AFLW Fantasy Starts Tonight!

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The 2022 AFLW season has finally arrived, with the season kicking off tonight (Friday 7th January 2022) between Richmond and St. Kilda.

There’s a brand new way to support your favourite AFLW players this season thanks to two-time AFL Fantasy winner Shelby Lee-Steere and his team at Moreira’s Magic who have developed AFLW Fantasy.

It’s fun, easy to play and there’s an amazing first prize of $5,000 for the winner.

How to Play

Much like SuperCoach or AFL Fantasy, the aim of the game is to score the highest amount of points per round based on the real-life performance of players that you select.

Putting your fantasy coach hat on you select 6 defenders, 6 midfielders, 2 rucks, 6 forwards and 1 utility for a total of 16 players on field and 5 on your interchange bench.

Bench players don’t score any points unless you’re unlucky and have a player that doesn’t play in your side in that round.

Salary Cap

Your starting salary cap in AFLW Fantasy is $717,100, the exact same salary cap that each real-life AFLW team has.

The most expensive player in the game is Kiara Bowers from Fremantle, who starts the season at a whopping $91,100, approximately 12.7% of your starting salary cap. But she’s very well worth the money, averaging 108 last season and 106 across her career. The set-and-forget of the AFLW world.

Each round, the price of players will rise and fall depending on their performance and how that translates into an AFLW fantasy score.

Scoring System

The AFLW fantasy scoring system is identical to that of the AFL Fantasy system, and is as follows:

Kick3 points
Handball2 points
Mark3 points
Tackle4 points
Hitout1 point
Free kick for1 point
Free kick against-3 points
Goal6 points
Behind1 point


Each round you’ll be able to select a captain and vice-captain for your side. Your captain will score double points but on the chance they don’t play, then you’re vice-captain will score double.


Up until the start of Round 1, you can make as many trades as you like.

After the commencement of Round 1, you will receive 3 trades per week to help improve and manage your team. Trades do not accumulate, so feel free to use them all.

You can only trade players for the same position (defender for a defender, ruck for a ruck etc) except for the utility position who can be traded for a player of any position.

Just remember that when trading you will still need to come under the overall salary cap to continue.


Finally, there are an amazing number of prizes available throughout the season and are as follows.

Major Season Prize
Finish the 2022 AFLW Fantasy season on top of the overall rankings and you’ll win $5,000.

Runner Up Prizes
The second and third ranked teams at the end of the season will win $300 and $200 respectively, plus a 2022 Moreira’s Magic subscription.

Round Prizes
Each round, the top Coach (based on their round score) will win the round prize of $100 plus a 2022 Moreira’s Magic subscription.


Azza, our amazing stats guru has gone above and beyond for the AFLW fantasy competition, providing a spreadsheet complete with historical AFLW fantasy scores from every game since 2017. He’s even put in VFLW fantasy scores!!

This is an amazing tool for any AFLW fantasy player, and can be found using the button below.

Don’t forget to say thanks to Azza by buying him a coffee or beer, using the Buy Me a Coffee Link below.

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how do u make trades in aflw there is no trade simble on each player


Menu on the left mate called “trade”, then you select your girl to be punted from the right.