2022 Pocket Profile: Geelong Cats

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2021 AFL SuperCoach Champion, SuperCoach Mumma, has been so gracious with her time to write about her Geelong Cats’ SuperCoach prospects for 2022. We’ve allowed her some creative license because, let’s be honest, she can tell us what to do now as the reigning champion.

Geelong was busy during the draft picking up a ruck prospect Toby Conway ($117,300 RUC) then went midfield heavy with Mitchell Knevitt ($117,300 MID), James Willis ($117,300 MID), Flynn Kroeger ($117,300 MID) and Cooper Whyte ($117,300 MID). They said goodbye to Jordan Clarke and Darcy Fort and said hello to Jon Ceglar ($491,700 RUC) and Tyson Stengle ($247,500 FWD) during the trade period.  

Geelong had a lot of injuries last year including their best and fairest Tom Stewart ($585,700 DEF) but hopefully he is fit and firing at the start of the season. I have a feeling Geelong are starting to listen to the outside noise about being a retirement village and seem to be focusing on their youth. For our SC teams let’s hope so, because Geelong have young talent that have had two years at the club but yet to play an AFL game in Cooper Stephens ($123,900 MID) and Sam De Koning ($123,900 FWD/DEF).


Mitch Duncan ($540K MID/FWD)

I thought Tom Stewart would be my Geelong lock for the next 3 years however he is recovering from a Lisfranc injury. The closest player to a lock is Mitch Duncan who is now a tasty dual position player (DPP). I believe that Duncan could be the Zorko of 2022 and could go on a real hot streak and outperform other forwards by 10-20 points each week. Yes, I know he has an injury history. Duncan only played 10 home and away matches last year. He got a concussion and missed a game and then suffered a PCL injury in July and missed 2 months of football. Duncan was back for the finals (I can’t remember the results lol) and he was the best Geelong player against Port and played all three final games. Not including the Rd 14 injury affected game, he still averaged 109.  Duncan did play 17/18 matches in 2020 averaging 103.6. Like Zorko last year you could pick him up in upgrade season or if he dips in price. I am leaning towards starting him, but it’s a long preseason! 


Tom Stewart ($585,700 DEF)

Tom is apparently seeing a ballet physio (I know right) to try and recover from his significant foot injury and is still hoping to have a full preseason. He is the third most expensive defender and with the injury cloud he is worth waiting on. I am hoping the SC love of my life fully recovers and if he does, he will be in most teams by season end. 

Patrick Dangerfield ($567,800 MID)

Patty has lost his DPP and now is mid only and unfortunately loses most of his appeal. Dangerfield had a rough year last year with suspension and injury. There is speculation that he will spend more time in the forward line to try and stretch his footy life. Lekdog and Damo have already mentioned that he is starting to score like a full forward, 184 one week and then 70 the next. He is not on the avoid list because if he gets cheap enough and is playing enough mid time he could be a M8 option later in the season.  


Brandan Parfitt ($445,000 MID)

Brandan probably has been on many ‘breakout’ lists over the few years, yet he is only 23. Another player effected by injuries including a hamstring injury that ended his finals in 2021. He needed surgery but is expected to do a full preseason. I am not recommending you start Brandan because he is at a real awkward price. But after pouring over the Geelong list he is really the one that I feel could go to the next level if his body allows. He has the role and has performed in spurts, another one for the watch list. Depending on his preseason, he is a great draft option.

Special mention: Max Holmes ($334,400K FWD/MID) is a tackling machine and I love watching him. He did seem to take Parfitt’s role in the final series including getting some clearances, but his job security is still shaky. Sure, we love him but does Chris Scott? Jordan Clarke anyone? Love his DPP but again his price is still too awkward.   


Tyson Stengle ($247,500 FWD)

A small forward goal sneak, he is just the player Geelong needs and I am super excited. Geelong is Stengle’s third club and Eddie Betts has convinced Geelong that Tyson has matured. After struggling with ‘off field issues’ he had a great season in the SANFL with the Woodville West-Torrens last year. Probably a touch too expensive for a small forward with uncertain job security but watch this space. 


Cooper Stephens ($123,900 MID)

Cooper Stephens was drafted in 2019 and now is in his third year in the system. Affected by injuries early in his career with a broken leg in 2019 and had ankle surgery early 2021 means he hasn’t played an AFL game. This is good news for us because he is at a nice price! Joel Selwood speaks highly about Stephens and he now has a mature body who looks fit and is having a full preseason. Sometimes Geelong is criticised by the way they treat their younger players, but if they perform, they play them. He hopefully will get a good go and some midfield time minutes, if he is named for round 1, lock him in. 


Jeremy Cameron (441,800 FWD)

Don’t get me wrong, I love this bloke, even captained him once. I always love a full forward, their high scores are just so tempting but remember they have low lows. Jeremy is no different and yet again another cat that had an injury affected season. Only averaged 81 last year which is just not high enough. I know you are not going to start him, but when he is 320K (or lower) and you’re running out of money don’t do it, trades are diamonds. 

Thanks Emily! I’ll say again, Em won SuperCoach in 2021 and so her advice is so, so valuable. You can follow her Twitter here.

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Nice write up but Geelong has to be the most Supercoah-irrelevant team in the league this year. The only player you could get excited about is Duncan now that he has that tasty forward status. Could well be the top scoring forward end of the season but I think it’s far more likely he will get injured at some stage and miss games. Serious burn man in the past. If you start him make sure you have a plan B for when he gets injured.


I think Tommy Stewart will end up in most teams if he’s fully recovered, a defender who can average over 105 is gold. But yeah Duncan’s getting on a bit, will be 31 this year, I remember when I played Cricket and when you get to your early 30’s the long term injuries/niggles start to linger and are hard to shake…so you tend to protect yourself a bit by going below 100%


I love Stewart, but will be staying away from him this year, his injury isn’t somthing you get over easily.

Duncan is a bit old, will look else where


Yeah that’s understandable, shame Stewart copped that injury, he was on track for serious greatness, hope he recovers.
I’m going for cheaper younger ones in my fwd line this year rather than the top priced premos, might as well, can’t do much worse than my last 2 seasons of SC.


Reckon u r spot on Russty All the dear forwards have a problem Taranto stands out though Looking at jackson but will he get the role he played in the granny and will that hurt Gawn


Yeah Jackson’s tempting, I had Witts in my side for ages, but it sure does look better with Gawny there. I reckon Gawn’s too good to have his scores affected too much by someone else cause of how much he does right around the ground.
It’ll be interesting to see what Jackson ends up averaging this year.


Taranto locked in


Geez, a little bit harsh I reckon for a team that could well have gone all the way if it weren’t for illness wrecking their prelim. I know we love to write them off every year but I see some real value here.