JR Team Picker 2022

Published by Azza on

Azza has been amazing and has put together an amazing team picker with all the new prices and positions for 2022

If you have the means to subscribe to SuperCoach Plus, there are some great features which we highly recommend. It’s only 24.95 annually, and gives you important stats, projections, and expert articles throughout the season.

Highly recommended and you can subscribe here.

Otherwise you can download our excel based team picker from this link here.

Download the 2022 JR Team Picker right here, and get planning for 2022!

The link is READ ONLY, to use you need to go to the File menu and Make a Copy to edit in Google Docs. After that you can then fill with your desired team.

If there are any issues please let us know and they will get fixed ASAP.

And make sure you thank Azza with a coffee (@azzajewell on Twitter) for this amazing Team Picker

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Hey guys, just updated the instructions on how to use the spreadsheet.

You don’t need to request access. The original is READ ONLY, to use you need to go to the File menu and “Make a Copy” to edit in Google Docs. After that you can fill with your desired team, or download to use in Excel.

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I think this currently links to the 2021 team picker instead of the 2022 one


It’s been fixed now. Thanks mate!


Is there a recent prediction of teams best 22 anywhere someone has seen? Usually there is a few floating around by this time, I can’t seem to find it. Thanks 👍


Hi Nic, there’s this article on the AFL website from Oct last year…

Your club’s best 22 in 2022: Who’s in, who’s out, who’s new

With the Trade Period over, here’s your team’s best line-up for next year


How do I edit please?


Hey Ian. Once in Google Docs you can choose File and then either Make a Copy to open a new editable copy for yourself while in Google Docs, or you can choose Download to grab an Excel readable file which you can edit from the desktop.


Hmmm … I downloaded it and opened it in Excel. Still not editable.


Cheers mate!


You got it? I’ve just done some investigating. Turns out you need to make a copy in the file menu on Google Docs before you can download to use in Excel.


Happy 2022 everyone!
Let’s leave 21 in the rear vision mirror. Look forward to 2022 and what it may bring.
Pickers out.
A bit of everything in this lot. Bargains, traps, pre season flyers, expensive rolled gold guns, dear and cheap rooks. The whole shooting match.
So I had a bit of a look and at first glance what’s everyone’s thoughts on #1 From the good and #4 from the pies. Thinking of starting both.
What are you guys thinking?
Good to be back, let’s roll…..


Assume you’re talking about Jason Horne-Francis and Nick Daicos? At this stage, I believe I’ll be starting both unless there is a compelling reason not to.

David C

I have Daicos at the moment. He is training in a fantasy friendly role off halfback. Bit worried about JHF, he has been marked to play a forward role. Greenwood comes into that midfield and North ran Thomas through there late last year with some success. Add to that the 2 high midfield draft picks from last year (Powell and Phillips) only got limited mid minutes in their first season, this points to JHF getting limited mid minutes this season. Watch preseason I guess.


Yeah, that North midfield will be stacked and going for a Josh Ward or something could open up an opportunity to turn a 123k guy into a Neil Erasmus or a Dylan Stephens who are likely to get more opportunities to play on ball.

We are in January though so this rookie talk is very, very premature.