AFLW Fantasy Round 1 Review

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The Australian football fantasy community collectively rejoiced last month, when two-time AFL Fantasy classic winner Shelby Lee-Steere and his team at Moreira’s Magic introduced AFLW Fantasy, an online fantasy game for the 2022 AFLW competition.

With Round 1 of the AFLW competition now done and dusted, Azza is on hand to bring you a full wrap-up of the round and some stats to help you improve your team heading into Round 2.

Player of the Round

Kiara Bowers (MID $91,100) is a name you will see here regularly as the player of the round. Bowers is an absolute superstar of the competition who averaged 108.7 points last season and 106.6 across her 25 game career.

Against West Coast on Saturday, Bowers managed a mighty impressive 123 points coming from 17 kicks, 7 handballs, 2 marks and a whopping 14 tackles and is the Round 1 player of the Round.

Her sheer fantasy dominance has seen her become one of the most owned players in AFLW Fantasy, sitting at 51.7% at the end of Round 1. If she is not in your team already, now is the time to find a way to get her in. An absolute must have set and forget player.

Other players that rounded out the top 10 were:

Kiara BowersFremantleMID$91,10012351.7%
Anne HatchardAdelaideMID$67,9001202.7%
Ashleigh RiddellNorth MelbourneMID$72,6001135.1%
Alicia EvaGWSMID$56,9001070.8%
Orla O’DwyerBrisbaneMID$47,8001060.4%
Tarni WhiteSt. KildaMID$41,4001003.4%
Tyla HanksMelbourneFWD$66,7009737.1%
Ebony MarinoffAdelaideMID$76,2009720.2%
Brittany BonniciCollingwoodMID$79,4009616.6%
Alyce ParkerGWSMID$77,5009510.6%

You can sign-up and create your team at AFLWFANTASY.COM.AU right now!

Cash Cows and Rookies

Fantasy players knew what to expect from Georgie Prespakis, the number 2 draft pick from Geelong. Coming into the 2022 AFLW season, Georgie averaged 85.2 points in the VFLW from 5 matches, averaging 17 disposals and 10 tackles a game.

Prespakis started her AFLW career just as well against a formidable North Melbourne team, scoring 79 points from 20 disposals, 6 tackles and a behind. There’s good reason why she was picked in 62.9% of teams…

As for the other top performing rookies, the top 10 are as follows:

Georgie PrespakisGeelongMID$20,1007962.9%
Jasmine FergusonNorth MelbourneDEF$14,3006523.9%
Ann McMahonFremantleMID$14,300575.3%
Meagan KielyRichmondMID$14,3005727.9%
Charlie RowbottomGold CoastMID$20,3005647.4%
Ally MorphettGWSRUC$14,300494.4%
Ally DallawayGWSMID$14,300490.6%
Pepa RandallGWSDEF$18,800473.3%
Courtney JonesCarltonMID$14,300450.2%
Airlie RunnallsFremantleMID$14,300458.4%

Value Buys of the Round

Overall, it was Jasmine Ferguson (DEF $14,300) who was the biggest value pick of the round scoring 65 points while only costing $14,300. Ferguson will see a healthy rise in price of the back of this, with a breakeven of only 17 heading into Round 1.

Since most of the top value picks were under $20,000, let’s take a look at some other value picks from the round.

Libby BirchMelbourneDEF$21,4006812.6%
Tarni WhiteSt. KildaMID$41,4001003.4%
Daisy WalkerCarltonDEF$20,500481.1%
Megan FitzsimonMelbourneMID$23,200521.4%
Eloise JonesMelbourneFWD$31,400701.2%
Orla O’DwyerBrisbaneMID$47,8001060.4%
Andrea GilmoreWest CoastFWD$21,300463.4%
Angelique StannettFremantleDEF$22,600472.2%
Ellie HampsonGold CoastDEF$23,600492.1%
Jordyn AllenCollingwoodDEF$30,200620.8%

Time on Ground and Points per Minute

Another big metric that is used in the fantasy community is Time on Ground (TOG) and Points scored per minute (PPM). This really helps identify the fast scorers in the game and may help us find some hidden gems that struggled to get some game time this round but could explode if given the opportunity.

Sitting atop the list with the highest PPM this round is none other than Kiara Bowers (MID $91,100) with 1.89 points per minute. Plenty of other high scorers mentioned earlier feature, with only Rebecca Beeson and Chloe Dalton coming onto the list while scoring less than 80.

Chloe Dalton unfortunately suffered a shoulder injury during her match against Gold Coast but is certainly one to keep an eye on given her 1.67PPM score. Had she continued at that pace without injury, her score would have been around 85-95 mark which is exceptional given her price.

Kiara BowersFremantleMID$91,1001231.89
Alicia EvaGWS GiantsMID$56,9001071.86
Orla O’DwyerBrisbane LionsMID$47,8001061.85
Ashleigh RiddellKangaroosMID$72,6001131.81
Brittany BonniciCollingwoodMID$79,400961.80
Tarni WhiteSt KildaMID$41,4001001.70
Rebecca BeesonGWS GiantsMID$65,000791.70
Chloe DaltonGWS GiantsMID$26,700361.67
Anne HatchardAdelaide CrowsMID$67,9001201.62
Amy McDonaldGeelong CatsMID$69,000941.61

Since the top 10 here are all midfielders, here is an additional small list of the highest PPM players that are not midfielders.

Ebony AntonioFremantleFWD$52,000751.53
Tyla HanksMelbourneFWD$66,700971.53
Eden ZankerMelbourneRUC$49,800821.47
Ally MorphettGWS GiantsRUC$14,300491.47
Emma SwansonWest Coast EaglesDEF$54,900901.47

And here’s a helpful bar chart too with the top 50 PPM scores.

Round 2 Preview

The AFLW is still in its infancy, so we don’t have a great deal of historical data to go on, so AFLW fantasy matchups aren’t entirely useful just yet.

But that won’t stop me from sharing the data and selecting my best picks for each game next round based on their past performance against their opponent and at the ground they’re playing at this round.

Best Player Pick
Round 2 MatchesPlayerAverage against opponentAverage at ground
Richmond v Melbourne
Swinburne Centre
Montique Conti
(MID $58,800)
Collingwood v St. Kilda
Victoria Park
Georgia Patrikios
(MID $76,000)
Brisbane v Carlton
Maroochydore Oval
Emily Bates
(MID $51,600)
Geelong v Western Bulldogs
GMHBA Stadium
Ellie Blackburn
(MID $74,100)
West Coast v Gold Coast
VU Whitten Oval
Jacqui Yorston
(MID $40,700)
Adelaide v Kangaroos
Norwood Oval
Ebony Marinoff
(MID $76,200)
Fremantle v GWS
VU Whitten Oval
Kiara Bowers
(MID ($91,100)

Here’s wishing all AFLW fantasy coaches the best of luck with Round 2!

If you have any questions or stats for Azza, hit him up on Twitter at @azzajewell.


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Pepa Randall is no rookie. This is her sixth season. Pretty happy to have her in my team at an almost rookie price though!


The subheading was “Cash cows and rookies” so….anyways I had one of the lowest scores of the first round due to picking 2 girls from the Saints who were the 2 most expensive players and both of them didn’t play LOL….one of them is vaccine hesitant?…haha should’ve done a bit of research I guess, I should score a bit better this week, thank Buddha for 3 trades per week 🙂