Around the Grounds – Round 21

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Hello again Community and welcome to another week of Around the Grounds. We’ve got 5 teams lined up for this week, those being GWS, Hawthorn, Melbourne, North Melbourne and Port Adelaide. A lot to go through, so let’s not waste any time and get stuck right into it!


Ryan Angwin (MID, $130,800)

The #18 pick from the most recent draft, standing at 184cms Angwin has had experience playing both up forward and defense. Has good running skills and may very well develop into a nice outside receiver in the midfield, he’s also been compared to Ports Xavier Duursma, which you’d be pretty happy about if he ended up like him.

Ryan AngwinDisposalsKicksHandballsMarksTacklesGoalsBehinds
VS Sydney187112200
VS Footscray11563500
VS Southport11743010
VS Richmond207133200
VS Port Melbourne181357500
VS Aspley15965200
VS Werribee208123300
VS Sydney166102400
VS Casey141041600
VS Gold Coast11652000

He’s been named emergency as late as last week, which would show you that he’s close to making his AFL debut. He hasn’t been a prolific ball winner at VFL level with a season high of just 20 disposals, but he’s also been fairly consistent too, which is probably more of what I’d be looking for in a rookie selection.

VERDICT: Could be an option

Cameron Fleeton (DEF, $117,300)

Fleeton was pick #58 in the 2020 AFL draft and is a tall defender who is still learning a bit on how to take on some of the larger sized AFL forwards. He showed some ability as an intercept marker with the Geelong Falcons, which is a nice way to also perform in Supercoach.

Cameron FleetonDisposalsKicksHandballsMarksTacklesGoalsBehinds
VS Sydney4313100
VS Southport9542000
VS Richmond8444400
VS Port Melbourne9814200
VS Werribee10371400
VS Sydney16795300
VS Casey12573600
VS Brisbane9361000

Fleeton will potentially have the issue a lot of tall defenders do in Supercoach where their limited disposal numbers can potentially impact their Supercoach impact. We’ve seen with guys like Jordon Butts this year how they can on occasion score in the 80 range, but then follow it up with a score in the 30-40 range the next week. While someone like Phil Davis is aging and becoming less reliable health wise the Giants do have a few options to put down back.

VERDICT: Monitor over the pre-season, but suspect Sam Taylor stays ahead of him

Will Shaw (DEF, $102,400)

A small/medium defender added to the Giants list as a Category B rookie, the Giants were able to add him after he wasn’t taken in either of the National or Rookie drafts.

Will ShawDisposalsKicksHandballsMarksTacklesGoalsBehinds
VS Sydney9542100
VS Footscray6422420
VS Southport7522500
VS Richmond14681110
VS Port Melbourne161337200
VS Aspley4311300
VS Werribee7614400
VS Sydney151236510
VS Casey9542200

From how the Giants list manager spoke of him at the time of him being picked up, he’s considered a bit of a longshot, but worth the punt given he hasn’t taken a main list spot, with his speed off half-back listed as a strength. The Giants also have a few guys like Lachie Whitfield and Nick Haynes across half-back too, so not exactly an easy side for someone like Shaw to break into.

VERDICT: Not likely

Jacob Wehr (DEF, $117,300)

A mature-age pickup for the Giants (23 is mature in AFL draft land!), Wehr was a bit of a late bloomer, playing in the reserves for Woodville West-Torrens in the SANFL for a few years, before making the league side in 2020, with the Eagles going on to win the SANFL premiership that year.

Jacob WehrDisposalsKicksHandballsMarksTacklesGoalsBehinds
VS Sydney171253100
VS Footscray181623300
VS Southport271982100
VS Richmond191545200
VS Aspley1717010100
VS Sydney2118312100
VS Casey10823200
VS Gold Coast221754200
VS Brisbane151144300

Wehr works across half-back with good kicking skills, he’s performed well through the year in the VFL, but same issue as Shaw where the Giants have a few guys in the running half-back role already. It is a role that we have seen be quite lucrative at times in Supercoach and he does have a nice kick/handball ratio and has shown he can be prolific in marking the ball too.

VERDICT: Take a look, but unless injuries hit he probably starts in the VFL.


Jackson Callow (FWD, $102,400)

Callow had a bit of a journey the last few years, he played in Tasmania in 2020, wasn’t drafted in either of the 2020 National or Rookie drafts, signed with Norwood in the SANFL, trained with Hawthorn through the pre-season, returned to the SANFL to play with Norwood, was then drafted by Hawthorn in the mid-year draft and has now been playing for the Box Hill Hawks in the VFL.

Jackson CallowDisposalsKicksHandballsMarksTacklesGoalsBehinds
VS Port Adelaide11745122For Norwood
VS Sturt8443110
VS North Adelaide13855101
VS West Adelaide10646210
VS South Adelaide10827112
VS Central Districts171168031
VS Adelaide2417711137
VS WWT10644201
VS Essendon9817220For Hawthorn
VS Aspley161156210
VS Gold Coast13947112
VS Collingwood171258123

There’s one thing that Callow does really well and that’s mark the ball and kick goals. He’s one that’s ahead of his age physically, standing at 195cm and weighing 95kgs, he’s got a simple way of going about it mostly. Reminds me a bit of someone like Darcy Fogarty in that regard. He’s been a bit inaccurate in front of goals at times this year, but that’s just something he’ll need to work on.

VERDICT: The Hawks have a few tall forwards like Mitch Lewis and Jacob Koschitze, but they’re still developing, and Callow could definitely move ahead of one to start 2023. On the watchlist.

Connor Downie (MID, $117,300)

Drafted from the Hawks Next Generation Academy, Downie was actually named in the Round 1 team for the Hawks as the medical sub, but was not activated, however he has officially made his AFL debut because of the AFL are weird and think it makes sense that a player can play in a game he never actually played in.

Connor DownieDisposalsKicksHandballsMarksTacklesGoalsBehinds
VS Casey10643200
VS Sandringham12573400
VS Werribee11561400
VS North Melbourne177102111
VS Carlton161154301
VS Essendon191185100
VS Aspley141042200
VS Gold Coast181264100
VS Collingwood2010103000

Noted for his run and carry ability and kicking penetration, he’s had a consistent VFL season considering the way the VFL schedule has been interrupted so much at times this year. The Hawks will have Sam Mitchell in charge next year and I’m sure he’d be keen to change a few things up. With the Hawks rebuilding their list and with someone like Shaun Burgoyne retiring at the end of the year there could be a spot opening in the Hawks best 22 for him, though he’ll have some competition for that.

VERDICT: Could be an option to start 2022

Harry Pepper (DEF, $123,900)

A category B rookie taken in the 2019 draft, Pepper is a former basketballer who plays as a medium sized defender who was noted for his speed and athleticism.

Harry PepperDisposalsKicksHandballsMarksTacklesGoalsBehinds
VS N/Bullants151231000
VS Werribee121022400
VS North Melbourne14863312
VS Carlton8260210
VS Essendon4130210
VS Gold Coast13673610
VS Collingwood16799211

Pepper has had a bit of a mixed bag form wise in the VFL, but that’s probably to be expected given he’s still learning when it comes to football, and the lack of actual game time being limited due to COVID restrictions. Still, at this stage it’s probably difficult to see him getting a game in 2022.

VERDICT: Doesn’t look likely

Jack Saunders (MID/FWD, $102,400)

Picked up at pick 4 in the rookie draft, Saunders is a fast midfielder who is probably getting turned into a small forward at AFL level. Averaged 25 disposals and 6 tackles for Norwood in the U18 competition.

Jack SaundersDisposalsKicksHandballsMarksTacklesGoalsBehinds
VS N/Bullants111012511
VS Werribee6422000
VS North Melbourne131035330
VS Carlton131214422
VS Essendon11655200
VS Aspley191185210
VS Gold Coast12934300
VS Collingwood154112601

Speed and pressure are two of the things he brings, but like a lot of midfielders turned small forwards he hasn’t been the most consistent at finding the goals this year. He’s had some decent disposal numbers and adding in tackles always helps in Supercoach, even if the goals aren’t there as well. Sam Mitchell would know him well given he’s spent the year coaching him, but hard to say he’d be getting a shot straight off the bat.

VERDICT: Small forwards can be tough to predict at the best of times.


Kye Declase (DEF/MID, $102,400)

Declase trained with the Demons in the pre-season, but was not picked up and returned to Werribee in the VFL. Eventually taken in the mid-year draft, he spent time under Mark Williams at Werribee, which I’m sure didn’t hurt his standing in the eyes of the Demons. A mature ager at 24, he looks to be a bit of a Adam Tomlinson replacement, standing at 195cm and being able to push from defense and to the wings.

Kye DeclaseDisposalsKicksHandballsMarksTacklesGoalsBehinds
VS Collingwood241689300For Werribee
VS Williamstown181444310
VS Richmond261799030
VS Box Hill231857210
VS N/Bullants191458013
VS Essendon141046100For Casey
VS GWS231763200
VS Werribee191277111
VS Footscray2818105110

The stats have certainly been there in his VFL matches and he probably hasn’t been able to do anything more to try and push his claim for an AFL debut, it’s just a case of the Demons being a good side and spots are super tough to come by.

VERDICT: Could he push his way into the Demons 22 with a strong pre-season? Maybe

Fraser Rosman (MID/FWD, $117,300)

Pick #34 in the 2020 AFL Draft, Rosman is another tall wingman, standing at 194cm, noted for his marking ability overhead and kicking skills on his left foot.

Fraser RosmanDisposalsKicksHandballsMarksTacklesGoalsBehinds
VS Box Hill10823120
VS Richmond8441000
VS North Melbourne171435410
VS Geelong171255000
VS Sydney13944001
VS Essendon10642300
VS GWS5411200
VS Werribee0000100
VS Footscray9632601

He hasn’t had the greatest stats in his last few games unfortunately, but he’s young, so that can happen at times. Probably shows he’ll need another year or two to develop in the VFL and the Demons have a pretty strong team right now, so they’ll certainly be able to give him that time.

VERDICT: Doesn’t look like one we’ll look to

Bailey Laurie (DEF/FWD, $117,300)

Pick #22 in the last AFL draft, Laurie is a medium sized forward standing at 181cm. Noted for his speed and skills, he can also push up the wing and have an impact outside the forward 50.

Bailey LaurieDisposalsKicksHandballsMarksTacklesGoalsBehinds
VS Essendon13855200
VS Footscray10553400

Unfortunately for Laurie he just hasn’t had much of a chance to put in time on the field, first fracturing his eye socket in mid-April which kept him out until late June and then a few weeks in he injured his shoulder, which put him on the shelf again. His return match was against Footscray, but missing a year of development probably puts him a bit further away, so hopefully he can finish out 2021 with no further injury issues.

VERDICT: Can’t see him breaking into the Demons best 22 at this stage

Austin Bradtke (RUC, $123,900)

Picked up as a Category B rookie, Austin is the sun of former Melbourne Tiger Mark Bradtke and winner of an Olympic Bronze in tennis and winner of both the Aussie and US Open in mixed doubles Nicole Bradtke. Like his Dad he’s a big guy standing at 204cm, which as you can guess puts him in as a ruckman at AFL level.

Austin BradtkeDisposalsKicksHandballsMarksHOGoalsBehinds
VS Box Hill10552802
VS Richmond9541810
VS North Melbourne115611800
VS Geelong8350900
VS Sydney8352000
VS Essendon8443000
VS GWS6605000
VS Werribee10647000
VS Footscray7432700

He’s been on the Demons list since the middle of 2018 and still hasn’t been able to grab a full-time ruck role even at VFL level, usually playing behind someone like Majak Daw or Ben Brown at times this year. The Demons had nothing to lose giving him a shot given his pedirgree and physical traits, but they don’t look like they’ve translated to football. Plus he’ll be behind Gawn and Luke Jackson anyway.



Phoenix Spicer (MID/FWD, $117,300)

Picked at #42 in the latest SANFL draft from South Adelaide in the SANFL, he’s a small forward noted for his speed and agility.

Phoenix SpicerDisposalsKicksHandballsMarksTacklesGoalsBehinds
VS Geelong6240000
VS Frankston3121001
VS Port Melbourne15873100

He’s been named as an emergency for the Roos main side despite missing time with injury, but that’s not a total surprise since the Roos will be looking at pretty much every player on the list at this stage of their list development. It’s been hard to predict the output of the younger Roo players, we’ve had the good like Tom Powell and also some less than great performances as well. I’m not sure if Spicer has the game that’s built to provide a good Supercoach score though

VERDICT: I’m sure he’ll play at some point in 2022, but not sure if he will score enough to warrant selection

Charlie Comben (RUC/FWD, $123,900)

Comben is a tall forward drafted with pick #31 in the 2019 AFL Draft. Unfortunately for North he has been quite injury prone since being picked up, missing all of 2020 due to injury.

Charlie CombenDisposalsKicksHandballsMarksTacklesGoalsBehinds
VS Port Melbourne11745423

2021 hasn’t been much kinder to Comben, suffering a tibial stress fracture early in the year which has severely limited how much he could play. He’s definitely got the talent to be an AFL player, but he may be one who sneaks for a game this year and ruins his price for 2022. If not he will definitely be in the mix for Round 1 if he can stay healthy through the rest of this year and through the 2022 pre-season.

VERDICT: Definitely one to monitor

Patrick Walker (DEF, $102,400)

The Roos first pick in the last Rookie draft, Walker is one of many Walkers on North’s list, this one being a medium defender, who has spent some time playing on the wing in the VFL this year.

Patrick WalkerDisposalsKicksHandballsMarksTacklesGoalsBehinds
VS Casey17985200
VS Essendon13761400
VS Coburg2518710200
VS Werribee16792100
VS Footscray218136100
VS Port Melbourne221398010

He’s had some good form this year and seems to have taken quite well to a new role with his running ability and kicking skills translating perfectly to being a wingman. He falls into the same category as a few guys left on the Roos list who haven’t played yet though. They could get a game in the next few weeks which ruins them price wise for 2022.

VERDICT: Wait and see how the rest of this year goes


Sam Hayes (RUC, $123,900)

Taken all the way back in the 2017 Draft at pick #47, Hayes has yet to debut for the Power. That probably has mostly been due to Port having a fairly decent roster of talls with Scott Lycett, Peter Ladhams, Todd Marshall and formerly Billy Frampton all occupying various ruck/forward positions for the Power.

Sam HayesDisposalsKicksHandballsMarksHOGoalsBehinds
VS Norwood1412274100
VS Central Districts167973300
VS South Adelaide1511472600
VS Glenelg85324110
VS WWT124831700
VS Adelaide149514000
VS North Adelaide148683400
VS West Adelaide1611543600
VS WWT157843200
VS Sturt86215100
VS North Adelaide157842700
VS Central Districts22121074200
VS Norwood114723300
VS West Adelaide1711673200
VS Adelaide1412283600

He’s taken the #1 ruck spot for the Magpies in the SANFL and performed admirably, it’s just a case of Port having a lot of depth in that area, so Hayes hasn’t been lucky enough to get a game yet. The Power signed him through the end of 2023, so they obviously rate him, it just may take some unfortunate luck on the injury front for someone else for him to get his chance.

VERDICT: We saw with St Kilda this year how a few injuries can bring a ruckman way off the radar onto our lists. Unless that happens though he probably starts again in the SANFL

Ollie Lord (FWD, $117,300)

Picked up at pick #49 in the 2020 Draft, Lord is a tall forward standing at 195cm and is the grandson of former Brownlow Medallist Alistair Lord.

Ollie LordDisposalsKicksHandballsMarksTacklesGoalsBehinds
VS Norwood5321100
VS Central Districts14774210
VS South Adelaide3210010
VS West Adelaide9544210
VS WWT12753022
VS Sturt10731300
VS North Adelaide7432012
VS Central Districts12845311
VS Norwood6331301
VS West Adelaide7431410
VS Adelaide12753512

Lord hasn’t set the world afire in the SANFL, but has shown a consistent ability to at the very least hit the scoreboard most of the time. He was noted as being “green” when he was drafted and much like Sam Hayes, the Power have a few guys like Charlie Dixon, Todd Marshall and Mitch Georgiades occupying forward spots, which gives them the time to let Lord develop.

VERDICT: Another year of SANFL looms for him I’d say

Jackson Mead (MID, $123,900)

The son of Port Adelaide’s inaugural B&F winner Darren Mead, Jackson was drafted by Port at pick #25 in the 2019 Draft via Father/Son selection. He unfortunately didn’t get to play any SANFL action in 2020 due to COVID restrictions, but was named as travelling emergency during that year.

Jackson MeadDisposalsKicksHandballsMarksTacklesGoalsBehinds
VS Norwood16792500
VS Central Districts2212103301
VS South Adelaide198114100
VS Central Districts171075511
VS Norwood131034301
VS West Adelaide2710171310
VS Adelaide10462400

Mead was probably a good chance to debut at some point this year given some of his SANFL form, however he unfortunately suffered a lacerated spleen in April which required him to stay in intensive care to monitor the situation. Thankfully he fully recovered from that injury and was back in the SANFL the last 4 weeks, but that injury probably put his chances off of making his debut this year.

VERDICT: Think he definitely debuts for the Power in 2022, but it’s a question of when at this stage

Taj Schofield (MID, $102,400)

The son of 2004 Premiership player Jarrad Schofield, Taj was automatically added to the Powers rookie list after he was not selected in the 2020 National Draft. Spent some of his junior years with Subiaco in the WAFL, with his Dad accepting a job at the Power in 2019, Taj moved over to the SANFL with Woodville West-Torrens.

Taj SchofieldDisposalsKicksHandballsMarksTacklesGoalsBehinds
VS Norwood221663210
VS Central Districts161243101
VS South Adelaide151057003
VS Glenelg211381810
VS WWT191093300
VS Adelaide17982401
VS North Adelaide17983120
VS West Adelaide151055200
VS WWT2311122401
VS Sturt5322000

He had a fairly consistent SANFL year until the match against Sturt where he unfortunately suffered a hamstring injury, which has put him on the shelf since late June. He might not yet have the natural “size” for midfield minutes in the AFL being 178cm and 73kgs, but he’s another one I could see the Power giving a shot next year at some point.

VERDICT: Unlikely starter, but could be a mid-year option

Trent Burgoyne (MID/FWD, $123,900)

The son of Peter Burgoyne, Trent was added as a Father/Son selection in the 2019 Rookie Draft. Like a lot of players from that draft, 2020 was a wipeout for him with COVID restrictions taking the Magpies out of the SANFL.

Trent BurgoyneDisposalsKicksHandballsMarksTacklesGoalsBehinds
VS Norwood10550111
VS Central Districts12661211
VS South Adelaide11834210
VS Glenelg1100200
VS Adelaide14682100
VS West Adelaide171258200

Unfortunately for Trent he’s been dogged by persistent hamstring issues since his draft year, that struck again in 2021, restricting him to just 6 games in the SANFL. Much like Trent, he might not have natural midfielder size at 177cm and 74kgs but given he’s a father/son selection I’m sure the Power will give him another year to see if he’s got what it takes.

VERDICT: Doesn’t look likely at this stage


The VFL matches were postponed once again last week, so no VFL action to report.


Adelaide defeated Port Adelaide 82-69

Billy Frampton was in everything for the Crows in defense with 30 disposals, 13 marks and 11 rebound 50’s. James Rowe added 25 disposals, 5 marks and 2 goals, James Worrell had 24 disposals, 5 marks and 8 rebound 50’s and Lachlan Gollant added 4 goals with 13 disposals and 6 marks.

For the Magpies Sam Mayes had a game high 35 disposals with 4 marks, 4 tackles and 7 inside 50’s. Dylan Williams booted 4 majors with 16 disposals and 5 marks and Martin Frederick had 21 disposals, 6 marks and 4 tackles and Sam Hayes finished with 14 disposals, 8 marks and 36 hitouts.


Swan Districts defeated Peel Thunder 99-47

Another game where the Fremantle players were held out, with only Reece Conca from the Dockers list playing. He had 17 disposals, 3 marks and 8 rebound 50’s.

And that’s it for me this week. Remember to listen to Lek and Patch on the Jock Reynolds podcast where they review Round 22 as well as naming their best 22 under 22. You can find that magnificent piece of work here. As usual you can hit me up in the comments below or on the Twitters @BarronVonCrow. See you all next week!

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David C

Comben and Kemp debuting this week so that probably crosses them off the list for next year.


So annoying!


Should be a rule if a rookie plays <3 games then price doesnt change in the following season
So in season 2022 the player starts on the same startng price as 2021


Agree Trig! Happens during the year, so would be consistent. And if a player debuts in finals like Marlion Pickett, they don’t get their price adjusted. So would be consistent all round


Add Downie and Durdin to that list! Happens every year, so should expect it. But still limits the pool of rookies to start the new season