2022 Pocket Profile: Richmond Tigers

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After three premierships and a preliminary final appearance in four years, it would be fair to say 2021 didn’t exactly go to plan for the Tigers. A mixture of on and off-field issues, injuries to key players, and just plain old average form lead to a 9-12 (1 draw) win/loss record and a 12th place finish.  

It’s inevitable that a team that has had sustained success will drop off at some point, however, there has been plenty of buzz among supporters and punters alike that the Tigers will come roaring (sorry) back in 2022. The list is still in pretty good shape and if the Tigers can avoid the injuries that derailed their 2021 a return to the top 8 isn’t out of the question. 

All that said, we’re here for the potential SuperCoach picks and not my ramblings on what went wrong last season and what needs to happen for the year ahead. Historically speaking, Richmond have never been super relevant in the world of SuperCoach, but let’s get into it!


Dustin Martin ($504,500 MID/FWD)

I know, I know, having Dusty as the “lock” is a bit of a cop out, but even your most casual SuperCoacher will see the value in a 500k Dusty. A lacerated kidney put an early end to his 2021 season and it was reported that he lost almost 15kg during his recovery, however, I think he’ll benefit from the early break and a full preseason. 2021 was the first time since 2014 he has averaged under 100 and at a touch over 500k with DPP status, I think he’ll find his way into a few teams. 

With a glut of young midfielders coming through and Richmond’s forward line depth taking a hit with the departures of Callum Coleman-Jones and Mabior Chol, Dusty may spend a bit more time forward. This is not necessarily a bad thing though, he kicked 37 goals in 2017 and averaged 121.

For a long time I considered writing up Jayden Short ($535,200 DEF)) for this section on the back of two 95+ seasons, but we expect a lot from our premium defenders and I don’t think he has quite earned our trust yet. 


Sydney Stack ($368,800 DEF)

I’ve written this section about seven times trying to decide on the right breakout candidate. As I said above there will be plenty of young midfielders that will get increased opportunities this year, but a lot of the responsibility will continue to fall on Dusty, Trent Cotchin, Dion Prestia, Shane Edwards etc, so it might be a year or two early before we see guys like Riley Collier-Dawkins ($309,000 MID) and Jack Ross ($295,900 MID) becoming true SuperCoach options. 

Stack, however, will likely have the wing to himself and while it didn’t always translate to SuperCoach, he showed some positive signs in the backend of last season. When he puts it all together he can go big (25 disposals, 10 marks, 149SC in round 20 last year). 

He’s obviously not going to put up these kinds of numbers every week and he’s not someone you’re going to start with, but a consistent start to the year will do wonders for his confidence. Keep an eye on him and reassess around the bye.  


Daniel Rioli ($336,000 DEF/FWD)

We all know Rioli as the low scoring small forward and small forwards are literally kryptonite in SuperCoach. However, a switch to the backline late in the season to cover for the loss of Bachar Houli saw him average 84.5 in the final 6 weeks of the season (83, 111, 54, 87, 95, 77) and with Houli now hanging up the boots, this role will likely continue. Take the 54 out of this 6-game run and the average jumps to 90.6. 

It’s the DPP that excites me though. We’ve been #blessed with plenty of value options in both positions so I don’t reckon many will be looking his way, but if BBL SuperCoach is any indication, we’ll need to be flexible this year for when/if COVID strikes, so keep him in your thoughts. 


Josh Gibcus ($171,300 DEF)

Despite having 5 draft picks inside the top 30 at the 2021 AFL Draft, the Tigers at full strength will be a difficult lineup to break into. Gibcus and his fellow first round selection, Tom Brown ($135,300 DEF) would be the most likely to get a chance from this crop, but I’ve gone Gibcus rather than Brown because, as I mentioned with Dusty, Richmond lacks depth in tall forwards and Gibcus may get to cut his teeth up forward until there is a spot for him down back.

The caveat is that not many will be keen to pay 170k for a first year KPP. So if injuries did hit down back then Brown, an athletic rebound defender, would slot in nicely at a time where sides will be looking to emulate the Dees premiership blueprint of having skilled ball users building the play from defence.


Richmond players

This pains me to write, but as a seasoned SuperCoacher you need to seperate your head from your heart and, as I said in my intro, Richmond just aren’t a fantasy relevant team.

Dusty is a “safe” risk and worth a roll of the dice given his price and DPP status, but picking players returning from injury always comes with an element of doubt and, given a lacerated kidney isn’t your typical injury, the fear of the unknown is greater than usual. Rioli is also worth a punt for coaches with 27 burner accounts (*cough* Patch – not confirmed but suspected) for the same reasons as Dusty. 

My um, “professional” (?) opinion is it’s probably better to be reactive if you are keen on picking up a player from the Tigers. They’ll be wanting to prove that the premiership window is still open and while there isn’t a single player that screams “pick me”, looking at the price list everyone is fairly cheap. 

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Great write up Kev. Takes a lot to swallow the team pride and advise your mates to avoid Richmond in 2022! Have definitely added Rioili to my maybe list after reading this one.


What is your opinion of Shai Bolton?


Jeez he had a nice purple patch last season between rounds 4 and 13, that 29 and a couple of 40’s and 50’s really hurt his average but he showed he can score well. A lot of options in that price bracket this season…..
Butters, Thomas, Heeney, Bailey…being a fwd/mid…it depends on what his role will be I guess.


Bolton is typical of richmond HE is either very good or missing Lynch Dusty Lambert .That’s why you have a red pen except tiger rookies


Excellent analysis Kev, as a Tiger Member I agree with Dusty as a lock & the the info Stack & Rioli , I believe they will get heaps of the ball, however I currently have Sicily & Milera at D5 & 6, so many Mid Price Options down back ???


congrats Paul Sounds bitter sweet but I hope AFL doesn’t go the way of BBL supercoach.The coaches at the top who had the misfortune to own Hobart Hurricanes bowlers only to see them rested in the supercoach granny would be upset. Imagine in last years round 23 if the dees were secure on top and rested Gawn Oliver and Tracca BBL doeloose sn’t reward coaching talent Way too many ways too


What happened to Richardson from Renagades, went missing last round. Traded Maxwell to Richardson last round


He’s another i had too covid last minute hope AFL doesn’t cop that If it looks like being covid affected with no name top ups then I will give it a miss


I think the fair thing to do in that situation is award you the guy’s season average for the week, glad I’m not playing it this year if this is happening.


hi Russty I finished in the top 4 in all my leagues and progressed to the granny in 4 . In the granny all my bowling squad was rested and the 2 that could have been there scored 300 on the bench. If the Hurricanes play only one bowler and he doesn’t even take a wicket I win all my leagues Needless to say mate I lost them all by under 20 and the no name bowlers had a record BBL score against them The eventual winner of BBL supercoach came from the clouds. imagine how the leaders were feeling prior to the game then when the Canes rested their bowlers with Stoinis and Maxwell on the bench .You are on the right track with averages but many will not front back next year I was over 200 in front prior to that game and counting the moulah Just too many ways to lose in BBL a bad bowl takes a wicket and you get zero or a washed out game or covid affected just too much Bring on the real stuff Did you get that message about Novac getting the English COACHING job cause the aussies take weeks to get him out? bheers


in one of my leagues i made the GF and was up against the fella who was coming 2nd overall with a round to go. he had two Hobart bowlers with Maxwell sitting on his bench. he finished 9th. it was rough i tell ya.


The emergencies must come into it somewhere.Maybe use all bench players and use the highest first then the other if there are 2 no scores D G P s throws it a bit .


Oh wow mate that must be hard to take after all the research and attention you gave it this season, you’d have to be feeling hard done by!, yeah I did get your message about Novax haha good one mate, sorry I forgot to respond, i’ve been house hunting again…this time at the beach 🙂


No worries mate You nailed it The research and how it impinges on AFL research makes it hard to cop. You think you had a good year then get reamed in the granny I still have a number of set ups and BYE planning to do in the hope of a tiny bit of success instead of competing with you for 34k place LOL good luck with the house hunting ,do you need a new passport to visit the east now


Probably just get tested and then quarantine I think, that’s how it is for peeps wanting to come here to nazi germany lol


I come from the clouds on a granny. Maxy got me over the line. Had couch as an E. Richardson on ground (they had the double). Couch took wicket in last over and maxy took the catch. Won by 20. Strange game and comp this year.


Sounds like you played me Trigg. BBL fills a void but needs tweaking , maybe covid free would see a better game / i
In AFL the bench may well be super important post byes Daics looks good but I would tread carefully with JHF. There are a lot of better mids in north and he could struggle Ward Driscoll and Hobbs look impressive and that weagle Clarke is tearing it up over Russty land NDD


Yeah heard good things about Clark, I was gonna go Rowell but reckon maybe Daicos can score about the same?…he’s sposed to be a real ball pig. Going from Rowell to daicos let me go 5 decent players in def


and your rucks?


The master Gawny mate and his sidekick Grundy
Fwd line is a bit light though.
They should put up an early rate my team thread.

Last edited 4 months ago by Russty

Agree mate I have G and NN.but looking at Jackson That granny has to have us at least thinking


Only thing I worry about with Nicnat is how long he was injured for in the past, and he’s quite a heavy ruckman,
Gawny’s light on his feet and does good work all around the ground.
Nic nat has that explosive talent though and is great to watch in full flight.


Good points it;s either gg or gnn


Pruess and Hayes?


Gibcus Sonsie Banks Clarke and Brown are all players who will debut soon I have chosen Clarke ,whose pace will give him an edge in selection M Rioli and Tom Brown who played in Olivers junior club at Maroopna and stared From all reports he will be something .I know the Dees were upset he went . So yes Kev they appear to be unfriendly supercoach wise but offer plenty in Rookies As always a top write up Great read NDD


How is Laurie looking at the dees?


Congrats on your BBL season Derek great effort in a trying game but it sets up an interesting AFL season Laurie is way off the mark at least 4 in front Needs a few years in the gym Disposal and decision making are right up there but the 3 premiership small forwards ,Kozzy Neale -Bullen and SPARGO are going no where followed by Jordon and Harmes puts Laurie further back Might be the year to go deep in the mids maybe to M6 Remember a few years back you were looking at going to M7 this may be the tear


thanks NDD, 561st overall was good seeing it was a rough year, kept me interested in the Big Bash

I am looking at going 6 guns in the guts, at the moment Neale at M6


Interesting Derek I’m looking at going the opposite with perhaps 3 premos and Neale. Midfield seems to be where all the big rooks scorers are.
Daicos, ward, jhf, Stevens, constable, cogs, plus the cheapies.
Can’t see too much fwd except small fWds who are fraught with danger for scoring and not much in defence …


Last year I started with 5 def and that seemed to work ,I wonder how it would work this year coupled with 5 forwards. and G G in the rucks As you say the mids is where to find all the top rooks and value keepers Neale Cogs etc It could be possible to start with 15 or 16 keepers plus a great captain choice I did a mock trial and came up a bit short Lukosious could fix that


Mitchell was my first picked.

I can’t split the big 3, so thinking will go with Macrae, Steele & Oliver.

Mills is currently at M5, should have a massive season

Neale is value at M6

Thinking of going deep in defence as well, Loyd and Whitfield pick themselves, I’ve got Daniels pencilled in as well.

Not sure if I take a risk with either Lukosious or Sicily at D4 or go with another premium like Ridley or Short.

Milera at D5

Grundy is locked and Preuse is likely if he is the clear #1 ruck

The only forward premium I have is Taranto.

I’m thinking of rolling with Raynor, Cogniglio & Brodie at F2, F3 & F4

Early days and let’s wait for the rookies. I don’t think I’ll be looking at any of the expensive rookies

Last edited 4 months ago by Derek

Hawthorn plays a lot of late games up to the BYE so Mitchell becomes a wise captain pick


Brodie reportedly very poor trainer


the cheap mid-pricers are calling me this year.

Raynor, Coniglio, Brodie & Preuss are all in my team

Caldwell and Milera and in and out

either go 12 keepers and upto 5 cheaper mid-price, or 13 keepers and 2 mid-pricers (Coniglio & Preuss)


i don’t mind Dusty, but he is too old now to be considered. i’m not taking the risk with old blokes this year.


Looking at a ruck combo of MAX and JAX The savings on Jackson from NN gets me a top def CRISP in place of a donkey Don’t know if I have the naccas


Would be a bold call my friend, have you considered Witts?…should average 90 -100ish if fit, do you think Jacko can do the same? Know what you mean about Crisp though…I have him and Lloyd, Lloyd, Crisp and Ridley my top 3 defenders…rock solid I reckon, also Day and Milera, bit risky and speculative but I’d rather them than 40 a week rookies.


They are rock solid def is where to place your mid pricers With Jed Anderson doing a joker and training away until he gets double dosed, that has thrown a spanner in it /All the midpricers will go at some stage so the least the better Day and Milera look decent enough I still like Lukosious and McInerney down back but that is enough for me Most of us will have 3 god forwards ,the problem for me is the other 3 It looks like a DPP in the mids may be the go maybe Taranto to M5 Who knows


Yeah I think Lukosious and McInerney will do well this year, I just couldn’t afford them both instead of Day and Milera. At the moment the one I’m taking the punt on a breakout in the mids is Serong, just hope the Covid situation doesn’t screw Freo and Eagle’s year.
I reckon Cogs and Gresham should be ok in the forwards but I’ll be avoiding Rayner, Curnow types, they haven’t proved they can score consistently, better off with a decent rookie I reckon like Hollands or Maginess.
Wonder if Johannisen, Wallis or Mclean are worth considering?…all 3 are cheap cheap.
SC opens in a few days so make sure you take a pic or screenshot of your team before it disappears.

Last edited 4 months ago by Russty

there are a heap of those (almost) fallen premium players in the forward line this year.

JJ, Wallis, Mclean, Curnow, Raynor, Brodie, Coniglio, Gresham

One or two of them might become a top 10 forward. They might only need average 88 to be in top 10 this year.

where similar priced players on other lines, Caldwell, Berry, Milera, Hannebery will never be top 10 and are just expensive stepping stones.
a not so crazy forward line might be:

Taranto, Gresham, Raynor, Coniglio, Brodie, Hollands

Last edited 4 months ago by derek

Every one of those comes with baggaga Agree the forwards are hit and miss Taranto Hawkins and Big Boy are locks for mine The next 3 may be a wait and see rely on swing and rookies till they appear


I assume you are looking at Big Boy purely because of his DPP? Can’t see him improving much from last year, in fact I think all rucks will regress this year.

the forwards are tough, everyone has an issue attached to them, that’s why I’m going to punt the forwards, just Taranto to start and go an extra mid and defender