Huge Changes To Supercoach For 2022

Published by Lekdog on

We are back community! Supercoach is officially open for the 2022 season and it comes with some huge changes!

Lekdog and Azza cover off on all of the new rules, how they might impact team building and all of the latest news from the Jock Reynolds Universe (JRU).

Time Codes:

07:30 – New trade limits and rules
09:25 – New Trade Boost feature
12:00 – Trade editing
15:50 – Supercoach Plus Trade Assist feature
18:20 – In-season Supercoach positional changes!
23:50 – Customisable Supercoach leagues
26:10 – Supercoach Mock Draft system is here
27:00 – Supercoach Draft customisation updates
31:00 – Live scoring available on My Team page for Supercoach Plus



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Shake n bake

These changes are significant


Trouser stretching


Now they’re talking about a player “topup pool” in case covid stuffs up any games with an outbreak.


Yeah right?…hope it’s a deep pool and they don’t have to grab guys from the street lol


Imagine if Gawn gets DPP after round 6


Hi Derek. I think it maybe creates the argument not to start him. If he does go forward is it better to buy him later, after he gets DPP?
Alternatively the argument is that if he does get DPP it will still be better to start him and buy the next best ruck when you move him forward?
It’s only January and it’s already doing my head in


I’ve never played AFL Fantasy but I hear fellas that do, talk about positional changes, they will have a better idea, I need to have a chat with them and see what strategy is best.

I’m thinking you don’t rely on it, if it happens for a player, deal with it then, not to try and guess to much.

I think they need to show >35% in another position, is that just at center bounces or on the ‘heat-map’?


You don’t have to overthink AFL Fantasy, try and start with solid players who average well in that format (doesn’t necessarily translate to SC scores).
You have unlimited trades so just try to get the best scoring team on the park each week, jump on the hot players and dump the duds. If you plan to acquire a premo, you might have to trade for 2 weeks to do it if you’re short on cash.
Dpp doesn’t mean that much in Fantasy when you have unlimited trades.
Leave the C on your most solid player eg McRae or Steele.


What about Jackson if he plays back Would he be a TPP it will happen to someone


Is that a Telephone Pole Player? 🙂


LOL Luke Dunstan has been tearing it up at training He is a genuine chance to play At the DEES he will be surrounded by class not duds like at his old club Any chance Russty?


Good luck to him mate but where does he fit into that bunch of gun mids?..hey Jack Hayes has been officially added to the Saints List, not in SC yet but he should get games, mature age 24 year old.


Love the new 35 trades decision, I reckon with the new trade boosts, we’ll probably still run out of trades haha, it’ll be too tempting to use em when you’re having a tough week.

Shake n bake

I’ve always had trades left come finals now with 5 more really have to look at how l could use them to my advantage.


For sure Shake, and when…weakest week of byes, multiple injury affected week, finals to blitz your opponent into submission!


Nice work Lek and Az. Don’t really like the idea of the extra trades but I guess at least we know where we sit with potential COVID stuff.