2022 Pocket Profile: Carlton

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IT’S LEKDOG. WE HAVE AN ARTICLE FROM LEKDOG! Of course it’s about Carlton. Who else were we going to get to do the Carlton Pocket Profile? Nobody, that’s who. It was always going to be Lekdog.

Carlton went shopping again in the 2021 off-season, trading for Adam Cerra ($490,200 MID), Lewis Young ($332,000 DEF/RUC) and signing free agent George Hewett ($399,000 DEF/MID).

The club is desperate to play finals footy yet we’re still not sure who is even in their best-22.

Some tough luck on the injury front, a shock retirement from Liam Jones and a complete overhaul of the coaches department leaves a lot of questions that can only be answered with the benefit of time.

The Blues are a confusing bunch in terms of Supercoach in 2022 and there’s sure to be a whole lot of surprises to come, let us know in the comments who we missed!


Sam Walsh ($637,100 MID)

After averaging 117 points per game and finishing as the 9th highest scorer in Supercoach for 2021, Sam Walsh enters his fourth year in the AFL as a rolled-gold midfield premium.

Savvy coaches out there would have locked in Walsh last season after he averaged 118 coming out of the bye in 2020. Apply the same logic again and you’ll see that Walsh averaged 120.1 coming out of the bye in 2021.

With an entirely new coaching staff in place we might see Patrick Cripps bounce back  (particularly under Michael Voss who has been credited for Ollie Wines incredible development) and with midfield inclusions in Adam Cerra and George Hewett there are reasons to think Walsh might decline slightly in 2022, but as the age-old JR adage goes “good players don’t steal points from other good players.”

There may be some hesitation for coaches when they see Walsh’s price tag but it certainly looks like he’ll be worth every cent.


Marc Pittonet ($462,700 RUC)

Marc Pittonet is probably too expensive to consider in Supercoach Classic but he’s certainly someone I’ll be looking at in drafts as a breakout contender.

Pittonet averaged 85 points per game across his 13 games in 2021 including four scores of 100+ and four scores of 73 or less…not the sort of consistency we’re after but certainly something that can be turned around.

To put it politely, Carlton’s midfield structure was non-existent in 2021 and subsequently Pittonet struggled to find his teammates with his hitouts, despite being ranked 9th in hitouts per game with 29.2.

Pittonet is ranked 6th in the AFL for Hitouts to Advantage per game but is ranked 36th in Hitouts to Advantage % (higher than Grundy and Gawn but lower than Naitanui and Darcy) meaning there is some room for improvement.

If we consider a deeper midfield for Carlton with Cerra, Walsh, Hewett and Cripps all as permanent fixtures, plus a new coaching staff who may actually have a structure in the midfield, then Pittonet should be able to secure a few more hitouts to advantage each game…even if it’s accidental.

At 5 point per hitout to advantage in Supercoach, he only needs to convert three more per game to suddenly become a 100 point player, four more and he’s a top-five ruckman in the game. 


Charlie Curnow ($224,300 FWD)

If we take a look at the forwards available to us in 2022  and rank them by total points scored from 2021 we’ll see that teammates Joe Daniher (9th) and Lincoln McCarthy (11th) essentially ended up being keeper selections despite averaging just 79.1 and 77.5 respectively.

Why are these players relevant? Well it essentially goes to show that if you have a modicum of talent and can stay on the park you’ll be a successful Supercoach forward line selection.

I’ve spent all preseason trying to find the Jack Ziebell of 2022 when I should’ve been finding the Joe Daniher of 2022.

Charlie Curnow, if we’re lucky, is the Joe Daniher of 2022.

With a starting price $9k lower than Daniher’s 2021 starting price and having missed essentially the same amount of time with injuries as Daniher over the last few years, we know what the template for success looks like.

To be a successful selection Curnow simply needs to stay on the park and return an average north of 70 points per game, admittedly something he hasn’t done since he averaged 77.5 in 2018.


Brodie Kemp ($156,800 DEF)

Carlton is desperate to play finals and given their recruiting over the last couple of years I don’t think we’ll see too many rookie priced players break into the side in 2022.

One player that I do think has an opportunity to play is Brodie Kemp who broke into the side late in 2021 and despite showing some flair produced scores of just 20 and 52.

With the retirement of Liam Jones I believe we will see Jacob Weitering and Lewis Young fill both key defensive posts but there still remains a void of significance in the Blues’ backline in the form of a third tall.

Kemp should get first crack at this void and if he can solidify a spot should be able to generate a little bit of cash for us in 2022.


Patrick Cripps ($454,800 MID)

Many considered Cripps’ a lock in 2021 at his ‘bargain basement’ price of $523,700…it didn’t go well and now you can select him at close to $100k cheaper.


There will be hype around the midfield additions the Blues have made, there will be hype around Michael Voss’ midfield tactics and there will be hype around the return of Tim Clarke who helped to develop Cripps into his best 2018 form.

Don’t believe the hype.

I’ve even mentioned it in this article but believe me when I say Cripps is a player we can trade into later if need be, not someone we need to start in our sides.

Thanks Lekdog! I’m sure most of you are already following him on Twitter but if not you can do so here. He mostly tweets about Sleeves, and Carlton, and Carlton players in sleeves. #sleevewatch

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Lekdog steps up to plate. Happy new year mate. The Blues what an enigma. Based on the list they have assembled below they should play finals but the “ifs” are the problem
If Voss can implement a game plan of zone defence instead of one on one and an existing midfield structure (Nice one) and if they can get their best team on deck for most of the year they should play finals.
Biggest problem is blues recruit players based on potential but the players arent living up to or fulfillig that potential for $ invested.
This I think is the blues best 22.
Motlop McKay Martin
Fisher Curnow Silvani
Williams Walsh E.Curnow
Docherty McGovern Saad
Kemp Weitering Stocker
Foll: Cripps, Pittonet/Dekong, Cerra, 
Bench: Setterfield, Dow, Hewett, Williamson/young
McGovern gets first crack at chb. Big bust for the blues so time for him to step up and play to his potential. Can clunk a ball. Do that then give it to the backline runners for distribution.
Potentially that’s a side that plays finals.
Output 2022?? That my friend is the big question mark.
Do like Charlie as a smokie. Guy just needs a bit of luck outside footy. Amazing to think just about every injury he has had was a result of not playing footy. 😯


No love for De Koning, not even on the bench?
What do you think the Blue’s plan is with him moving forward?


Gee, their 2021 stats are very similar. Both played 13 games and possessions, marks and tapouts mirror each other. Pittonet’s only 25 but probably gets first crack with the more mature body, De Koning’s 3 years younger but i believe has a bigger upside and I hope turns into a poor mans Dean Cox with his ability to get around the ground.
Thanks for your reply.


He is absolutely flying this preseason to Adam he’s had a haircut and looks like a fair dinkum athlete. He’s embarrassed Charlie Curnow many times in forward marking contests and when the ball hits the deck. If he was ruck/fwd he’d be worth consideration.


Pretty similar lek.
Though no fisher?
Surely he gets a gig best 22?

Catzilla aka Chungus Schmelling

I thought step 2 was to collect the underpants???


Nice summary Trig Not much at Carlon to enthuse me but one I do like that neither of you mentioned IS LUKE PARKS His entry video was something else particularly when we begin to sort out the cheapies. Is Stocker injured ? seem to recall a training mishap. Walsh is in that Neale categorie for mine ,JUST SHORT OF THE BEST. The finals? Without someone to help McKaye will be difficult NDD


That can linger for a while


Same here. Nothing at Carlton I like. Walsh is a gun, but I’ve got Mills just ahead of him.


One of my priorities this year is to choose injurt free players .As great a year Mills had those 4 games he missed late worry me. MacRae types never miss I find it hard to go past MacRae Clarry Miller Steele and Lyons in a starting squad. Walsh Bont and Wines will be targets maybe Tracca NDD


That’s a big thing this season I reckon mate, players with good attendance records, injuries killed the hell out of my season last year, I was behind the 8-Ball from the word go and couldn’t recover. It all started with Taylor Adams…so yeah, reliability is KING!


Danger and Rowell didn;t help either I got Hickey early and he fired then got an ankle and the swans said 6 weeks I dumped him and he did a jim stynes and played the next week you can’t win with these Sydney clubs full of sh///t


Think I was in the same boat with Hickey, probs our fault for not starting with the big 2….also had Danger and Rowell, Cripps, Adams, Dunkley, Neale…all needed to be traded out within the first 7 rounds…not ideal.
Onwards and upwards mate, here’s hoping we have a competitive season this year at least 🙂


you brought back bad memories Russty. I hope the season doesn’t pan out like BBL or AFLW The DEES ladies had 5 top up players on sat and BBL was the same That was Gator behind the stumps at Geelong.in gumboots Fair dinkum mate if Melbourne lost Gawn Clarry and Tracca thru covid and put Gator and his relos in I would quit. It’s got to be unaffected by covid A good example was in BBL when Derek used his skill and captained Mcdermott That week he scored 1400 and finished well up The next week his last 2 rounds were deleted and he lost heaps thru covid spoils the contest Let’s hope covid goes cheers mate


first decent crack at BBL, you need to be on the ball even without covid.

ranked 507th a round to go, a top 500 will be ok, but can’t wait to start working on my AFL team.


Not bad for your 1st season Derek, under top 500 is a great achievement, yeah I’m also salivating at the coming afl season, hopefully not stuffed up by covid…fingies crossed.


Jeez mate I think I’ve had 4 or 5 donuts each week in the 1st 2 weeks of aflw lol. Gotta try to field a full side !
Hey, keep an eye on Jack Hayes from the sanfl, he’s been invited to train with the Saints and might get a lifeline if he’s good enough, kinda like Clark from the Eagles.
Yeah Covid’s chucking a spanner in many works at the moment, I fear the only way for us to get past it is for all of us to catch it maybe?…I dunno, it’s a strange time to be alive!


Hi lads, good to see you Lek Trig and Neil up and about this early season time.
I have one of those boring, this or this questions…(the first one of the season!) open to anyone.

So my boring question is….
Ridley and Milera or
Sicily and Day
and why, cheers big ears 🙂


Lek’s right both got baggage but Day and Ridley now that;s something else.Sicily when he isn’t suspended or injured is ok Milera well is he in the best team and what position How many midpricers succeed? very few better with LLOYD and a better rookie like Driscoll or Parks from carlton Good luck watch 2 things trades and Byes


Thanks fellas, I might try to find a way to afford Ridley and Day, the other two are quite risky prospects.


My first team had both Sicily and Milera. But I’m really looking at a guns n rookie team this year.
i don’t mind looking at players returning from injury if they are not keepers/premiums like Sicily, will look at Milera, Preuss, Raynor Caldwell etc as a midpricer, but not injury risk premiums.

is Dunkley and Duncan injury risks?


One of those will pop up but too risky for mine Jed Anderson could well be the one


I think it’ll depend on whether he decides to get any more vaccine shots mate, if he doesn’t, his season could be over before it starts.