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GAWN in 60 seconds.  

That is pretty much what happened, one amazing minute of football meant that Melbourne got the belief they could win the Grand Final and the doggies realized it was slipping from their grasp. Both sides played some scintillating footy in the first half with the Demons bolting out of the gate only to be headed and overtaken by the Dogs in the second quarter. With 1 minute to go in the 3rd quarter the Demons were only a goal in front, so it was anyone’s game. That last minute was jaw dropping stuff! 

This final series has been about Gawn especially the prelim but this last minute in the 3rd it was all about the up and comer in Jackson, the local boy who put on a display of tapwork to behold. He just seemed to jump over English and the demon mids were waiting with open arms to charge out of the middle.  First of all, my boy TRAC found himself loose in the pocket with the ball squirting over the top. He summed up his options and decided to dribble through a goal that the macadamia marvel would be proud of! Receiving the highest of praise a combo of daicos and dusty. That a damn fine mix. This got the crowd up and about. Roaring.  47secs left. Jackson tap out, trac, oliver, pass lace out to a leading forward –  goal. That’s 2! 19 secs left. Jackson taps to clarry steams out the middle kicks goal from 50, Big mac with a shepherd on the line. BANG, BANG, BANG. 

Game over. The last quarter was just a procession as Melbourne kicked goal after goal (they did kick 10 in a row), and doggies just wished for the game to end.  

Well done Melbourne – a 57-year drought broken in emphatic fashion! 

That’s along time between drinks – drink up lads. 

Melbourne supporters rejoiced around the globe with our own NDD leading the celebrations.  

Pity Simon Goodwin didn’t get a say but he did enjoy a good win. Did Baz forget to say Simon Says? 

So, all that is left now is what happened in the Happy Ending? 

In the Grand Final there was the added bonus of selecting the Norm Smith. 

The Norm Smith was Christian Petracca with a record 40 disposals! 

You bloody rippa Trac. I knew you wouldn’t let me down. 

 Well, done to those teams who selected him as it was an extra 160 points to your total. Refer below to see what this means. 

Grand Final 

Russty saved his best for last scoring a very impressive 1,317 who was closely followed by Chartomben only 4 points behind. Gawn was 3rd, Mighty Meerkats continued their impressive finish to the season, Rather fittingly Demon Delights rounded out the top 5.  

The top 5 can be found below: 

Chart, bar chart

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However, when you add Trac’s score of 160 this changes the landscape. 

8 teams correctly selected Trac which added an extra 160 to their scores.  

So, with the norm smith bonus points the top 5 for the grand final were: 

Chartomben, Gawn, MeerKats, TeamJP and Party Pies all of which selected Trac.  

These can be seen on the graph below.: 

Chart, bar chart

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So, was this enough for Chartomben to clinch the Happy Ending Final series? 

After 4 round of the finals the top 5 were: 

Chart, bar chart

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The winner of the Happy Ending Final Series was – Gawn in 60 seconds finishing on 6,090 points! 

Mighty MeerKats finished on 5,914 points – after a slow start came roaring home to clinch the silver medal.  

Chartomben took out the bronze on 5,880 points putting up very consistent scores all final series 

All the top 5 picked TRAC as the nom smith so goes to show it pays to get that selection right. 

So how did GAWN in 60 seconds win? 

Well, it comes down to round 1 and two midfield selections. 

The table below tells the story. Both team selections for Rd 1. 


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Gawn selected Parish and Neale who had a day out and scored 317 points between them 

MeerKats selected Kelly and Lyons who scored 178. 

Gawn selected Rich as captain and MeerKats selected Lloyd. 

The difference in points scored for these 3 choices is 170 points which is pretty much the winning margin.  

Didn’t Danger have an ordinary final series. 

So, in the end it comes down to the choices we make and lady luck. 

Thanks for playing hope you enjoyed the HAPPY ENDING I know I did.  

Get on TRAC for Charlie in 2022. 

Gone to my HAPPY place be back in a few …. 

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Well done Trigga man for taking out the title back to back, we all appreciate the effort you make to run this each post SC season, lesson learned for me this year was, make sure you get your week 1 team right cause that’s the one with the most players, I was well behind the 8-Ball after week 1 but managed to make up some spots to at least make the top 15.
Enjoy your Summer mate and I’ll catch ya in the next pre-season 🙂


Hey Russty maybe you can tell me why they dumped Luke Dunstan ,just doesnt add up. The old fella from Colac usually knows these things but he takes a beauty nap now a very very long one


Hey mate, he said in an interview a few weeks ago he was feeling stale at the Saints and also thought Ratts didn’t rate him very highly. He’d played some pretty good footy in his 12 games back and then he got dropped for the final game and was pretty disappointed. He just wants a fresh start and he’s found a good home at the Dees, although he might struggle to get a game in that midfield?…lol


thx mate


Great to see all the Gawns and Trac;s coming thru again As always enjoyed the Happy Ending almost as much as a Dees G F win Congrats Trac on your win.,you now become the hunted.It takes a lot of time and effort to do this Scotty and we all appreciate it a lot. Like my wonderful Dees only upwards for The Demons Delights unfortunately big Max take a well earnt rest Jacko has made you a liabilty,welcome Darcy. Had the great pleasure to watch the game with the last DEE premiership CHF who told me many many times he booted two goals that got longer out as the game increased As he said ‘i can now leave this planet satisfied’ I agree but not till i get to top 100 supercoach Good to see Kat do so well in both formats and thanks to the Saints for one of my favourite players Dunstan Chocco will straighten him up with his disposal just as he did with Max and Clarry Keep safe NDD


Thanks Trigga for putting this together. Was great fun and I’m pretty stoked to have come runner up overall. Had a shocker the first week (was like I was trying to pick the lowest scores not the highest) so was pretty hard to catch up but very happy with 2nd. GF was a great watch and was pleased to see your Demons do so well, thought they were in trouble at the start of the 3rd but they motored home. Hopefully, its now the Saints turn to end their drought but I won’t be holding my breath. Looking forward to 2022 and another SC season