Cheat Sheet | Round 20

Published by Statty Matty on

Good morning Community, welcome to the SC finals and the business end of the season.

As you’d all be aware, most teams are running on fumes and a lot of luck. Covid Isolation is over for Mills, Marshall and Dunkley, but trades are almost non-existant at this point. So use them wisely.

If you have the cash and don’t have one of the top 6-8 players in a role, definitely target them first, but if you’re struggling to get full premo, here’s some guys who are in form who just might save your season.

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Great post, as always!
I’ve got 2 trades left with 40k in the bank. Tempted to move Dusty to Rioli this week, giving me 194k to trade Cripps/Taranto to a premo mid in the finals. Is it worth the risk or should I just go with Marshall (Bolton also a possibility)?

Riley Dom

Dan butler or Rioli I would go


Not Butler!

Riley Dom

Bontempelli or Erol gulden for my last trade in for bianco? It’s my last trade and I have enough to get anyone.

I can see gulden continuing his form and averaging 120+ for the rest of the year.

tough one, need some advice

Bob Butter

Not tough at all, you’d be crazy to pick Gulden over Bont.


Surely taking the p155



Awesome work again Statty Matty. Four trades and $100k in the bank. I panicked last week and brought in Bolton for Dusty instead of waiting a week for Marshall as I needed to win ( which I did) last week to grab the double chance in two leagues. I have a full team this week.
Do I hold fire this week and keep the trades for next week or do I make a trade like Walker for Marshall or Bianco for Rioli.
I appreciate any thoughts or advice on what would be the best strategy.


Hold fire and assess the situation next week I reckon