JR Phantom Draft 2021

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With the draft getting underway on Wednesday night, it’s become a JR tradition to have a phantom draft with resident draft enthusiasts, Azza, Patch and Damo.

We had divided the selections up with each of us selecting for six teams:

Patch – North Melbourne, GWS, Richmond, Carlton, Port Adelaide, St Kilda
Azza – Gold Coast, Fremantle, Melbourne, Geelong, Brisbane, Western Bulldogs
Damo – Essendon, Sydney, Hawthorn, Adelaide, West Coast, Collingwood

Round 1

The first round started as expected with Patch as North Melbourne selecting Jason Horne-Francis. Patch also had GWS and perhaps the first curveball of the night was that he bid on Sam Darcy instead of Nick Daicos at 2. Both were eventually bid on and matched though, with GWS eventually selecting Finn Callaghan at 4.

Gold Coast’s draft plans must’ve changed in Azza’s eyes because he then selects Josh Ward, a slight bolter but makes sense given that Suns have just recently lost Hugh Greenwood.

Damo was next with Adelaide and then Hawthorn. He selected Josh Rachele for Adelaide and then for Hawthorn he selected Neil Erasmus which created a domino effect.

Azza had Fremantle, they were off-limits to Damo, he selected Jye Amiss after a lot of deliberation between himself, and then after Patch as Richmond selected Mac Andrew, he then entered trade discussions with Patch looking for Richmond’s Pick 17 and 26, plus later unspecified picks which would’ve been swapped to even it up in a real scenario. Damo didn’t want it, but that didn’t matter. Azza did the trade anyway. Patch as Richmond now had Pick 10.

Pick 10 became Ben Hobbs. Damo was crying. Azza was laughing. Patch was trying to console Damo, while revelling in Azza’s seminal victory.

Saints picked up slider Josh Gibcus, who probably is a good fit for them anyway so Saints fans should be happy for the moment with that. Damo as West Coast select local midfielder Matt Johnson and then Essendon look over a few to select Josh Sinn, who 12 months ago was in the number 1 pick conversation.

Port Adelaide select Nasiah Wanganeen-Milera to keep the Wanganeen name at the club, while also keeping the impressive winger in his home state.

Patch as the Giants, with their need for key position players, take Jacob Van Rooyen. Probably at the top of his range but still a very good selection considering who was next on the board.

Fremantle then trade with Brisbane, swapping positions, to select Josh Goater. Now Brisbane selecting for the first time pick up rebounding half-back Darcy Wilmot.

Sydney makes no friends at St Kilda selecting Mitchito Owens, a Saints NGA player. Saints can’t match though because it’s in the first 20 selections.

Rounding out the first round Brisbane select Sam Butler, and Melbourne select Mitch Knevitt.

Round 2

The second round went a little more to script with not a lot of surprises, and no more trades agreed to. Although we did somewhat agree at the beginning of the livestream that trading would more likely happen late in the first round, or not at all until round 2.

Fremantle had offers for Pick 21, but none were followed through and Azza selected Tyler Sonsie. Damo wasn’t happy, but conceded after the broadcast that it was probably a good selection.

North Melbourne take Jesse Motlop off the board, and Hawks get in before Geelong to nab Rhett Bazzo to partner Denver Grainger-Barras for the next 8-10 years.

Geelong pick up another ruckmen in Toby Conway.

Hawthorn select Arlo Draper with the next selection at 25 as a “how did he slide this far” kind of selection, but comparisons to Chad Wingard help the cause.

Carlton are on the board with Judson Clarke, a great selection for them that will compliment their other off-season additions.

Fremantle, with their fourth and probably final selection of the national draft, select Jack Williams.

Richmond bid on GWS Academy player Josh Fahey after selecting Zac Taylor. Giants match Tigers bid, so Tigers then select Blake Howes at 30.

WCE bid on Marcus Windhager before taking local lad Corey Warner, another local boy to help rejuvenate their list.

Damo realises that Campbell Chesser has slide to pick 36 so jumps on him right there and then, then the final selection of the night Azza does similarly for Melbourne with Matthew Roberts.

How did we do? Who do you want your club to pick up?

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As a Tiger man, we would be very happy to land Hobbs, not sure about Andrew though


Hard to see who the premiers will choose not having an obvious weakness and at least 10 bona fide replacements across all lines I would look to shore up the next ruck to partner Jackson down the track Knevitt is a solid choice but Toby Conway makes more sense considering they now only have Majak as a backup NDD


Hi Neil, how are you feeling about Petracca next season as a starter in Supercoach over Clarry or could you start both? hope your blokes can back up the greatness and not be flash in the pans like the Saints were with their lucky win in 1966.
Bulldogs could’ve backed up if they had some kind of decent forward line.
Tigers’ run is over I feel…time for a rebuild soon.
I’m looking forward to a season…not affected by Covid-19, hope you’re well mate.

Last edited 8 months ago by Russty_

Good to hear from you mate. The DEES can well and truly back it up . They have cover on all lines and not just fill jn KENTS.– Weiddeman joel smith Tomlinson melksham Hunt Baker are all very good players Our depth is strong The biggest improvement has been kicking Clarry Gawn Viney have all improved thanks to Choco and Stafford. Put this with some of the games best kicks ,SALEM MAY BOWIE WEIDEMAN RIVERS and Petracca and you have a monster team How good would the Saints be though mate with Petracca and Bontepelli — Marshall and Ryder are real class and your spine is good so it’s not all gloom The finals are in reach and the saints are well coached .Hope they go well for all saint supporters just not against the dees Cheers mate


Looking forward to another strong year from the Dees, it’s been a long time coming, I don’t hold out a lot of hope for the Saints, just not enough genuine stars in the team, Nas Wanganeen-Milera looks a good prospect, uses it pretty well so hopefully he gets a run. You must be stoked at how well Luke Jackson’s come along, what a great backup for Gawny and he’s a very useful forward option as well.


just like Marshall ,eh


Geelong chooses a brownlow medalist Alister Lord well done fellas Hedski would love that