2022 Pocket Profile: North Melbourne Kangaroos

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Being a North Melbourne supporter has always had its fair share of frustrations, not to mention the constant heckling and taunting from supporters of other clubs.

Sure, 2021 was a tougher year than most for North Melbourne supporters, finishing last and being beaten by an average of 40 points per game.

But it’s evident that behind the losses, a champion team is being built from the ground up, something that should excite North Melbourne and SuperCoach fans alike.


Aaron Hall ($572,900 DEF)

What a remarkable difference a change of role has to a player. Being underutilised at Gold Coast and struggling early on after being traded to North Melbourne, Hall flourished in a new role off half-back in 2021.

His SC average extended to new heights, finishing the season with an average of 105.2 and as the 10th most expensive player ahead of Petracca, Walsh, Gawn and Lloyd.

An average of 105 is impressive for a defender in SuperCoach, but its worth noting that Hall had two injury affected matches in 2021 (Round 2 and 5). Taking those out boosts his average to 114.6 which would have put him in 15th overall for SC averages and easily the #1 ranked defender.

#1 defender in 2022? Fair chance…


Tarryn Thomas ($459,300 MID/FWD)

Heading into his 4th AFL season, Tarryn Thomas looks like an absolute prime candidate for a breakout. Of course predicting a breakout is a fickle business, but looking at the following statistics, it’s impossible not to get excited. Time to get nerdy…

In Thomas’s last 10 matches of 2021, his playing statistics looked something like this:

Pretty good hey? Well, let’s compare these stats to some of the current superstars of the game around the same time in their respective careers (games 38-47 for reference).

I don’t know about you, but I see some insane similarities across the board in most categories, and Thomas did this with less game time. If we extrapolate each stats for 100% game time and add in some conditional formatting (green = good, red = bad) we see that Thomas excels against these superstars.

In the following 10 games (48-57), Josh Kelly averaged 85.6 SuperCoach points, Dustin Martin averaged 94.1, Nat Fyfe averaged 109.6 and Marcus Bontempelli jumped to a staggering 120.7 average.

Now I’m not saying that Tarryn Thomas is Marcus Bontempelli 2.0, but it’s certain that we’ll see Thomas improve his SC average in 2022 and could easily become a top 6 forward.


Jed Anderson ($407,100 MID/FWD)

After being traded to North Melbourne at the end of the 2015 season from Hawthorn, Anderson has had mixed results on the field.

Struggling to find his way into the side and being forced out due to a number of injuries, it wasn’t until 2018 where he started to string together consecutive games and start improving.

Then in 2020, he broke out averaging 104.7 from 15 games including 4 scores above 140.

2021 saw a return to bad luck and more injuries, and while his durability has been far from ideal (9.4 games per season) if he can put these injuries behind him (and get vaccinated 🤐) he could prove an astute pick given his DPP.


Jason Horne-Francis ($207,300 MID)

Was it going to be anyone else than North Melbourne’s first ever #1 draft pick? 😀

Touted as a once-in-a-generation talent, Jason Horne-Francis could have easily been playing in the AFL last season and should walk straight into North’s best 22 for Round 1.

Unlike the majority of his fellow draft class, Horne-Francis played every game at senior level in 2021, playing 20 games for South Adelaide in the SANFL where he averaged 85 SC.

Hot tip: Given North Melbourne’s current midfield depth, Horne-Francis will line up on the half-forward flank and spend a healthy portion in the forward third of the ground, with SuperCoach now introducing a review of player positions, I’d wager Horne-Francis will be MID/FWD DPP by Round 6.


Jared Polec ($246,900 MID)

Yes, Polec hasn’t been this cheap in SuperCoach since Round 3, 2014 and his highest average was 94.6 in 2018, but don’t fall into this trap.

Just don’t. He’s on the rookie list for a reason.

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Why is there no love for Jack Ziebell?
I’m guilty of this myself, and have been pondering why I’m not even considering him but nothing really comes to mind.
I’ve started to “almost” consider him as a POD.
Interested in everyone else’s thoughts.

The Ranger

I’m keeping away from Ziebell and Hall, I’m concerned their role may change.
Surely Norf need to get games into the kids?


Norf were very poor last year (although they did beat the hawks). They decided very early on to play keep-offs to stop the bleeding and it was party time for their defenders.

will they be like that again this year, or have they improved enough to try and win a few games?

Elise watkins

I’ve got jy simpkin?


Simpkin is a very good selection. I don’t think i’ll look at him in Classic, but i’ll be targeting him in all my draft teams


Thanks Az…will Cunnington return or is he done? Is Anderson getting vaccinated?
If I pick Thomas, and he averages 84 again, can I blame you? 😉


Thanks mate good to hear Cunners is recovering, reckon I’ll take the punt on Thomas, had Treloar there but looking at his injury history, it’s scary.

Marto from Bonbeach

Wow, awesome write up Azza. Those numbers on TT are telling! you’ve got him firmly on my radar now. Also Hall.. great article

Rick Grimes

Last season I wrote down Tarry T as a potential breakout for 2022. He’s in at F3 for now. I’m thinking a 90-95 ave is very attainable.

Rick Grimes

Agree Azza. I think he can average mid 90s, which makes him a keeper in my book. He did that over last 10 games.


Hey Andy jump into JR Mega-league mate 362732

Rick Grimes

Thanks mate. I’m in like Flynn. Not Matt Flynn, he’s in and out again.


Good stuff mate, good to have you back.

JohnDJ59.Black Flag

Had TT in my watchlist, but after reading this, he is now in my team. Derek will be happy to know that I have replaced Butters with him. I could still go with Dusty, but TT frees up some cash compared to Dusty and he could go close to the same average.

Trev's Fantasy

we shall have to get a new name TT was TARANTO


Tart? 🙂


Tom Powell. For the lock breakout and smokey?