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Introducing Grady! This beautiful member of our community has stepped up for us and written this great GWS Giants pocket profile for us. Thank him in the comments, make him feel welcome.

Much like the Giants are relatively new to the AFL, I too am a relative newcomer to the world of SuperCoach. I started playing in 2018 and have played for three seasons, taking a year off in 2020. Now that I have briefly introduced myself let’s discuss the GWS GIANTS.

It was a quiet trade period with Jeremy Finlayson the only player moving clubs, however the retirement (again) of Shane Mumford opens up a bunch of questions about how GWS might play their ruck stocks.


Lachie Whitfield ($502,600 DEF/MID)

After missing most of preseason due to a lacerated liver, Whitfield had a quiet start to last year. His scoring was up and down and a head knock in a marking contest against GC, (which had him leave the field on 32 points), meant that his final average was way down at 92.3. That’s below other players like Christian Salem, Jacob Weitering and his teammate Isaac Cumming.

This means you have to scroll a fair way through all the defenders to place 20 to find a guy who has previously scored 100+ averages in his past two years and hasn’t averaged this low since 2016. I wasn’t even playing Supercoach then!

Some coaches would be rightly concerned by the number of freak injuries this guy has developed over his journey (remember when he had appendicitis mid final series) but thankfully his injuries haven’t been soft tissue related like a lot of his teammates.

If he has a full preseason then you would be foolish to pass up a bargain on a season long keeper who could be a top 6 defender by the end of season 2022.


Tom Green ($430,000 MID)

Don’t be fooled. Despite being taken with pick 10 Green was a top three pick in his draft year, only sliding because teams didn’t bother selecting him knowing that GWS was going to automatically match their bid.

I am adamant Tom Green will have a year where he goes 110. Will it be this year… I don’t know. He is perfectly primed for a third year breakout and after being the whipping boy for the giants the last two years, (getting dropped each time the team lost), surely, this year he goes big. He has the best vision in traffic of the entire team, constantly setting up teammates in the clear. He probably just needs to up his disposal count and play a little less time in the forward line.

I don’t think I have the gumption to pick him in classic but when he explodes he will leave many coaches rueing that they couldn’t be along for the ride.


Lachie Ash ($413,400 DEF/MID)

This is much less picked on his numbers and more based on what I have seen of his game.

The GWS Giants are a better team when Lachie Ash is supplying the run and carry. He plays the Caleb Daniel like role and if I were coaching I would tell my players to look for him on every occasion because he makes the giants a better team when the ball is in his hands.

There was a 104 point gap between his best and worst scores last season (139 / 35), but the Giants traded hard to be able to select him at place 4 in the 2019 draft so clearly he is an important player in their team structure going forward.

I know he’s probably more attractive as a draft selection but something about him caught my eye last season.


Stephen Coniglio ($261,300 MID/FWD)

I know that it shouldn’t be hard to convince supercoachers to pick the Giant’s co-captain. So the majority of this segment will be spent trying to convince you that I can put a 10 year player in this category. Coniglio averaged just 60 points! He has never in his entire career averaged that low. His debut year he averaged 75.9.

So why did I put him in this category instead of in the LOCK category. Well frankly I couldn’t think of anyone to put in this category because the Giants have a track record of not playing rookies as consistently as we need to generate cash.

Remember Tom Green’s debut season. Named round one, everyone jumped on him only to play 6 games in total and he sat on a lot of supercoaches benches all season.

Remember Matt Flynn. Opened last season with a score of 140 SC points only to be dropped at round 4 when Mumford returned. Whilst he was still a great cash cow only playing 7 games before coaches wanted to trade him on his bye stunted his growth.

So quit arguing and just pick Coniglio. There is only potential upside with minimal risk unless the captain gets dropped by the coach again (nothing like a bit of drama when you’re filming an Amazon special). Speaking of the coach…


Leon Cameron ($#%*&^! COACH)

Leon Cameron is a SuperCoach killer.

I’ve spoken about how Tom Green spent a lot of time on supercoaches benches in his first year. Don’t make the same mistake with Finn Callaghan ($198,300 MID). In fact steer clear of all GWS rookies because in the week you need them to play Leon Cameron will drop them.

Question: Can you afford to start Brayden Preuss ($204,700 RUC) as R2?
Answer: No.
Question: Why not?
Answer: Because it will start out brilliantly and then Leon Cameron will rest Preuss when you can’t afford him to. I presume the approach to the Giant’s ruck setup will be, like last year, horses for courses. Some games Flynn will play, some Preuss will play and some will have both but you will never know until teams are announced each week. The smart move would be to save yourself the heartache.

I honestly don’t know why coaches are celebrating Tim Taranto ($529,700 MID/FWD) getting forward status. That’s because he played all year long starting in the FORWARD LINE!!! As an owner all last year I may just be bitter. I know the upside is there; if Leon Cameron would just play their best midfielder in the midfield he would be an easy 100+ player. But clearly Leon Cameron wasn’t on the same page last year and I have seen nothing to suggest that is going to change especially with Toby Greene ($495,000 FWD) missing the first 6 rounds. Yes, Taranto has lower risk to burn you in the forward line then the midfield but only a massive change in team structure during the preseason games would tempt me.

This is not meant to be a slight on any of the aforementioned players. Each one of them is a gun and in any other team would be easy locks. And if you want to disregard my blatherings and pick any of these players you’re probably making a good decision; but don’t say you weren’t warned.

Leon Cameron has proven time and time again that he has no regard for us poor SuperCoaches.

Once again, thank you Grady! Great work. You can follow Grady on Twitter here, and after you’ve done that make sure to thank him for the great write up.

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Nice work Grady and welcome!, I might give that rookie Gongigliogs a go this year, hopefully he can play with some renewed confidence after all the criticism he’s copped.


wow great report Opened my eyes .Prues will always be a trap Gets a lot of useless taps and zero possies

Mallee Boy

Isn’t Coniglio aa Mid/Fwd, or am I wrong


No, you are correct. That was entirely my fault. Fixed now.