Key SuperCoach Performances – Finals, Week 1

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The 2022 pre-season starts now.

You think I’m joking but I’m not. Players like to hit the straps in the finals, and there’s little moments that usually lasts in our minds the longest, whether it be that goal that won the game or that kick into the forward 50 at the 8 minute mark of the second quarter.

Picking your 2022 team feels like an easy task now, but once prices are revealed, it’s better to keep all options open.

Port Adelaide 12.14.86 def Geelong 5.13.43

Port Adelaide’s ball use and ability to set up behind the play was the key to winning here. Power showed the Cats who’s house it was at Adelaide Oval and thrashed the Cats to win by 43 points. Ollie Wines and Travis Boak pumped out a 114 and 119 respectively, while Aliir Aliir intercepted everything that came his way to finish on 108. Zak Butters will be another who we consider for our forward lines, assuming he remains available there, with 85 points. Xavier Duursma was incredible on the outside finishing with 24 disposals for 105 points.

Geelong are dearly missing Tom Stewart, not a lot of notable performances to speak of as Chris Scott appeared to be going through the phone book trying to find someone who could play his role. Mitch Duncan, however, would’ve pretty much locked himself in most starting sides in 2022, especially if as expected he gains forward eligibility. He finished on 122 from 33 disposal, 13 marks and 545 metres gained.

Sydney 10.13.73 def by GWS Giants 11.8.74

Giants knocked out Swans in what was a thriller in Tasmania. Harry Perryman continues to put his name in the spotlight with 132 points from 29 disposals and 729 metres gained. He is now averaging 102.8 over his last 5 games, and every chance he could gain defender status and be a tempting proposition for us next season. Shane Mumford finished with 134 points and Jacob Hopper was the only other Giant to crack the ton with a 101.

For the Swans, Luke Parker put together a vintage performance with 112 points from 34 disposals, while Tom Hickey and Isaac Heeney finished on 111 and 106 points, respectively. Jake Lloyd was followed around by Matt de Boer but still managed to finish on 87 points after finding the ball 21 times, and George Hewett laid 13 tackles and finished on 108.

Melbourne 13.15.93 def Brisbane Lions 9.6.60

Melbourne defeated the Lions quite convincingly in the end, but the Lions did test them at times in what was a very good contest despite the score line suggesting otherwise. Clayton Oliver showed us why he’s one of the favourites to win the Brownlow with one of the best performances from him for the season, his pin point kicking a clear standout. He finished on 165 from 33 disposals (18 contested) and a goal. Christian Petracca finished on 110, and Max Gawn managed to get to 102 after being on 2 points at quarter time.

Brisbane’s structure was thrown out of whack very early with Daniel McStay having to be subbed out with concussion just minutes into the game. It’s good to see Lachie Neale playing like he did in his Brownlow Medal year, finishing on 165 from 46 disposals, and he will be cheap to start in 2022. He will be a very popular pick at projected around 536k. Daniel Rich did Daniel Rich things and finished on 118 points, while Charlie Cameron finished on 97 after kicking 5.1 for the game. Oscar McInerney threw another ruck spanner into the works and finished on 127 points, he has averaged 112.1 since the Lions bye. Hugh McCluggage finished on 110, will 2022 be the year he takes the next step to be a real SuperCoach option?

Western Bulldogs 13.7.85 def Essendon 4.12.36

It was a tight affair to half time, with Essendon unlucky to be behind at the main break, but Bulldogs kicked 8.3 after half time to 0.5 to claim victory. The usual names did their usual thing with Jack Macrae finishing on 139 and Marcus Bontempelli finishing on 115. Tom Liberatore was a standout performer finding the ball 35 times to get to 122 points, and Tim English stood tall to finish on 92.

The man that will divide people in 2022, Darcy Parish, was on 112 at half time. He finished on 169 points from 35 disposals and 698 metres gained. Jordan Ridley finished on 134 points, while Zach Merrett pushed himself to 106 from 31 possessions. Sam Draper hustled and bustled to 119 points, and looked dangerous doing it with 18 disposals, 44 hitouts and 407 metres gained. Let’s talk about Jye Caldwell, had a really strong first half with 50 points at the main break, but he faded away in the second half only reaching 63 points. Highlighting him because this is one of those “consider all options” kind of things.

Who’s performance stood out for you this weekend?

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The Big O has kept himself on my watchlist for 2022. The rucks have gone from being clear cut set and forget to murky waters this year.
Heeney keeps reminding us of his class. I keep putting him on, then scratching him off, my never again list. Started with him this year and was a monumental burn. Hard to erase that and be objective with a fresh slate in 2022.
Neale is a tease. At his price he is hard to resist. Is he a bargain, or is he Cripps of 2021?
Lloyd tagged. Didn’t see that coming. Had a serviceable year, but overpaid for him to start. Is he a rebound in 2022, or is he slowly coming down off a high level? Still feels a safe but unspectacular selection in 2022. But can you get the same output at a cheaper price for someone on the rise?
Feels like if you get these calls correct in your starting lineup, you can make or break your year.
Thanks for putting this together. I am sure I am not the only one who has begun their 2022 research!


Nice write up Damo,
I think the Gawndy days are over ,Grundy looked disinterested at times this year, Gawns workload is being shared with Jackson ( Gun ), but there are some excellent Rucks coming through ,Draper, Darcy to name 2


Marshall and English also.


Let’s hope Marshall still get’s a Ruck/ FWD status ?


Nice work Damo and you have done all the heavy lifting for me during the finals. No need for me to review the round its all here. Beauty. 👏

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