m a north supporter and been watching Thomas very closely. Same situation though as de goey I wanna see him play enough through the middle but he does look damaging at a high half forward role anyway so still stays relevant. Where De goey I feel plays deeper bit like dusty. But not as damaging as dusty.



He’s out of my side after playing too much forward and left the track in some clear discomfort and did not return.


JohnDJ59.Black Flag

Not touching him, never a consideration.


I’ve been told that behind closed doors coach McRae has expressed disappointment that young Daics appears to have the engine of a 1960’s Trabant atmo. Maybe this is due to a lack of football in Victoria during the covid years.
Lack of endurance aside I can’t see him being a ball wining midfielder in his first year of AFL. from what I’ve seen at training he will be an outside link up player and 3rd choice for rebounding from defence. I doubt that he’ll ave much over 50 in his first 6 games and the wise move is probably to ignore him until he is able run out more than 65% game time and then reassess.
All pies fans hope that he’ll be the gun player that is needed to replace the likes of King Pendle but in year 1 he is more likely to produce more like last years ‘super rookie’ in Nth Melbs Phillips. He’s not a Matty Rowell, Eric Gulden or Sam Walsh.


I am a Collingwood person, but I have to agree.
by the numbers – Daicos needs to average around 64 to make 150k.
last year, the only top 10 draft pick to average 60 was Thilthorpe at 60.5.
in 2019, only 2 who played more than 7 games averaged more than 64 – Anderson 76.6 and Serong 81.
in 2018, Walsh 86.9, Rozee 77.7 and Bailey Smith 76.6 did.
in 2017 only Stephenson averaged 64.
in 2016, McGrath 70.7, Taranto 66.5 and SPS 67.7 did.
so, across 50 top 10 picks from the last 5 years only 9 averaged more than 64. For me, history says it’s unlikely that Daicos will generate enough cash to be a good enough earner.
I also understand that we may not have enough cheaper options not to pick him. But for me, he’s a bit of a last resort

The Ranger

I guess it depends not only on his role but also on how highly you rate him…is he as good as Walsh? Or Smith? Taranto?
Walsh made it to 400K real quick so it’s not impossible. I think he can av more than 64, I’m just concerned about how quickly his price will go up, pricey rookies are generally slow to make coin.


Dylan Stevens looks like a better option. Got himself super fit so can have spurts in midfield.


Agree Trigga. That’s the way I have gone


Hi Trigga,
I agree also. Stephens is ahead of Daicos for mine now. Horse has a knack of producing 1-2 great rooks each year. Last year Gulden was epic. Got a feeling Dylan Stephens is going to be a must have this year. Cheers, TH


Wow Paige Degoey is best 22 you say! Would never have guessed. Good thing we can always rely on the experts.


Hey Michael. This site exists because people are good enough to give up their time to write content. If it gets reduced to just a chat site, it probably struggles. There is already an under appreciation of content already. Take Barton’s gift of his spreadsheet. Highly useful, but hardly a word of thanks. To be honest I am not sure why he shared such valuable information. Trolling content writers like you just did only makes it less likely people will want to contribute. Michael, if you value the site, please respect the content providers. Without them we will all be the poorer.


Well said Keen, don’t need this place turning into a troll festival like Big Footy.


Yeah, good point.


Thanks Michael.


Taylor Adams another, extremely under priced I feel but can he see a whole season out…

JohnDJ59.Black Flag

Grundy has been in my side from go, Daicos is currently, but if a cheaper rookie looks better, he will be gone. De Goey was never considered.


Roughnead goes down
Charlie Dean rockets into rd 1 contention.

Bottom priced defender to of play rd 1.
Yes please. Where do I sign?


Charlie Dean is now a bloody lock!! I reckon this 102K Tsitas kid needs to be seriously considered also. On the watchlist!


Titsass will be a bonus if he plays mid…he’s 26 so they must’ve got him in to play right?