2022 Pocket Profile: Sydney Swans

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Next Pocket Profile we need to unveil is for the Sydney Swans! We’ve reached out to diehard Bloods fan, Zane, to give us the lowdown on the Swans for the 2022 SuperCoach season.

It was a meteoric rise back to finals footy for the Swannies in 2021. On the back of standout years from a mix of young & old. Such as the long heralded move to the midfield of Callum Mills ($612,00 MID) or the likes of Errol Gulden ($415,600 FWD) who burst onto the scene along with a plethora of other young bloods, such as Justin McInerney ($411,00 DEF/MID) who showed his ability to score well with 7 scores over 90 and with Dawson departing the smooth mover could be the guy to take over that wing.

Contested ball & clearances were an issue & was addressed at the draft with the likes of Angus Sheldrick ($130,800 MID) & Matty Roberts ($117,00 MID) being brought in but with border closures the Swans got them along with the likes of Logan McDonald ($288,500 FWD) & others to stay home as to not risk not being able to get back home for Christmas, and so have not taken part in the initial training with the rest of the team & makes me cautious of there chances of being picked in round one.


Jake Lloyd ($586,600 DEF)

The ultimate SuperCoach defender. This man just doesn’t miss games of football, he has a high ceiling and rarely, if ever, turns out a stinker. Only once did he do the limbo below 90 last year & that was with a respectful 73. You only have to look to his other scores of 154, 142 & 124 to see his ability to turn out scores that absolutely hurt as much listening to BT say “Lloooooooyyyd” does, if you don’t own him. Now that Jordan Dawson has gone, he should increase the number of kick outs he takes, which means there’s a good chance he receives an uptick in points. Lock & load Lloyd!


Isaac Heeney ($454,500 FWD)

This is easy peezy; just pick Isaac Heeney.

Seriously, this will be Mills 2.0 & if he’s not in the top 8 forwards for total points at the end of the year, I will buy a GWS membership and anyone that knows me, knows how much I dislike GWS. His injury past is irrelevant as they have not been soft tissue, and he has actually played through his injuries, and well. At this price point and reports from Horse (John Longmire) saying Heeney is looking at a 70/30 mid/forward split, he was the first picked player for my own team this year. He loves to tackle & if he’s going to be spending more time on the ball combined with his ability to be clean while winning the contested possession has me salivating over the prospect as much as Lockett & Kickett were over the hamburger props during those Hungry Jack’s ads back in the day.


James Rowbottom ($406,800 MID)

Where’s there’s smoke there’s fire and this bloke I have a feeling is going to run hot!
He was injured in Rnd 1 & only played 62% time on ground (TOG) but scored 117 with 8 tackles which is his bread & butter, not to mention tackles are a great point generator. He returned in round 6, but didn’t really hit his straps until round 8, and even though being managed with 63% TOG he still scored 107, and then in round 9 he scored 100 points with just 66% TOG. He was in & out of the team from then on only playing 9 out of 13 games between rounds 10 & 22 averaging 65% TOG. One game, he even played a VFL game earlier that same day. If James Rowbottom can keep his body in check, his SuperCoach average is only going to rise, and hopefully his time on ground, too.


Paddy McCartin? ($102,400? DEF? FWD?)

I really could have gone a number of ways here. Dylan Stephens ($167,800 MID) is in his 3rd year and if he can get comfortable at the speed and more confidence, he could be a great selection. The enigma better known as Will Gould ($123,900 DEF) who was close to making a debut last year, will no doubt make his debut this year but its a tough side to break into so when that will be is anyone’s guess. Wouldn’t surprise me to see either of the two new guys in Angus Sheldrick ($130,800 MID) or Matthew Roberts ($117,300 MID) debut early with Swans desperately wanting to improve their contested ball. I’ve been cheeky though, and we haven’t “officially” picked up Paddy, but I’m choosing him as the best Rookie selection. He should be bottom basement price & as any Swans fan will tell you we need a tall defender desperately & I believe he is our man from round 1.


Oliver Florent ($416,200 MID)

It took everything in me not to name Gould just to mess with everyone as I’ve seen him named in more teams then I’ve seen photos of Isaac Heeney with his shirt off, but unfortunately Gould is not guaranteed a spot in the Swans’ best 22. As much as I’d love for the big man to play, it’s a ridiculous competitive role with Colin O’Riordan ($198,100 DEF) & Robbie Fox ($325,400 DEF) both vying for the same role, and we saw Nick Blakey ($325,100 DEF) start to look at home down back, too. So I have gone with Oli Florent, who hasn’t improved his decision making or execution levels to a point that I can see him being able to make that next jump. He’s an extremely talented footballer, who if he did improve those aspects of his game could easily be in the breakout category, but alas those steps are yet to even look close to be anticipated as a possibility.

Thanks Zane! We’ll be getting more community written pieces this pre-season, but in the meantime go follow Zane on Twitter! He tweets about his Swans, and his art, and his Swans art.

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Lloyd the only fantasy lock for the Swans.Mills looks overpriced and Heeney is a crap shoot. Will be watching Rowbottom closely in the pre season as he went seriously out of form in the back half of last season. But at 406k he might be 100k underpriced if he gets back to anything like previous form.


Fair Wilbs!


I think Heeney plays better on the half-forward. he doesn’t get that much of the ball when he is in the midfield, but you would back him in a one on one at half forward everytime

Last edited 5 months ago by derek

We haven’t really seen Heeney at centre bounces or have a pre season that would allow him to spend long periods in the midfield yet either. Yes elite fwd & will still spend time there which will also help his scoring. It’s more team balance with Logan McDonald, Buddy, Hayward, Papley Wicks, the likely fwd line imo.


Great stuff Zane. Heard Heeney has had his first proper pre-season in years. I thought McInerney might have been your smoky and of course, the Gull is lockety lock lock.


Cheers mate, yes Mcinernry very easily could have been my smokey but Rowbottom has potential to really explore I feel!


Cheers Zane.
Isn’t Gould nearly ready to retire? 🤣 seems like we have been spruiking him forever.
What do you think the of the lizard? Does he is or mcinerney get dawsons spot? Does like to take the game on does the lizard.
Heeney would have to have a “look at me” preseason in the mids to keep my interest..
Decent write up. Will be watching Steven’s preseason. Right price if he gets a crack.


Thanks Deesco.
Yeah everyone jumped on the Gould train very early because of his mature body & having played senior footy. But he definitely had development that needed to be addressed and with covid and no reserves that stunted his progress I truly believe this is his year but when is anyone’s guess atm. I’m a huge Lizard fan and i think he will take the role Dawson had in the backline and could be a very nice stepping stone. His priced at about 60 av but when he played down back taking out his injury effected game he averages roughly 75. He very well could find his way into my team if rookies dictate I change my structure.

All that matters with Stephens is he is there rnd one if thats the case I feel he will get a bunch of games at least in a row.

Feel Mcinernry gets the wing but will be interesting to see how much time he spends there or will it be shared.


Cheers mate.
Everyone got a little over excited with Gould thinking he was a walk up start when the club was never going to let him play till he got ontop of his fitness & other aspects of his game. They aren’t know for gifting games to guys they have high hopes for. Look at Mitchell & Dawson. Covid stuffed up his development alot last 2 years and I think this is definitely his year but when that is buggered if I know. I’m a huge Blakey fan & currently have him as my d4. His priced at about 60 and when you take out his injury effected last game and look at his scores from when he moved to the backline in rnd 16 he actually averaged about 80, which I think he can build on as his confidence grows to go for those intercept marks. Also like many others I’m playing with more fun then out and out statergy because of the inevitable covid shit storms. As for Mcinernry yes I think he will take over that wing but what percentage I’m not sure. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Gulden push onto a wing his a endurance beast and who better then Errol to deliver inside 50.

JohnDJ59.Black Flag

Lloyd is always one of my first picked in the backline, since 2018 anyway.


I started Rowbottom last year based on his preseason games and I was feeling pretty good after he started with a 117 after being injured early in the 3rd and not being able to kick. The fact that he was able to finish that game meant that I kept him him for 2 weeks longer than I should have. He seemed to be carrying a bit of a niggle from that injury all season so he’s still a chance to make my starting team if he looks to be injury free and has a similar role to game 1 in 2021.

Sixth highest tackle average in the AFL last year and that should bring a few extra free kicks this year.