600K Midfielders – Part One

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Nailing your 2022 Supercoach $600K+ MID selection.

JR community, I don’t know about you.. but shit I love a bargain. 

I visit NQR (Not Quite Right) before my weekly shop. Then it’s off to ALDI for reasonably priced groceries. I cap it off with a trip to the local chicken butcher. They do chicken breasts (skin on) for $5.95 a kilo. 

My routine delights me every week. 

Those in a similar stage of life to me will understand. $5.95 a kilo for chicken breast is life changing and a real conversation starter for me.

However, I have learned one very important thing when it comes to elite bargain shopping. I’ve found that when it comes to some things my tight arse antics need to take a back seat. You just can’t skimp on some things in life.

Beer can’t be that ALDI weird shit. Ice cream needs to be Bulla. Cheezels. Twisties. Cadbury’s chocolate always. BBQ shapes. These can’t be imitated and a trip to Woolies must be made. Premium prices must be paid.

I’ve done a few laps of the Supercoach shopping aisles and one thing I have learnt the hard way is that you can never. Ever. Go the Terry tight arse option on your M1/2/3 positions in Supercoach. 

These guys must be reliable. They should be realistic captaincy options. They should be point scoring machines with very minimal risk.

These are players worth paying the price for.

Today I’m going to take you through the first half of the $600K+ midfield options in Supercoach 2022. I hope you enjoy this as much as I’ve enjoyed putting it together! 

JACK MACRAE  |  $699,900 |  2021 AVG 130*

* all averages include finals

I reckon Seeker put it perfectly in his Western Bulldogs pocket profile. “He’s a straight-up SuperCoach pig who rarely scores sub-tons or misses games.”

You’re paying top dollar for Macrae for a very good reason. He’s magnificent. 

An unusually high proportion of Macrae’s SC points are earned from winning hard or loose balls (AVG 44 in 2021). When a player wins his own ball and has such a high contested possession rate (39%) it’s a good indication that he’s extremely hard to stop, even with a hard tag.

The captaincy factor is so important. A huge 65% of his 2021 games were 120+. That craps on every other $600K+ option by a fair way, and as @enoFTTV pointed out on Twitter, 6 of his first 9 games are early ones, so he’s a great VC option. 

He’s just a rolled gold Supercoach machine. Pricetag aside it’s hard to find any downside.. but for shits & giggles; 

He’s right on the cusp of getting to that 200 game mark and he’s 28 years old. This is a time where we sometimes see a bit of decline in Supercoach score. Having said that.. I can’t see that happening for him in 2022.

Also, Macrae attended 80% of center bounces up until round 19, then only 68% in the four rounds leading into the finals. Dunkley and Lewis Young pinched the CBAs that went missing.

This was likely more about reducing Macrae’s workload coming into finals. In finals his CBA rate was right back up around 80%. He averaged a lazy 138 Supercoach points in his 4 2021 finals games. 

 Lewis Young has buggered off to Carlton now and Dunkley hardly hits the park so nothing much to see here.

I’ll very likely start Jack Macrae in my 2022 Supercoach team. 

JACK STEELE  |  $685,800 |  2021 AVG 126

In theory, you’d think shutting down Steele would go a long way towards shutting down St. Kilda. 

Trouble is you can’t stop players with a profile like this. Jack Steele wins so much of his own pill. 48% of his possessions are contested. Ludicrous. And the number of points he wins with tackles is ridiculous. I feel a bit like Jim Courier here.

The 34 points per game Steele earned in tackles was 6 more per game than any of the other $600K+ midfielders. He’s a tackling giant and may earn a few more free kicks for points with the change in holding the ball interpretation in 2022. 

His CBA (Centre Bounce Attendance) rate was a huge 83% in 2021 and I can’t see much changing there. Jade Gresham is returning and should feature in the guts, but I can’t see that impacting on Steels CBA rate, especially with Luke Dunstan gone.

Unlike Macrae, Steele plays quite a few late games in the early part of the year (3 of his first 4 are Sundays) – but he’s there as a rock solid C option. 

Steele is a fantastic option and I can’t see too much risk here. I might find it hard to fit both Steele and Macrae into my starting team but will give it a stab. 

TOUK MILLER  |  $677,800 |  2021 AVG 125

Touk Miller is a genuine superstar and he’ll score well in 2022. Like the lads above he’s got the highly contested ball winning profile you want to look for in your ultra premium midfielders. Spewing he plays for Gold Coast. 

Before what would become Hugh Greenwood’s last game for the Suns in round 15 he was tracking at a 74% CBA rate and an average of 118 SC points. In his remaining 8 games that CBA rate jumped to 88% and his SC average in those games to 135. 

Is 88% CBA sustainable? I’m not sure but interested in your thoughts on this, it’s critical to his 2022 season. 

I feel as if Gold Coast will need to look for cattle to step into the midfield to help Touk in 2022. Either way it’s hard to see Gold Coast being afforded the luxury of giving him too much of a chop out. 

But he’s reached his current price point only very recently for the first time on the back of what I see as a midfield grunt depth deficiency at Gold Coast. They’ve bought in Charlie Constable from the Cats to help address the problem and this may impact on Touk’s center bounce attendances just enough to become a problem. 

I love watching Touk, but there’s just enough doubt here for me to look elsewhere. 

CLAYTON OLIVER  |  $672,000 |  2021 AVG 125

That wiggly blue rolling 6 week supercoach average is fantasy footy porn. Look how quickly he hit the heights, and look how consistently he’s stayed there.

First identified as an emerging midfield beast in the 2017 Jock Reynolds Magazine, this magnificent bastard wins 55% of his possessions in snarling contested fashion. He gets his own ball. He makes me randy. 

What else do you say? He does cost himself a little bit in clangers, maybe he can use that as a bit of a carrot to improve something just for fun? Dunno. He’s just a freak.

He’s also the first of our $600K+ midfield options who appears to earned a few extra points from that Supercoach scaling magical person in the game impact score upscaling office.

You might think there might be a premiership hangover risk here, but this bloke just sees the thing, get’s the bastard and keeps doing it. 

Jeepers I want him in my team. 

MARCUS BONTEMPELLI  |  $651,700 |  2021 AVG 120

When he’s good, he’s very very very good. When he’s bad he’s a burn man.

Having averaged 140 in the 8 rounds before round 15, he’d average only 102 in the 8 games up until finals. This is what The Bont can do. He can bring grain, meat and mead to your Supercoach village, and can also burn it to the ground. 

He relies more than your average bear on hitting the scoreboard, and on the magical Supercoach upscaling wizard. There’s usually a lot of heat on him when he does get it which probably partially explains his slightly lower efficiency numbers and higher clanger penalty. 

A good one to look at midseason if he hits form, especially if he’s given FWD eligibility after round 6 / 12. 

JARRYD LYONS  |  $640,100 |  2021 AVG 116

What didn’t Adelaide hold onto this gun, Barron Von Crow? 

Lyons had the numbers in all the right places in 2021. Beautiful contested possession rate. Solid loose and hard ball get numbers. Absolute gun.

He looks poised for another solid season but I can’t see him repeating his hot streak in 2021. 

I’m concerned mostly about his numbers before Lachie Neale’s injury, and then after his return. He attended 64% of centre bounces before his injury, 79% while he was out, then 73% after Neale had returned to fitness. 

He averaged 108 in his last 10 games which is a long way off his 2022 price point of 119. 

With preseason noise about Jarrod Berry’s development, Cam Rayner’s sniff of time in the guts and with the fitness of Neale, I’m not too keen on Lyons. 

At 30 years old he’s also getting a bit toothy and will be looking for discounted chicken breasts before too long. 

Not for me in 2022. 

I’ll be back with part 2 in a week or so where I’ll look at the other $600K+ options Tom Mitchell, Sam Walsh, Rory Laird, Zach Merrett, Darcy Parish, Cam Guthrie, Ollie Wines, Callum Mills and Christian Petracca.

Look forward to chewing the fat with y’all over on Twitter @MartoBonbeach and below

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JohnDJ59.Black Flag

Steele, Oliver, Bont, Titch, Merrett, Petracca, for me, with Walsh and Laird making up the numbers.


All yops John but no MacRae?

JohnDJ59.Black Flag

Hi Neil, never had him in my team, always looks too expensive and I prefer Clarry over him.


Expensive for sure John but worth it, I haven’t started with him much in the past either but he’s almost impossible to afford later as he doesn’t drop in price, 21 tons last year, number 1 midfielder, started at 650 ended up at 670.
I’m taking the plunge this year and just forking out for the cream.

JohnDJ59.Black Flag

It will hurt me no doubt Rustty, not having him in my team, but I’m stubborn like that. I prefer to have players in my team that I like if I can and I’ve never warmed to him, plus he’s bloody expensive and I like my other starting top 5 mid players. I’ve already left out Petracca for the value of Neale at M5, not going to change the other four. I just have to make sure that the money saved by not having him is put to good use.


Yeah same here re: Petracca, he could be a must have this year but we can only afford so many guns, at the end of the round it only matters what your total is.
I’m a bit torn mate maybe you can help, I could just have Gawny and a rookie forward or go Witts and Jackson fwd. Both pairs will probably score similarly..(Gawn could be a bit down on usual due to Jackson).
Witt’s coming off injury, Jackson still pretty green vs Top Gun Gawn and a 50 something scoring rookie, if I’m lucky, who holds his place for who knows how long? Not sure which way to go, what would you do?

JohnDJ59.Black Flag

Hi Russty, I think that is a dilemma that most of us are going to have. I’ve always been a two top guns for the ruck type guy, except for 2017 when I had two value picks in there. So far this season I have had Gawn/Grundy, Nic Nat/Jackson and now Nic Nat/Grundy. I just feel that Jackson will improve this season, get more ruck time, will that impact Max, not really sure, but I’m of the opinion that his average could drop, if he ends up getting ruck/fwd status, that would be nice. So I’m looking at not having Max in the ruck, but I’m not going with a value pick either. So out of your two options, I would go with Witts at R2 and Jackson in the fwd line for cover. Having said that, it also depends on what rookies show up in the fwd line and if they are any good or not. You will make cash with Witts, I’m assuming you are treating him as a stepping stone, not one to keep. Jackson could be good enough to be a keeper in the fwd line and good cover for the rucks. I hope that helps Russty and didn’t just confuse you even more.


Thanks John that helps a lot, yes Witts as a stepping stone to Gawn and hopefully averaging decently along the way, hope you’re right about Jackson, he does look like a talent… there are some dodgy looking forward lines out there this season and mine’s one of em, although I did adjust it from being super dodgy to mildly dodgy by bringing in Taranto and someone better than 2 of Heeney, butters or Thomas.
cheers mate

Last edited 3 months ago by Russty
JohnDJ59.Black Flag

My fwd line is just terrible, five mid priced players and one rookie on field. Always have trouble picking a half decent forward line, thought I had one last season, but then they all got injured.Hoping for some good rookies to show up so I can limit the mid priced players to three.One premo, three mid pricers, two rookies would be a good mix.


My fwd line as of now is Dunkley, Taranto, Jackson, Gresham, Coniglio, Rookie so I think Jackson is my biggest risk there, Gresh should average 80+ I reckon and Cogs hopefully regains some former form and becomes a keeper.
I’m gonna try to avoid Rayner, Curnow, Cockatoo types, they’re just too risky imo

JohnDJ59.Black Flag

Yes Jackson is the biggest risk, but one you need to take if you are starting with Witts at R2. I can see Jackson getting up around 85+ average, so not too bad.

JohnDJ59.Black Flag

I just took my own advice and my fwd line is now, Butters, Gresham, Rayner, Cogs, Rachele, Hollands, ( Van Rooyen, Motlop.) I’m counting Butters as a premo instead of a mid pricer, since that is all I can afford, only a few $ left in the bank.


Welcome back John, nice power midfield there mate.

JohnDJ59.Black Flag

Yes, it will be when I have upgraded the midfield near the end of the season. Just thinking that is who I would like to see in my mids. Not sure about Laird just yet. Thinking of starting with Steele, Oliver, Bont, Titch as locked, then Petracca or Merrett at M5, or I might just start all six since I have no idea what to do with the other lines apart from having LLoyd and Stewart at D1&D2. I’m a bit late to the party Russty, really wasn’t sure if I was even going to play this year, but then I got your League invite, so that gave me a bit of a nudge.


Glad you’re going around again mate, should be an interesting year with the extra trades and Covid Top-up pool, hopefully the season isn’t ruined by Covid this time. I’m actually more keen on Walsh than Titch, reckon there’s more upside and Walsh is still getting better. It’d be the first time I’ve started a Blues player since Cripps in the mids and he’s a never again!

JohnDJ59.Black Flag

I had decided I wasn’t going to play this year, just wasn’t interested after the [email protected] show last year, even though my rank wasn’t that bad, I really didn’t enjoy the season. But it has sucked me back in, so will see what I can do. I like Walsh as well Russty, had him last year and wasn’t disappointed, he is in the mix of about six players that I am looking at for the M3-M5 spots.


Good to see you back John. I’m feeling a big year from you

JohnDJ59.Black Flag

Thanks Derek, I hope you are right, though this is the first year that I have been so undecided about my team, so will see how it goes.


I can’t decide between Macrae, Oliver, Steele or Titch, so I’m starting all 4.

JohnDJ59.Black Flag

I think they will be a popular top four in the midfield Derek.

Shake n bake

Welcome to my league John

Shake n bake

Oliver Steele out of those 4 for me

JohnDJ59.Black Flag

My first two in the midfield, after that there are probably five to six players that I am looking at to fill the next three places.


Bont must be in the mix

JohnDJ59.Black Flag

Bont is third on the list.


Dean from the seagulls looks ready made and 102k

Catzilla aka Chungus Schmelling

👨🏻 Very niiice! I liiike! 👍👍 Is make very excite!! 🤤👌🏻

Catzilla aka Chungus Schmelling

👨🏻 At Aldi, she has very nice sliperry fisch is hard to catch. But he make it very easy… “Oh, hello.” Wawoweewa.


“In Kazakhstan it is illegal for more than five woman to be in the same place, except for in brothel or in grave.” – Borat 🙂


Great stuff Damo, look forward to the next one.
Macrae, Steele and Oliver locked in for me, as you said, you’ve gotta fork out for the best.


Marto wrote this!


Oops apologies to Marto


Not much love for LYONS?


Probably will be some love forthcoming if Neale doesn’t perform, Lyons definitely a pod choice.


Is part 2 coming??


It is! Just not quite yet


i hope Mills is kept quiet, don’t want everyone jumping on


Do you eat the Chicken skin Marto?
If you don’t eat it have you weighed the skin to work out your true cost per kilo for chicken meat? I also find that the skin on breast fillets are normally from what we used to call “Old Boilers”.
Value is often determined by the end result not the starting price. If you look at the Bont for example he’s a great SC option and good value when Dunks is broken but not such a good buy when Dunks is playing.
Bont season ave 2021 = 119.7
Bont ave no Dunks in 2021 = 132.3
Bont ave with Dunks 2021 = 107.2


is macrae effected by Dunkley as well?

I don’t think i can start both Dunkley and Macrae


Macrae, Steele, Oliver, Mitchell, Walsh, Neale, Serong, Stephens.
I had to go with the bargains in the fwd line to fit those guys in but Treloar, Gresham, Rayner, Coniglio, Curnow are all capable of being top 10 forwrds. Maybe not Curnow but the other 4 are good.
I could drop a gun mid to get a gun fwd but I don’t see any point in doing that


That’s one hell of a good midfield Foodie, I loik it alot, who are backline and Rucks?


which Serong is that?

Waz d

Nice write up 👍 with the exception of bulla being premo ic..