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Don’t miss out on the ultimate Supercoach BBL group, join ours today!

GROUP CODE: 848202

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Drop your own league codes below and don’t forget to add Damo & Azza as expert additions to your league!



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Hi fellas,

had a first crack at a team, any suggestions, particularly regarding which players might be missing.
Phillipee (Gilks)
Lynn, Pierson, Stoinis, Hughes, Finch (Neilson, Kann)

Mujeeb, Curran, Christian, Khan, Wildermuth (Renshaw, Williams)

$11k left

the bowling bench might need some work

starting with 4 each from 6ers & Heat for Double round week 1 and 3 from Adelaide for double round 2 (is Renshaw available?)


Pretty much what most will go for though I opted for Short for Wildermouth — Neilson KHAN and Renshaw appeal for R2


i’ve been flicking a few players around.

have Maxy instead of Stoinis now

Tom Cooper over Pierson (give the old blokes a go)

Not sure if Renshaw will play round 2.

Not much else has changed in my team.


Lek, Derek & Neil, I have 3 spots in a my league if you want to join, I’ve created it with 7 of the so called experts including Damo & Azza
The FIGJAM 11 – 576475


Correction – 576415


Thanks dbb
I’ve played the last 3 years but never really kept up with the matches.

I’ll have a decent crack this year


Im in dbb


No worries, please enter in now – 576415 ,I kicked someone out not long ago , 1 spot left that was for Lek but he didn’t submit


im in

Stoinis the crows πŸ™‚


Care to join red and blue league TRIG easy to boot warney or another celeb I will publish the code below


478507 TRIG red and blue


Full mate but if ya wanna boot someone I’m in.


Hey Derek,
Thanks for stopping by!
Looking at your team, you’ve definitely given yourself the right platform by targeting those players with DGR in Rd 1, and setting yourself up for Strikers DGR in Rd 2, love that. Just be aware that Heat do have the bye in R2, and you only have 3 trades per round.
Renshaw wont be available until Round 4 as he’s been selected for the Aus A squad which rules him out for the first two rounds, plus the Strikers bye in R3. You could opt to use him as an early loophole, but you’re better looking at Rogers, Fraser-McGurk, or Matt Short for early cash generation.
Like the Nielsen pick especially if Carey is named as Paine’s replacement in the Ashes squad, that should ensure Neilson plays the majority of the season as Striker’s wicketkeeper.
Just keep an eye on Finch as well, he is a watch and see at the moment as he unfortunately suffered a knee injury recently that is hampering his chances at making R1. If Finch is out, then you could opt for Nielsen on field, or pick another cheap rookie instead and wait until Finch is named to bring him in.
Players that you don’t currently have that you could look at would be: Glenn Maxwell, Chris Jordan and/or Matthew Wade, but overall its a great looking side, and I wish you all the best of luck in the upcoming season!


thanks Azza,

my first draft, the first two players i picked were Maxwell & Wade. As i studied the double game weeks i changed it around, however Maxwell is back in my team now.

i might be a bit too much focused on the early double game weeks, especially as Heat, Adelaide & Stars have a bye straight after their double.

a couple of questions:

Jordon vs Christian (save $36k)

Bartlett vs Wildermuth – round 1 only option (save $60k)

those two let me turn Finch into Wade.


Phillipee (Gilkes)

Maxwell, Lynn, Wade, Hughes, Neilson (Finch, Kann)

Mujeeb, Curran, Christian, Khan, Bartlett (Sully, Johnson)

$13k left

this team looks a bit better, can hold Finch on bench if he injured. Not sure if Bartlett is a good option. He will only be a round 1 pick anyway. My bowling bench is a disaster.