Early 2022 SuperCoach Rookie Bible: What We Know So Far

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Gday community,

It’s been a little while between drinks, but I’m back, briefly, for a fling with some rookies, the most crucial part of a good Supercoach side (well, except for the premiums. And the mid-pricers. And the- alright shut up).

A good rookie is like a beer – they look good, they smell good, and you’d step over your own mother just to get one. 

So often, rookies dictate the structure of your side. If you’ve got a glut of them in one line, you’ll plug them in and stack other lines with premium, point-making selections. I take it to the extreme, often I’ll run just two premiums and four rookies if I reckon the rookies are good.

Has it worked? Look, it hasn’t, but my sides slowly falling off a long and tumbling cliff is hardly the point. You’re here because you want me to tell you which rookies to pick and thus, how to structure your side. You don’t want to hear me waffle on. 

The issue – and the reason I’ve been waffling – is because we don’t know. I dunno. Like, it’s February. These kids have been on the track for like two months. We have absolutely no idea who’ll be there round one and anyone who does think they know is an absolute idiot.

Lucky for you gorgeous people, I’m dumb as a mule and twice as ugly. Let’s dive right in, line-by-line.


Early impressions – it’s grim, folks

I feel Nasiah Wanganeen-Milera ($162,300 DEF/MID) is the most likely name to line up round one for us, with the Saints having a need for some more poise and speed, which is what Wanganeen-Milera provides in spades. He played against men last year in the SANFL and was… fine. Look, he’s not going to be a massive scorer, but he should play on a wing or across half-back, especially now Nick Coffield has gone down. 

Campbell Chesser ($148,800 DEF/MID), who West Coast pounced on early, is also showing good signs, in the midfield rotation in scrimmages and a big injury list over in Perth. Does he play though? He was injured last year and in quarantine over summer – we’ll have to wait and see. 

Outside of that, I feel there’s a huge unknown down back. As Jack Hudson wrote in the Port review, there are huge raps on Josh Sinn ($157,800 DEF/MID) and Port loves playing the kids, but they’ve also got 20 half-back flankers. Brodie Kemp ($156,800 DEF) is vying for a spot as the third tall at Carlton, but probably doesn’t start with it. Nathan O’Driscoll ($123,900 DEF/MID) has been in stellar form all summer, but I don’t know who he pushes out of Fremantle’s good, young side.

There’s hype around Gold Coast rookie Bodhi Uwland ($102,400 DEF/MID), and he’s ready to go after mixing it with the big bodies in VFL and QAFL, but there’s no guarantees on his status in the Suns team and I don’t have him in the Suns’ best 22 at this point. 

It’s a similar story across the board – Charlie Dean ($102,400 DEF), Darcy Wilmot ($139,800 DEF), Garrett McDonough ($117,300 DEF) and Paddy McCartin ($???,??? ???) (when he’s added to Supercoach) – are all AFL standard, but how they fit into their relatively settled backlines is up in the air. 

How McDonough fits into the Essendon team is all up in the air, but Adrian Dodoro did say at the draft they didn’t expect him to play in the VFL for long, if at all.

If anyone asks me about Will Gould ($123,900 DEF), I’m going to scream. No. Stop doing this to yourselves. 

LOCKED IN: Nasiah Wanganeen-Milera.
MAYBE: Campbell Chesser, Josh Sinn, Brodie Kemp, Bodhi Uwland


Early impressions – yeah, baby!

Here we go! This is what I’m talking about, boys and girls. Keep your hands and feet inside the cart at all times and remember, if you break if you pay for it. We’ve got several ridgy-didge options here – number one draft pick Jason Horne-Francis ($207,300 MID) has played SANFL for two years and will be there round one. Ignore the price tag, just pick him.

Josh Ward ($180,300 MID) at the Hawks is also likely to be there round one, and looks the goods, while I’m also expecting Fin Macrae ($206,800 MID) to get decent midfield minutes at the Pies alongside Nick Daicos ($193,800). However, Fin was on a wing in scrimmages which is less than ideal. Pre-season watch on Fin.

All four are expensive, but you get what you pay for from them. The other fair dinkum lock in the midfield is mature-aged West Coast recruit Greg Clark ($117,300 MID). Barring injury, if the 24-year-old doesn’t line up in round one I will consume a piece of headwear.

Neil Erasmus ($166,800 MID) is also flying on the training track, from all accounts, while Ben Hobbs ($153,300 MID) and Connor MacDonald ($117,300 MID) have also impressed for the Dons and Hawks respectively. Whether the three of them line up in round one remains to be seen – I’m reasonably confident on Erasmus, but the other two don’t fill me with confidence. 

On the cheaper end of the spectrum, the Pies also want to blood Reef McInnes ($123,900 MID) at some point, while Dylan Stephens ($167,800 MID) at the Swans is first in line to take Jordan Dawson’s role. I really like both Angus Sheldrick ($130,800 MID) and Matty Roberts ($117,300 MID), but can’t see how they squeeze into that young Swans side. Jake Soligo ($117,300 MID) has also apparently been turning heads at Adelaide, more as a forward than a midfielder. Does he make it to round one? I’m not sold. 

Finn Callaghan ($198,300 MID) plays for the Giants, so don’t go there, while Alex Davies ($202,500 MID) and Charlie Constable ($213,400) are both vying for roles in the midfield at the Suns. I’m not touching them until I see something promising in a practice match, and even then I’m keeping them at arms’ length. 

Keep an eye on Cooper Stephens ($123,900 MID) at the Cats and Jackson Mead ($123,900 MID) at the Power. The latter apparently came back in ripping form over summer, and only injury stopped him from a debut last year, but they’re probably less likely to start round one barring injury. 

I love Matt Johnson ($117,300 MID) at the Dockers, but with an interrupted preseason he’s probably facing an uphill battle to get into that side, but when he does get him in quick-smart. Mitch Knevitt ($117,300 MID) and Zac Taylor ($117,300 MID) are also kids I’m keeping an eye on.

A bunch of these guys will likely pick up forward status by round six, too.

LOCKED IN: Jason Horne-Francis, Nick Daicos, Josh Ward, Greg Clark
LIKELY: Fin Macrae, Dylan Stephens, Neil Erasmus
MAYBE: Matty Roberts,



Early impressions: I hate the ruck line

EUGH. What do we DO with out RUCKS? Is it finally, FINALLY, rookie R2 season? No! It’s never rookie R2 season, stop trying to make rookie R2 season happen, it’s never going to happen. Go away… unless? Hahahaha… but maybe? 

On the back of Jack Darling being a muppet and Oscar Allen being locked up forward, there’s big, big scope for Bailey Williams ($218,000 RUC/FWD) to play a big role for the Eagles this year. Nic Nat simply can’t ruck on his own, Josh J. Kennedy can’t and Allen apparently won’t, leaving Williams to ruck maybe 40 per cent of most matches? Recent draftee Jack Williams ($117,300 RUC/FWD) might also get a run for the Eagles, but probably isn’t tall enough to do it at AFL level.

Brayden Pruess ($204,700 RUC) is currently uninjured, but again is made of glass and plays for the Giants, who have Matt Flynn and Keiran Briggs on the list. Please don’t do it to yourself. Equally, Max Lynch ($207,300 RUC) is battling with Nedward Reeves for the rights to back up Big Boy in the ruck – at this stage it’s clear as mud as to how much he plays. 

Sam Hayes ($123,900 RUC) at the Power though, with Peter Ladhams gone, he’s a massive chance to step into that side in round one and stay there for a decent period of time, especially as Charlie Dixon ages. Need to see it in preseason games before I put him anywhere near my side.

Charlie Comben ($123,900 FWD/RUC) will play as a forward for the Roos despite the ruck eligibility alongside Nick Larkey and Callum Coleman-Jones. Not sure he’s one we can rely on to score well as a key forward in a side which… how do I put this kindly?… is awful. 

Nick Bryan ($166,600 RUC) is one to watch if Draper goes down and the Dons are conservative with Harry Jones, but I’m not overly keen. 

LOCKS: Don’t do it, I swear to god. No. Go away. There ain’t no rookie R2 ruck and there never was. (Brayden Preuss, Bailey Williams, Charlie Comben, Sam Hayes)  


Early impressions: You can’t make me go back there, not after last time. Please god no. Noooooooooo

[Scene opens on the front of a building. A sign reading “cheese shop” has the word “cheese” scribbled out and replaced with the words “forward rookie”, except forward is spelled wrong]

[Patch is standing behind the counter. Clarky walks up]

Clarky: I’d like a forward rookie, please.
Me: Certainly sir, what would you like? 
Clarky: How about some Jye Amiss? 
Me: He’s injured, I’m afraid. 
Clarky: Never mind that, how are you on Jacob van Rooyen?
Me: Afraid we never have rookies in a premiership team the first half of the year. We get them fresh after the byes. 
Clarky: Tish tish. No matter, how about some Noah Cumberland
Me: He’s been on order for two years, was expecting it this morning.
Clarky: Not my lucky day, is it? Finn Maguinness? 
Me: Not best 22 I don’t think, sir.
Clarky: Ely Smith?
Doubt it.
Clarky: Luke Pedlar?
Me: Sorry.
Clarky: Xavier O’Neill?
Me: No. 
Clarky: Jesse Motlop?
Me: Sorry.
Clarky: Kai Lohmann?
Me: No.
Clarky: Josh Rachele? 
Me: Ah, we do have a bit of Josh Rachele sir. 
Clarky: You do? Excellent!
Me: He’s, ah, playing a bit as a small forward
Clarky: Oh I like him a bit as a small forward.
Me: He’s actually quite a lot as a small forward.
Clarky: Not to matter, bring forth the forward rookie!
Me: Oh no, he’s caught COVID. 
Clarky: Has he?
Me: Yes. 
Clarky: You do have some forward rookies, don’t you?
Me: Oh yes. 

I can’t go any further with this recreation because we’re about to crash into reality, but I was having a good time, okay? Josh Rachele ($184,800 FWD/MID) is expensive and will be locked inside forward 50 early on, but will play. There are a few other options – Elijah Hollands ($123,900 FWD/MID) should get a run, and Sam Skinner ($123,900 DEF/FWD) is a chance to get a look-in at Port Adelaide, but it’s pretty bleak. 

I’m still not convinced Will Brodie ($224,300 FWD/MID) is best 22, and could well be dropped after a poor game or two. Charlie Curnow ($224,300 FWD) has been impressing in the pre-season and by all reports hasn’t missed a beat so far, but I hate that we might have to take him as a $224,000 option. 

Despite killing it on the training track, I don’t think Kaine Baldwin ($123,900 FWD) lines up in round one, Matty Rosas Jr ($130,600 FWD) will continue averaging 30 if he plays, while we don’t know if Jack Hayes (signing to be confirmed) lines up for the Saints. 

Charlie Parker ($102,400 MID/FWD) at the Bulldogs was a mature-aged product brought in from the SANFL, but I’m not sure if he fits in Easton Wood’s spot in the backline. Maybe he does? I dunno. Judging on Bevo’s record it’ll be filled by Jamarra Ugle-Hagan. 

No doubt we’ll have a couple crop up in the week of round one, but good thing we’ve got a load of premium options in the forward line, right guys? Right? Hello? Anyone? 

LOCKS: Josh Rachele, Charlie Curnow
MAYBES: Elijah Hollands, Will Brodie

So that’s where we stand, community. It’s very, very early, but if what we’ve got to go off so far is anything to go by, we’ll be trying to cram the rookies into the mids as early as possible and making do with what we can at either end of the park. We’ll obviously revisit everything as we head in to march, but for everyone asking: this is what we know so far.
As we know more, we’ll release more words for your eyeballs.

Who have you got your eyes on? How is your team looking? Let us know! 

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I have a few others on my list

will Kelly Collingwood- 123,900 def/fwd. I think he’s best 22. Handy swing
de Koning Geelong 123,900 def/fwd. got a small run last year, so he’s thereabouts. Apparently filled out a bit over preseason, so might be a D8
Rioli Rich 123,900 mid/fwd also got a run last year without over impressing.
mcFadyen Brisbane 123,900 mid/fwd. was apparently in the midfield rotations in match sim. So a rough chance

mcguiness NM 123,900 def/fwd was mentioned in the AFL article on Xerri as a chance to debut.

of the list, I think you can include Kelly amongst the most likely round 1 players


McGuinness was mentioned as someone who could come in and debut but by the sounds of it he need to beat out two of Larkey, Comben, CCJ or Xerri which you’d think is unlikely, but definitely one to watch.
Will Kelly, Sam De Koning and Mo Rioli are good options if nothing else arises, and they actually play.
I do like Connor McFadyen, but that Brisbane midfield is stacked! Is he next man in now CEY is gone? CEY barely played last season though, so is he gonna be stuck on the sub bench? Worth keeping an eye on though.


Kelly is interesting, and he is in my team for a swing, but I don’t imagine he scores it makes cash for us


we might get a few from the hawks during the year, they have a young bunch that Sam Mitchell will be keen to get games into, but i don’t see many getting round 1 starts

Josh Ward should go straight into the guts at the expense of Liam Shiels

Finn Maginness might still be behind Howe, Nash & Newcombe for a game, but apparently Sam loves him

Haven’t heard much of Connor Downie on the track, i thought he might be able to take one of the wings with Phillips on the other, but talk is Will Day might get to play on the wing this year.

Neg Long and Seamus Mitchell have been going great in match sim. Mitchell is my smokey for an early game, but plays similar to Dylan Moore, but talk is he might be more of a Poppy role.

Tyler Brockman was one of the best in a recent match sim and is probably ahead of Long and Mitchell.

Luke Bruest said in an interview he selected Jackson Callow to be the 2022 ‘break-out’ player at the hawks – big call. he is very similar to Gunston, but bigger and faster, might get a key position role ahead of Koschitzke or if Kosy goes to defence this year to add height


I have the same take as you patchy boy. Mid rookies look to be the most likely to get early games so I have loaded up in the mids with one less premo as the other ends of the ground rookies are:

Bleak/scarce/limited/non apparent?

Take your pick.
But is only early.

One that caught my my eye is owies in match SIM – may be rust can fill us in…


Hey Trig, Mitchito Owens : 18 years old, don’t know a lot about him but he’s 190cm 85kgs and takes a good overhead grab, has some guts too, he could get a crack at it when Hannebery twangs his groin again 2 minutes into round 1.

Last edited 3 months ago by Russty_

is he injured Russty from last year ?


I don’t believe so mate, he was playing for Mentone Grammar and then Sandy Dragons..dominating, maybe it’s Marcus Windhager you’re thinking of?


So Owies gets a game when Hannebery goes owie? I’ll see myself out.


Noice one Westy! 🙂


Is he a chance to takeover coffields spot?


Couldn’t tell you mate, it’s a possibility, he’s a great size and weight but is a mid so not sure how much defensive training he’s done. He’s only 18 too so not sure if they’d throw him straight into the breech


Thanks for the insight here, Patch.

Wondering if there were any other potential higher-priced Defensive Rookies that you might be able to shed some light on (eg Marchbank, Answerth, etc)… terrible price, potential growth, possible JS?



Just wondering if anyone knows when team selections will be released this year? The night before the game or the majority on a Thursday night with Sunday game benches on the Friday night like it used to be precovid. The night before could make things very tricky getting rookies right for our initial teams


Sorry Kat don’t know but I do know the first game is on a Wednesday!


Im very confident its going back to normal Thursday team reveals


What about that hinge fella at the Crows he banged out an 80 in game 1 last year then broke but I hear that he is good to go now. only 180k


McGuiness Def/Fwd also in with a big chance at the hoppers


Do you think Horne Francis will get mid time? Simpkin, Greenwood, LDU, Thomas, Powell, Phillips, Young and possibly Taylor & Polec all in front of him for mid time.
200k is a lot to pay for a rookie forward.
SANFL aint AFL which is proven every year when SANFL ‘guns’ prove themselves to be very ordinary at AFL level. That dinosaur Bryce Gibbs won the league B&F last year and its probably 5 years since he was able to get a game at AFL level.
Saying pick the expensive one is a bit like saying buy the Turd with Gucci on it coz it will smell pretty


i hear he will be playing forward for a poor team. Not in my team


Hearing he may 1/2 back, anyway to pay that price you are better going for Constable who is a few years in the system and will get Mid Time


Constable is a solid pick but my spies at arden street tell me JHF is something else way better than Phillips or powell were last year Expensive but first rookie picked Just wish he was a dee


Same here Derek, not for me, I still see him in most people’s teams though, not sure why if he’ll mostly be playing fwd.


Rusty and DEREK Thoughts on NASH looked great last 4 games in the mids

Shake n bake

Hey Neil still to jump in up there Cazaly!


haven’t got ur email sorry i was really keen to knock you off your perch

Shake n bake

641461 Cheers Neil


I know bugger all about him mate, Derek’s your man.


thanks he’s irish but so was jim stynes I seen a short clip of him and he was brilliant and good oponents too brissy 300K FORWARD makes us look


Neil, I seriously don’t know how Nash kept getting a game. For some reason late last year they threw him in the midfield and he finally got a kick. I think he will struggle to hold his place in the team.

newcombe, Ward and Finn will get a run in the guts before Nash


What do we think of Phillips.? # 1 draft pick. $260k m/f? Surely he gets more of a go on the guts or on a wing in his second year?

Shake n bake

Hey Trigg up there Cazaly 641461 let me know ur in!


Thanks mate. In. 👍

Worp the Line

Love the Monty Python reference


Bargain Basement Rookie. James Tsitas 102.4K Mid. Gold Coast. A chance to get Greenwood’s spot R1.

David C

Fiorini already has it I think.


Thx for the write up Patch!

Any thoughts on Constable v F Macrae re: preseasons-under-belt/form/opportunity from anyone in the community? Viable selection or no?!



Giday Mike, Constable over Macrae for me, just because he’s shown a bit more.


the hawks had an intraclub game yesterday. ive watch as much of it that could find, listened to the assistant coaches talk about what happened and there were a few interviews with some of the players afterwards.

this is what i could gather:

Big Boy played as a forward for almost the entire game. Reeves and Lynch rucked against each other.

the second half they put the players into a probables vs possibles.

Notable inclusions in the probables were: Reeves, Ward, Long, Newcombe & MacDonald

Notable inclusions in the possibles team were; Lynch, Shiels, Buttler, Serong, Maginness & Denver

Coaches talked up MacDonald


Great insights and a fun read Patch!