2022 Pocket Profile: Brisbane Lions

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Next up in the Pocket Profiles is the Brisbane Lions being covered by Zac! Zac finished 6th last season, and knows his Brisbane Lions like the back of his hand.

The Brisbane Lions have come off one their quietest trade periods under Fagan’s reign so far. Two picks inside 20 saw them pick up Darcy Wilmot ($139,800 DEF), an exciting rebounding defender, and Kai Lohmann ($121,800 FWD), who people were surprised to see picked up that early but is an exciting athletic forward who we could see at some point throughout the season.

James Tunstill ($117,300 MID) was another surprise selection but is a classy big bodied midfielder who will have his work cut out for him fighting for a spot in the Lions already strong midfield unit, so he’s more likely to be seen later in the year, if at all.

While Darcy Fort ($307,900 RUC) has also come in to assist in the absence of Eric Hipwood, so he’ll have no issues getting early games in the Lions’ 22. No idea how he’ll impact Oscar McInerney ($509,600 RUC), but he’s been brought in to play as a key forward so you’d think any impact would be minor.


Jarryd Lyons ($640,100 MID)

Mr Consistent went 10 games without scoring under 100 and only went under triple figures three times for the entire season, but positively never went below 80 points with 81 being his lowest return. He’s averaged over 110 two seasons in a row now and is still flying under the radar, but people need to realise he won’t cop a tag given the other names in the Lions midfield, but he’s a ball magnet and rarely wastes a disposal. Brisbane are trying to take their game to a new level this season so I wouldn’t be surprised to see him take the game on a bit more. Lock him in.


Zac Bailey ($459,900 FWD/MID)

This guy gets better every season, and as the 2021 season went on, he was catching fire. He turns 23 this year, and is about to enter the prime of his career. We saw glimpses of his scoring potential with 10 scores of 90 or better last season, and with a little more consistency he’s a lock in SuperCoach, especially with his dual-position status. One to watch.


Lachie Neale ($543,200 MID)

A fire has been lit under Lachie Neale after the talks of him wanting to leave. Could he return to his Brownlow winning form? Well, he’ll be wanting to prove he’s still happy at the Lions, and by the looks of the pre-season footage on social media he looks happy, healthy and in ripping shape. If he can keep his body healthy all year, there’s no reason he couldn’t easily surpass a 110 average.


Darcy Wilmot ($139,800 DEF)

Darcy will have his work cut out for him fighting for that big gaping hole Birchall has left behind, but what works in his favour is that his pace is something Brisbane’s defence has been lacking. I don’t know if he’ll play from round one, but I’m fairly confident he’ll get a chance at some point and will stay in as long as he’s working out. Noah Answerth ($246,800 DEF), James Madden ($310,300 DEF) and even Keidean Coleman ($263,200 DEF/FWD) are also fighting for the position though so anything is possible.


Jarrod Berry ($268,500 MID)

Now, I love Berry, but he’s essentially a Swiss Army Knife. He can play anywhere, and so his role is never locked in. He can play wing, forward, midfield and while that’s great for the team, it’s not good for SuperCoach. Cam Rayner ($278,600 FWD) is coming back from his knee injury and will likely play an expanded role in the midfield, which means someone misses out. My guess is Berry…Berry is a good set shot, a good overhead mark and 192cm, so while he’s not as tall as him he’s a good chance to be used to help fill that Eric Hipwood role up forward alongside Daniher and McStay, and will likely stay in a forward/wing position as Brisbane rotate a few more players through that midfield.

Thanks Zac! You can follow Zac on Twitter here. He’s always up for a good joke, and loves his sport.

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Great writeup! Bailey Breakout 2022!


lock it in!


Bailey is one I have had my eye on for a few years now .Like Answerth ,they love the ball in his hands. Lyons is a definite as is Neale at that price .Great job and congrats on your rank NDD


Hey mate, if you were picking a guy around his price eg: Thomas, Butters or Bailey, which one would you pick? I’m thinking maybe even 2 of those 3 might be the go.


What a good choice mate.IN order for supercoach Thomas Bailey then Butters but I won’t have any .They all have baggage . After spending plenty of time on midpricers this year I see only one who could become a premo. Rarely misses a game takes kickouts and is the team’s best kick , ready after 3 years probably guaranteed mid 80.s average Derek’s love child .The 3 you mentioned could all be great stepping stones ready for the BYE cull but will they knock out 90.s regularly ? LUKOSIOUS is my only mid pricer and has the all important DPP. 13 PREMS PLUS LUKOSIOUS Plenty of good rooks this year Daics looks the best for mine cheers mate NDD


I read somewhere that Lukosious might be playing more forward this year so I’ll wait and see on him, Thomas for me is probs the best prospect of those 3, reckon I’ll have to start one of em…LOL, just can’t resist the odd midpricer 🙂


Think he is more value running thru the defence Russty but that would kill him for me .Think I would then go Ward and Horne.what a great name eh


Lock if he gets the kickin duties


Well spotted Neil. Even though I can’t spell his name, he is in my first draft team.

So is Mills my other love child.


I’ve got a bit of a dilemma in our keeper draft league Derek, Heppell, Dale, Hall and Hind were all either forwards or mids last season, now all are in defence!
I’m 2 decent forwards short now.

Marto from Bonbeach

Greats stuff Damo. Lachie Neale at that price is locked away in the guts for me.


It was all Zac! I asked and he delivered.


Neale at that price shouldn’t leave my team all preseason

Seeker 11

This is an excellent write up! Can you start Lyons & Neale, though ( I want to)?


Oh 100% you can


I reckon you can, they dont really take points from eachother.


Was it injury or role changes that killed Berry’s average last season? I reckon you could make 200k on him.


Hey mate, bit of both honestly but has been dealt with alot of injurys over the last few years and didnt seem to have the fitness last year to run through the midfield alot,
That being said i dont know where his best fit with the team is anymore, could be wing with robbo getting older, could be that extra medium sized tall who can take a pack mark and kick goals when players like rayner and linc go into the mid,
He also can play a tagging role when needed but Dev had that role locked down last season
Another thing is Dev came in played berrys role last year maybe even better than berry had been playing it, can be in and under and outside plus a tagging option
It leaves berry’s role completely unknown, could wait and see in the pre season games but im not confident in him having just 1 role


Doesn’t need much to make some coin tho but maybe I’ll wait and see on rooks.