2022 Pocket Profile: Fremantle Dockers

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The Fremantle Football Club is coming off what could be one of the best drafts in the clubs recent history. Managing to obtain Neil Erasmus ($166,800 MID) and Matthew Johnson ($117,300 MID) is an absolute win for the Dockers, and could quite possibly take over the reigns Fyfe and Mundy eventually leave behind, and the hole already available from Adam Cerra’s departure. The acquisition of Will Brodie ($224,300 MID/FWD) from Gold Coast Suns will offset the loss of Adam Cerra, too.

Luke Ryan ($540,300 DEF) poses an interesting debate with Hayden Young ($418,400 DEF), Heath Chapman ($275,200 DEF) and now Jordan Clark ($338,200 MID) at the club, Ryan may resume his role as a lockdown-ish key-ish defender with the aforementioned three taking the rebound and playmaking role off him, but until we get more clarity on what the Dockers now stacked defence will look like for 2022, it’s hard to put faith in anyone. At least for now. However, Young does have the capabilities to breakout and showed late in the season with an average of 89.6 over the final five games (three scores of 94 or better) what kind of player he could be.

And we still have no idea what the Forward line will look like or how it may function now that highly rated assistant Jaymie Graham is now in charge.


Andrew Brayshaw ($584,300 MID)

First it was the Breakout, now it’s time for the young Dockers midfielder to cement himself as SuperCoach royalty. Averaged 107.3 for the year, and 117.1 after the Dockers bye. He’ll have a huge role in that midfield with Nat Fyfe battling to get back after his shoulder mishap and David Mundy ($542,300 MID) aging. I think he will form a formidable partnership with Caleb Serong and the other midfielders the Fremantle Football Club have brought into the building.


Sean Darcy ($642,600 RUC)

As long as the man affectionately known as “Hodor” can stay fit, he could give Grundy and Gawn a run for their money as top ruckmen in 2022. Averaged 118 in 2021, with only 3 scores below 90 for the season. I’ve kind of cheated putting him in the breakout category, but I think he’ll breakout as a lockable asset. The breakout is largely completed from a performance point of view.


Caleb Serong ($451,000 MID)

For similar reasons mentioned for Brayshaw, Caleb Serong could have a massive year next to Andy in that Dockers’ midfield. Had a slow start in 2021 in SuperCoach terms, but averaged 92.6 after the Dockers bye. He’d need to add about 10-15 points onto that to late average to be a viable selection but he may be one we consider as a finishing touch to our teams late in the season


Nathan O’Driscoll ($123,900 DEF/MID)

I could’ve gone with either of the midfielders Dockers’ selected at the most recent draft, or the perennial rookie tease in Luke Valente ($123,900 MID), but “Noddy” has come back in ripping shape for the Dockers. Looks visibly stronger, fitter and may force himself ahead of Erasmus and Johnson in the pecking order to begin the season. Has the ability to play tall and small in defence, and can also tackle his way to massive numbers through the middle. Probably starts plying his trade through the middle or on the wing, but it will be part of a rotation and he could find himself starting in various positions throughout a game.


Nat Fyfe ($546,500 MID)

My goodness me, I never thought in a million years I’d be putting this beautiful man in this category but with his shoulder issues in the off-season and the fact that he’s lost a bit of his muscle, he could be one that takes more an outside role upon return to the line-up. He was quite athletic and wonderfully so in his early years at Fremantle so perhaps a slim down will be good for him, but as for his fitness he’s coming from a long way back.

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Jack Katos

Great list! Cant wait for this season, as fairly new player, I very much rely on list like such above, so i appreciate it a lot and i’m sure others feel the same way, quick question, what is your opinion on having Brayshaw and Serong together on a team? I cant pick between them


Great stuff thanks Damo, plenty of interesting options at Freo this year, I’d love to start Hodor but don’t know if I have the stones, hopefully we see O’Driscoll and Erasmus in the pre-season hitouts, cheers mate.


I can’t pick Hodor, nothing can make me


Yeah you’re probably right, he still needs to prove his consistency, you going for any bargain Rucks this year Derek?


The good old days when Fyfe was my first picked


Take me back!


Fyfe shoulder. It has an off and on season. Shame.


Valente hung up the boots already. At the moment Darcy Tucker is playing the midfield role that you earmarked O’Driscoll for, maybe O’driscoll gets tuckers role or maybe that goes to clark, big questions there.
AFL Traders stated that Serongs lower scores pre bye were primarily due to lower game times and when his TOG increased so did his scores. I checked this on AFL stats and its basically bullshit. Serong had 74% TOG before the byes and 77% TOG after the byes.
In rounds 9,10 he played 80% TOG and scored 73 & 65
In rounds 1 & 2 he played 73% & 72% and scored 101 & 93
So, time on ground seems to have stuff all to do with how well Serong scores
The big kick to his post bye ave (which had 4 less games than pre bye) was his final 3 games where he averaged 117.6 and his last 5 he averaged 107.6
rnd 19 103 – 83% TOG
rnd 20  82 – 66% TOG
rnd 21 115 – 77% TOG
rnd 22 135 – 81% TOG
rnd 23 103 – 74% TOG
It is possible than round 19 is about the time that Freo accepted that Cerra was definately leaving and Serongs role changed a bit.
The final 5 game 107.6 ave would price him at $585k – 130k more than current price
His final 3 games ave of 117.6 would price him at $640k – 190k more than his current price

I am banking on him making the final 5 game average before his bye by which time he will have made 130k and be upgrade-able to one of the top 8 mids that I don’t have