2022 Pocket Profile: Hawthorn Hawks

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In what has proven to be an interesting experiment with we let both of our resident Hawthorn tragics, Foz and Dyl, collaborate on the Hawks analysis…

It will be interesting see what we get from the Hawks in 2022, the beginning of their new era under Sam Mitchell.


James Sicily ($448,100 DEF)

I’m pretty bias here. Sicily would have to be one of my favourite players: he’s a gun and a pest at the same time.

The main appeal with Sicily is his high ceiling. Yes, he can have the odd stinker, but he can also go absolutely massive on his day. 

In 2020, he averaged 102.9 (sixth best amongst defenders) and had a three-round average of 148+ between rounds 6-8, emphasising how he can really turn it on, on his day. The stinkers I am referring to – scores of 44 and 50. In 2018, he was more consistent and averaged 105.1, which included eight tons in 14 games. 

He’s one of the competitions best kicks and is strong aerially. Fitness wise, he should be good to go – there was a chance he could play at the end of last year but given the state of our season, the coaching and fitness staff decided to put him on ice for the year. 

I do think there’s a chance we see him forward if the coaching staff start experimenting, but for now, word is he will start in that intercepting defence role, which means SuperCoach points galore. – Dyl


Will Day ($354,700 DEF)

Day has already proven to everyone he is an absolute stud on the footy field, he just needs to get on it. Injuries have derailed progress in the past, but from all reports he’s back and is training well. He’ll probably sit on a wing, which is concerning, but he’s absolute class with the ball in hand and he’ll be a perfect option coming out of the backline and going forward.

Conor Nash ($310,300 MID/FWD) is a really rogue option because he’s not attractive enough at his price, but Mitchell loves him in the guts. He spent a large chunk of his Box Hill season in 2021 playing through the midfield, and when Clarko stepped down we saw Nash run through the guts a bit with some success. – Foz


Conor Nash ($310,300 MID/FWD)

Ok, ok, ok. Hear me out. 

The Irishman hadn’t really found his feet at AFL level until a positional shift to the midfield, which was conjured up by then Box Hill coach Sam Mitchell, flicked a switch.In his final four matches of the season, Nash had scores of 82, 87, 44 and 99 for an average of 78. His large frame made him an enforcer in the midfield, often laying a big tackle to assert dominance early on. 

Could Sam Mitchell be the key to unlocking this 23-year-old’s game? The glimpse we saw at the end of 2021 gives me hope. I’m not saying to pick him in Classic, because that is extreme, but he could be worth a look in SuperCoach Draft formats, given he can be selected as a midfielder or a forward.  – Dyl


Josh Ward ($180,300 MID)

What do I have to say about this man? He is the exact type of player that Hawthorn has been crying out for all of the last 18-24 months. A smooth operator with the ball and a hard runner without it, he reminded me loads of Sam Walsh at the Knights, so if he can come close to replicating that I’d be so happy. Ward will be best 22 at the Hawks, will play midfield and my guess is he averages 80 points on about 16-22 disposals a game.

Connor MacDonald ($117,300 MID) is another who could play a fair bit next season, but he’s likely to play on a half forward flank rather than in the guts permanently. I guess it depends on how head-first Sammy Mitchell is going to go. – Foz


Jarman Impey ($494,500 DEF)

Impey was a popular selection last year, beginning the season at a bargain price of $212,800. Coming off the back of a serious ACL injury he suffered in 2020, Impey thrived off half back, his dash and dare providing a refreshing look to the Hawthorn side. 

If you started Impey last year, you were duly rewarded with an average of 90.8 points, he even looked like a season long keeper before he went down with an ankle injury post Round 14. He scored 105+ in 42% of games he played too. 

The reason I’ve put him in the avoid category is he isn’t as cheap as he was last year, plus he’s had a SuperCoach position change. He’s now a defender only and is priced at $494, 500. There’s far better value selections and therefore very little interest in the Classic format for me. There’s also a far greater depth in defences compared to forward lines it seems. 

The make-up of the Hawks backline is still up in the air too, there is a decent chance we could see Impey used as a true utility, playing on the wing or forward throughout the season. – Dyl

You can follow Foz here, and Dyl here. Who are you looking at from Hawthorn?

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Nice write up Damo. I’m finding to really hard to pick any hawks in the back line this season. Normally I’d jump at the opportunity to get Sicily this cheap but when you’ve also got Jarman Impey, Will Day and Changkuoth Jiath all playing that attacking defender role, you’ve just got no idea who’s going to be the one racking up the points. Will be watching preseason games very closely


i love the hawks and i love Sicily, but i can’t see him getting a start in my SC team.

at his price, you would be starting him as a keeper, and a year out of the game with an ACL isn’t my definition of a keeper.

it is a very crowded backline at hawthorn, but we are lacking height and key position defenders, After Hartigan and Frosty, Sicily will be the next tall. We have lost Tim O’Brien so i’m thinking Sicily will get more of a key position role.

we have Bramble, Denver, Hardwick, Impey, Jiath, Scrimshaw who can all play a kicking/running game.

i still think he will be good, and i hope great, but not in my team.

Tom Mitchell was literally the first player i picked this year. locked to be a 120+ year.

Smokey for me is Seamus Mitchell, $123k forward


My only gripe with Sicily is that he misses a lot of games, he’s only ever played every game once and that was 2019. In 2020 (when you claim he was 6th best defender) missed 39% of games, 2018 missed 8 games, 2017 he missed 3 games, 2016 missed just 1and in 2015 he debuted with 3.
He only averages over 100 when he misses 7 games or more. I will start him coz he’s cheap but I fully expect to have to upgrade him to somebody reliable like Crisp.


No love for Finn Maginess? Heard the bloke has had some wings installed in his boots. Worth a look at his price I reckon.