Thanks For A Fantastic Season!

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G’day community, Lekdog here.

The season is over and we wanted to say a huge thank you to all for contributing to the site comments, listening to our podcasts and generally just being great.

It’s always tough at this time of the year to keep the content coming but you all make it worthwhile. Hopefully we distracted you all from the…other things…that have been happening in the world.

I want to say thanks to Foz for his Panic Rooms, Damo and Clarky for answering the mail bag questions each week, Statty for his Cheat Sheet, Azza for his impressive dataset and brain, Patch for being a great podcast content provider, Barron for the years of work and his amazing Around the Grounds scouting articles, Dyl for his great input on podcasts/live shows and Kev for being there and enduring our nonsense in the group chat.

I also wanted to thank the OG’s Jock and Higgo who allowed us to takeover this platform a few years ago and keep their community alive and thriving, they know they are always welcome back. This platform has allowed a lot of talented people to get their foot in the door in the sports media industry and that makes me so proud and happy.

I know the website is janky but it’s our little part of the world and we’re glad you are here to share it with us…but if you know how to migrate a podcast from the terrible setup we have here, get in touch, I’d love to upgrade this old girl!

If you’ve enjoyed any of the content this year and feel like sending your favourite contributor a beer, I’ll drop those links below.

We have season wrap content, BBL content, Trade Period content all in the pipeline and maybe a few other fan favourites to come back…JREL anyone?

Anyway, that’s enough from me community. Be safe, enjoy your offseason and keep checking in on the website for new content!

Buy Azza a new calculator!

Buy Barron a pack of cards!

Buy Clarky a 43rd dog!

Buy Damo a David Mundy badge!

Buy Dyl a beer!

Buy Foz another draft application!

For anyone else you’re welcome to chuck in a buck here and it’ll spread out amongst the group!

Love Lek, go Blues.


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Shake n bake

Thanks all, another yr done and dusted. To the jock Reynolds crew thank you. To all the participants in Up there cazaly thank you. For all that let me participate in there league thank you. P.s Neil I’m so on the dees! Good luck buddy.


Thanks for all your colossal efforts boys. Regrets I had a few a few I will mention The main one was trades as per nornal.Second was my starting team mainly premos who were injured Hope to challenge these top coaches next year Thanks Shake pity for the second year in a row you are in my sights aim high like the dees mate congrats to Snake done me cold in the mid season draft,another great initiative of Derek’s.go dees NDD


Thanks JR team for all your unpaid work.. it was very much appreciated.. rest up big in the off season .. looking forward to your pearls of wisdom next year.



There is a saying:

“Let me win, but if I cannot win, let me be brave in the attempt”

Holty was the one to beat and it was going to take some luck and bravery from the challengers to knock off the pre-match favourite.

TEAMJP had it all to do. Was starting the Grand Final with a donut in his defence, thanks to Tom Stewart’s injury. All the Grand Finalists had Tom on the bench, but others were able to find cover from either Briggs or Durham.
This didn’t stop TEAMJP from throwing the VC on the man with the glistening thighs and he went to bed on Friday night dreaming of Ollie Wines and ‘just maybe?’

I had a quick look through the teams Saturday morning, looking for the PODS. The teams looked fairly similar as you would expect from these 4 really good players. Even DeGoey & Aaron Hall were in most teams (what a crazy year 2021 was). However, I did spot a few standout selections that in the end was the difference.

Holty – Miller, Marshall & Neale.
TEAMJP – Wines, Ryan & Whitfield
CHAMPS – Dunkley, Dale & Grundy
Greatfacthunt – Mills, Guthrie & Goldy

Significantly, Holty was the only one WITHOUT the Bont.

In the end it was Holty’s PODs got him home and not Having the Bont who dished up a dismal 67pts. He was also helped by Greatfacthunt & CHAMPS putting their faith in Patrick (no touches in the last quarter) DANGERFIELD and giving his the C to carry. That hurt.

Final Scores:

Holty (2607)
Greatfacthunt (2468)
TEAMJP (2406)
CHAMPS (2379)

A fairly comprehensive and well deserved victory in the end.

Congratulations Holty, did good mate.


All great coaches The cream rises to the top congrats HOLTY NDD


Awesome work again Derek for running this and 🥳🥳🥳


well done mate. you were in a class above this year


Congratulations holty01, great score too. The Champs turned into Chumps. Thanks again Derek. Loved it..


Before everyone heads off on the end-of-season trip, bit of a quick 5 minute survey:

What players did you have for the whole year?

Who was your best starting premium?

Who was your worse starting premium?

Who did you trade out that you should have kept?

When did you run out of trades?

Silverware won in 2021 (league/draft victories)?

First chosen premium in 2022?

Early 2022 smokie?

thanks fellas.


Kept 9 all year (ziebell went out rd 23 and Stewart rd 22, so would have been 11.

worst starting premium – not counting injuries- I think Lloyd over Laird and Heeney
traded out Short for Whitfield for the third bye week. Would have scored more keeping Short
I still had one trade left at the end. Saved trades and put up with rubbish. It meant that getting rid of Bolton etc was going to take 2 trades because I held them so long they were sub 400

first premium will be Oliver I think he’s rolled SC Gold
early Smokey- tarryn thomas, Zac Bailey and Isaac cumming


Sure I’ll play along
players who lasted the distance – trac, zerrett, macrae, gawn, daniel, ziebell, short, laird, zorko
Best starting premo – Macrae
Worst starting premo – Neale
Trade out – tarranto to whitfield or lloyd in rd 22 but did get me into a couple of GF’s but then lloyd cost me a GF win?
Used last trade on lloyd rd 22
Silverware – 4 GF wins, 4 GF runner ups, Draft runner up
1st premo rd 22 – usual suspects Macrae, steele, Clarry or Trac
2020 Smokie – Hayden Young

Before you all head off for the end of season trip keep an eye out for the 2021 SC HAPPY Ending Final series.

The Ranger

Injuries killed me this year so I only managed to keep 6 for the year, Laird, Macrae, Walsh, Oliver, Gawn, Ziebell
Best premo – Hard to go past a 116av from a defender so Laird
Worst premo – I know he’s battled injury but Neale has had a very ordinary year. Sidebum was a terrible pick too.
No real regrets on trade outs, they were all either injured or topped out rookies. N.Cox maybe. Went too early on him.
I ran out of trades after the prelims.
Zero silverware this year.
First premo will be Macrae again (Neale at $474K will be the second pick!)
Early smokie…Rowell


What players did you have for the whole year? I kept 10 from start to finish. Shows how my season was with Ziebell, Cripps and Daniher being there for the whole year. Laird, Lloyd, Daniel, Oliver, Merrett, Cripps, Grundy, Ziebell, Daniher, Fullarton

Who was your best starting premium? Oliver was my first picked.

Who was your worse starting premium? Cripps. I was sucked in by his price.

Who did you trade out that you should have kept? I probably could have kept Flynn and Highmore a bit longer.

When did you run out of trades? I had one trade left in Round 22. However i only had 2 left after round 17 and relied on some bench cover to limp home.

Silverware won in 2021 (league/draft victories)? manged to defend my title in Jocks Jungleland Draft keeper league.

First chosen premium in 2022? If Dunkley is FWD, Tom Mitchell

Early 2022 smokie? Daicos

Cheapies: Coniglio, Sicily, Caldwell, Whitfield, Preuss, Witts, MCrouch, Rayner, Milera, Treloar


Kept 9 players all year Lloyd, Daniel, Stewart, Oliver, Merret, Bont, Taranto, Gawn & Grundy, interestingly not one of my forwards made it to the end. Dunkley was my premo pick at the start.
Best starting premium would have to be Oliver
Worst starting premium was Neale although I did trade him out before losing money and my biggest mistake was picking Caldwell over Ziebell. I liked Caldwells DPP status but not having Ziebell all year cost me dearly in points.
No real regrets in trading out any players (maybe Highmore but got a premo so ??) Maybe biggest trade regret was getting RIdley and Martin at their highest prices and not trading Hunter Clark sooner and so losing money in waiting.
Had one trade left for finals and used it in round 21
No Silverware for me but runner up in A Graders and a terrible ranking 11,936. Took some rookie scores and a donut or two during byes to save trades
Jack Steele will be my first premo picked, very consistent and plays for Saints so can enjoy his scores. Also Oliver and Macrae.
Zac Bailey will be my 2022 smokey, was looking at picking him up all year and paid the price for choosing Sidebottom over him as my last upgrade.

Shake n bake

Laird Short Daniel Ridley Steele Merrett Oliver Nic nat Gawn started Worst Dusty Best premo Nic nat av 116 started over Grundy and played every game!!!! Finished with a 163. Run out of trades last rd brought in stringer for Ziebell. Steele Oliver lock. Smokie Tom Green


What players did you have for the whole year? Macrae, Gawn, Oliver, Merrett, Stewart, Ziebell, Short, Laird, Zorko and Lloyd.
Who was your best starting premium? Zorko
Who was your worse starting premium? Cripps
Who did you trade out that you should have kept? Jordon, Highmore and Koschitske.

When did you run out of trades? Round 19#

Silverware won in 2021 (league/draft victories)? 4 League wins
First chosen premium in 2022? Macrae
Early 2022 smokie? Stringer.


What players did you have for the whole year?
Highmore, Stewart, Ridley, Laird, Oliver, Steele, Ziebell , Martin.
Who was your best starting premium?
Steele, closely followed by Clarry
Who was your worse starting premium?
T.Adams or Cripps.
Who did you trade out that you should have kept?
When did you run out of trades?
Round 20
Silverware won in 2021 (league/draft victories)?
ZILCH < best result was coming runner up to you in Jungleland Draft final losing by 8 points.
First chosen premium in 2022?
Oliver and Steele
Early 2022 smokie?
Tarryn Thomas, some FNG lol


Huge thx for the Survivor League Derek..
10 players for whole year were: Laird, Stewart, Daniel, Short, Macrae, Oliver, Bont, Merrett, Gawn and Ziebell.
Worst Starter: Danger/Martin Combo.. traded Danger to Dusty in R2.
Traded out Daniher in R3.
Used my last 2 trades in R22.
First 2022 Premium will be Steele.
Early Smoke: Jordon Butts


No thank you!
Thanks for all the hard work this year and every year guys.
Articles, pods, insights, expertise amazing well done on feeding the flock for another year.

Sleeveless in Seattle

This was my first year doing super coach, finished in the top 20k which I was pretty happy with. But won both of my grandfinals. And honestly, couldn’t of done it without stumbling onto your website. Now I have bragging rights on the in-laws (especially my partners mum who I beat 4 times including the grand final). Keep up the good work lads.


make sure you join a few of our leagues next year to test your skill.


Great stuff sleeveless, glad you’re taking an interest in it, as Derek said, make sure you get into some leagues next year where they’re filled with players who don’t quit on the season.
Hope you enjoyed your season, I thought maybe there could’ve been a few extra trades dished up but others did well with what we had…I just got hammered by constant injuries.
Keep an eye out on Jock Reynolds within 2 months of the afl season starting and this place will start firing up and spots in competitive leagues offered up.


I really appreciate everyone who contributes into making this site possible


Cheers to Russty (JR-Mega League), Colin (The Rat Pack), John (Holy Grail), Shake (Up There Cazaly) and John JollyJells (Jock Straps) for the invites this year .. thanks guys .. enjoy the break, hope to see you next year ..


Onya Laz, a pleasure to have you in my League mate, I just need to try harder next year to keep up with you guys 🙂


Thanks Lazza, glad you enjoyed the competition in the Jock Straps.
Look out for the invite next season.

Brock (TheAverageSCCoach)

Hey Supercoach Community,
If you have a spare 15 minutes I would love to get your help in filling out a survey about the Supercoach App experience. The survey should take approx 15 minutes to complete, with 15 questions to fill out.
This will be extremely helpful in finding out how the app experience could be improved.
Thanks in advance, and enjoy finals footy!


<a href=””>dwakfna</a>