2022 Pocket Profile: Gold Coast Suns

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GCS not only stands for Gold Coast Suns but also for Great Coach Selections. The best part about the sunny boys is the hope they give us supporters, year after year no matter the results we always have some stand out stars.  And even though the scoreboard might not always be fun to look at, the players and how they play sure are!


TOUK MILLER ($677,800 MID)

He sure Touk our breaths away last year and I got a feeling he’s going to do it again. Is he expensive? sure! Is he worth it, double sure! 

With an average of 124.5 over 21 games (18 of them being all over 100) you would have to be bloody stupid to not pick him up. 

He attended 88% of centre bounces and averaged 135 points after Hugh Greenwood went down with injury, so with that traitor out of the team, not only will we have a flag but also a Brownlow winner in our boy Miller <3 



When you watch any Suns games you won’t go a game without hearing the name Lukosius, and there is a reason for that. As a defender he makes himself known on the field and impacts with a kick-mark style every single game of the season. They say consistency is key and that’s what our Jacky boy is. 

He had a breakout year rising through the ranks in 2020 and was able to maintain that output in 2021. With a nice average of 80 over the last two years, there is room to grow in his game and I think the only way is up from here for Jacky. 

So if you’re looking for someone to add to your team who is fun to watch on the telly and fun to watch follow on fanfooty this is the man for you. 

And now with Jack Bowes going down for the next four months with injury, Jack will be impressing you quicker than you can supercalifragilisticexpiaLUKOSIUS



After Geelong decided to make their biggest mistake since taking Gablett from us, they dropped this fella without realising they’ve dropped a golden egg. With space on the team this guy is bound to excel and fill a void of significance alongside the other youngins we’ve got. He averaged 32 disposals in the VFL and across his last four games in the magoos racked up 38.7 disposals per game, 18.7 contested possessions, 8.7 clearances and 4 tackles for 151 points per game.

To be a successful selection, he essentially just needs to play senior footy for the Suns and with the loss of Greenwood and Brodie they have a spot for him. 

So even if for some reason everything I’m telling you is wrong and he’s no good, it is 100% guaranteed you will make money on him, don’t keep reading, quick add him now!!



There are a number of rookie priced players who should get game time in 2022, Bodhi Uwland ($102,400 DEF/MID) is getting some love, Elijah Hollands ($123,900 MID/FWD) has been hyped up for a couple of preseasons now and Rory Thompson ($123,900 DEF) should actually play if he can stay healthy for more than five minutes.

But it is Joel Jeffrey who seems the most likely Supercoach relevant rookie to us given he played four games in the tail-end of 2021. Thankfully, he was awful in those games and finished with an amazing -1 in Round 23, but this did keep his price down for us which is a big tick in my books.

He was used on the wing and up forward in the VFL in 2021, culminating in a 16-disposals and 9 goal game in Round 15. With another preseason under his belt and the backing of the coaches, he should get a look-in and hopefully produce some points for our sides.


MATT ROWELL ($342,900 MID)

I know, I know. Could I be any more controversial? But hear me out, this guy, love him to bits however he has only had 4 good games his whole career. Selecting him, in my eyes, is a waste of a starting spot in your sides, a spot you could be using on Touk Miller. 

Now I am not one to use someone’s injury history against them and I won’t do that in this courtroom your honour, but I would like that down on the record. There are no doubts that injuries have hurt Rowell’s confidence in his body and delayed his progression into becoming the great footballer we were all hoping for. I’m not saying that this progression won’t ever come, but I don’t think it’ll come right Rowell…

For all of you who kept reading to this part, great work you’ve made an excellent decision. 

Now listen to the above advice and go and get yourself a suns membership and join the Sunny sled where we are riding our way all the way to the finals. It works even better when listening to an episode of Drinks and a Show a musical podcast (perfect crossover I know, @Stewy Dewy DM me to be a guest) and you can follow that podcast here

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S C tragic

I think it is an absolute given to avoid Rowell considering his injury record. Poor sod.

Rick Grimes

Some brilliant punning there. I’m a Suns man and concur on pretty much all you say. I’d dearly love Rowell to average 115 and make us suffer in our jocks, mind.

Rick Grimes

What are your thoughts on Witts? If he’s fit and firing, must be good for a 100ave. Slightly awkward price tho.


Tsitas. He’ll probably only be 102k


Nice pocket rocket community member! I like the analysis.

Matt Rowell is a “wait and see” for sure. Not sold in any way to start with him in 2022 due to his lack of match experience and injury record.

Touk Miller is top shelf. Pity he plays for the mighty suns! (Or lowly suns……..) He will not start in my side as they lose a lot of games. (Bad for SC scoring)

Jack Lukosius is the X factor. His role is the key. He is a superb kick, great mark, and loves to run. If he is named in the backline or wing, its game on! Watch this bloke closely.

Charlie Constable (213K) and I Hollands (123K) are the only rooks worth considering to start in 2021.

Key take out: Another tough year ahead for the Gold Coast Suns.

The Guns and Rookies league is now open: 560569


Got the invite to rejoin but too slow


😂 loved it – no holding back there on Touk


Jeremy sharp? Worth the risk? Had solid back end of 2021


my favourite line of the preseason so far