2022 Pocket Profile: Western Bulldogs

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Next stop on the Pocket Profile train is the Western Bulldogs! We’ve reached out to SuperCoach veteran Seeker to write about his beloved Doggies’ SuperCoach relevancy.


Jack Macrae ($699,900 MID)

Macrae has averaged over 121 SuperCoach points every year since 2018, and last year was his best ever season with an average of 128.6! That’s despite playing in a premium midfield; the myth of not having enough points to go around for a highly SuperCoach relevant teams seems busted. If you think he’s too expensive, another thing to consider is that last year Macrae’s price only dropped from $650k to $621k, so you can’t really just wait to pick him up cheap, plus you’ll miss guaranteed SC tons every week until you do get him. He’s a straight-up SuperCoach pig who rarely scores sub-tons or misses games.


Tim English ($482,600 FWD/RUC)

Tim English is a young ruckman who has the ability to double ton in SuperCoach, but there are questions; Is he out of favour or considered still underdeveloped by the club? And, what’s his best position? I think Tim plays predominantly as the No.1 ruck. He will spend time forward, but he’s a terrific mark and kicked 19 goals in 2021. He’s priced at an average of 88 and has DPP status. He’s a great option at F3/4, providing excellent ruck coverage and the opportunity to take risks with a mid-priced R2. English is also out of contract at the end of the year so he’ll want to dominate to either secure his place at the Dogs, or to give him currency to get him elsewhere. All this points to a true breakout year as a forward who’ll turn up a decent average for your team.


Bailey Dale ($518,300 DEF)

Bailey Dale broke out in 2021, playing every game for the first time in his career. He also got a role that truly suited his game style in defence. He had the second most kicks in the league and 5th overall in rebound 50s, amongst other top 10 player indicators. Dale also took a significant proportion of the Bulldog kick-out duties. He ended up averaging 95.2 and it’s easily conceivable he could improve on that average by 5-10 points to average over that 100 threshold, all for the starting price of $518k.


Charlie Parker ($102,400 MID/FWD)

I can see several Bulldogs rookies playing this year, but for this I’ve focused on Parker who is a tall and agile 24 year old utility selection, who is ready made for senior footy. At Sturt in the SANFL, he played as a tall wingman who had a booming kick and elite disposal efficiency. In 2022, he’s a dual position player at a rock bottom price and is every chance to play off that half back flank, which we know means points.


Josh Dunkley ($558,200 MID/FWD)

Why avoid a guy with a 129 SC average after the first 6 rounds of 2021? Because injury history; he missed a chunk of 2021, and another huge chunk of 2020. He’s also the most expensive forward in for SuperCoach at $558k. Are you willing to start him alongside other high injury risk forwards like Mitch Duncan, Zak Butters, Stephen Coniglio? Do you not remember the forward line carnage of 2021? Selecting reliable players and avoiding injury trades is how we dominate SuperCoach. If you do start Dunkley, you should have a plan in place knowing you might have to trade him out at some point throughout the season.

Thanks Seeker! You can follow Seeker on Twitter where you’ll be able to see his love of music, Star Wars and his Western Bulldogs!

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Great work Seeker though I disagree with English Granted the dogs don’t ruck him enough but I see more upside in sweet . I see the same two sides dominating again so the dogs must fix the defence up . Dale is a great choice and been in my team from dot same with MacRae probably the best supercoach player at present.Dunkley is also a smart choice to leave , injury prone , angry and doesn’t get enough mid time. The one i am chewing over is Treloar one of the doggies best .Get set for a great year Seeker but sorry mate Tracca Clarry and Gawn just too good NDD


Are you finally on the right TRAC NDD?


Funny enough I have never liked Trac for supercoach Absolute beast but at 606k no way mate THE TOP 5 PICK THEMSELVES Steele Clarry Miller MacRae and Lyons However Trigg something gives and that is the forwards Luckily for us the rookies look good Tiges have a few GCS Port so together with DPP ‘s it should be ok .Neck and neck in the BBL Silly game for supercoach ,too many missed games good luck though if you beat me cheers NDD


Bbl a mugs game. Only takes one good ball,false shot,brilliant catch and its curtains esp if have the C on.them. Agar was my best starting pick, Cartwright my pod but other stars bust except Raul who I brought in for his first game. Been good but leaving. With covid reeking havoc be a very lucky punter who wins and avoids the carnage.


Dunkley has already been in and out of my side three times just today.

I’m thinking i’ll start with either Dunkley or Macrae, more likely start with Macrae for all of the points above.

Forward line has so many ‘interesting’ options.

Heeney $454k
Butters $443k
Anderson $401k
Rayner $278k
Coniglio $261k
Brodie $224k

This might be my starting forward line

Last edited 4 months ago by derek

Heeney would be the only one to be there at the pointy end and that;s a maybe All the others will be traded Derek Why haven’t you thought about McEvoy Anderson is worth thought if he stays fit.Mine is Taranto and McEvoy JED at present plus 3 rooks The savings gives me a top mid field Good enough for me mate I have confidence in forward rookies and abundance of DPP for once


One of them could be the Ziebell of last year


Very much doubt it He was good before the change to def


Big Boy is a nice DPP option, especially with Useless Ceglar gone. The Hawks do like Ned, but Big Boy will be clear number 1 ruck.

what about English or even your boy Jackson as the DPP option?


No time for English even Daw is better Jackson is very interesting and the blues game will give an idea . Gawn will play more forward but that won’t impact his game Could well end up with both Jacko and BIG BOY you have given me an option


I haven’t looked at rookies to close, but already I see Holland’s, Laurie, W Kelly, Skinner, Hird, S Mitchell, Spicer, Rioli off top of my head.

might be a good crop


Like them all bar Laurie doubt any changes at the Dees Clarke the WCE lad is good older but good


If not Dunkley which premo fwd are you taking? They are all a bit injury prone.


Taranto for me. Never been a big fan, but he should be right up there. I think his shoulder was good last year and he played every game


Not worried Taranto might be parked fwd with Greene out for the first 6? They do seem to like him up front.

David C

Big worry for Cogs as well even though he is cheap as chips.


Cogs will be in the forward line but I’ll still be tempted


Nice one seeker though I think thete is a misprint above. Could have sworn I read that English could double ton?? 😯

Love the doggies so many good footy players and good footy players are usually good SC players.

As for avoiding duncs due to injury while I agree with the facts there appears to be very few players who are robust in the fwd line so picking the right ones who hold together might just be the key this year. That being said as it stands duncs currently occupirs an on field spot early on.

Well done on the write up. 👌