JRBBL | BBL11, Ready for Take-off!

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Damo is joined by Azza and Dyl as they run through each game for Round 1 of the SuperCoach BBL season.

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Of the non-double game players
I think I can have 2 of either Maxwell, Sams, Khan & Short

looking at Maxwell and Khan because they have a double week very soon.

I know Sams & Short are must haves and he will be in my team very soon

how many 6ers and Heat players first round, is 8 too many?


I think SAMS is a must have with Maxwell and Khan I went with 7 I think 4 is one too many Heat players Short warrants a ton of thought as does Wade Tough game Derek . THERE is still a spot for you Trigg


I have 4 Sixers & 3 Heat,with also 2 Strikers for R2 who have a double game