JRBBL | Incomplete Rosters Makes Planning Difficult

Published by Damo on

Damo had Azza last week to discuss first drafts, cheapies and expensive players, this week it was Dyl’s turn to do the same. They also looked at how rosters are shaping up, as well as potential hurdles that makes forward planning all the more important.

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Does anyone have any leagues to join ?

Demons Delight

478507 Red & blue champs – DBB what else eh All welcome early days damo lek azza dyl and the crew give it a crack fellas Be like MAX and win the red & blue cup NDD


I’m in mate, cheers

Demons Delight

Great to have you on board Paul Starts week 2 cheers good luck


Big Congratulations to your team NDD. I was well and truely on the bandwagon

i Love my cricket, hope you don’t mind if I jump into your league for BBL

Demons Delight

pleasure to compete against you derek I also love the cricket and rugby Next year for the mighty EELS


i’ve been a life long Sharkies supporter, that’s why i moved to the Shire when i came to Sydney. 2016 finally!


EEls were absolutely robbed this year and had storms measure I really should be celebrating a double The PM is an avid Shark supporter


Just sent you a join league request. Had you in a couple of my leagues last year. Hope you’re still celebrating the Dees big win.


great to se you again Jess early days but agar might be worth a look


no stopping the red and blue– now a demon sorry melbourne cup in red and blue


Jolly Jels have joined, feel free to boot me out if you have the space reserved for others.


great to have you on board

Demons Delight

Russty and Gator welcome to join in guys great fill in till the footy Neil


Thanks mate but unfortunately I don’t have time again this year, hope you have a good bbl season bud, hey how about that toolbag Degoey? Can’t blame him for partying in NYC but keep your hands off the merchandise dumbass lol.


International selection headaches. I’ve got more people on my watchlist than ASIO.


Hey Fellas.Thanks for the podcast. Not a lot of content for BBL. Appreciate your work.
Agar seems a steal for 89k? Ussie same for 93. Mrs Marsh for 100ish.Worth bench spots to save trades if selected for Oz? Midprice madness!
Thoughts on Fraser McGurk, Harvey, Gilkes, Edwards and Pope. Who is most likely to breakout?