The Biggest Surprises Of 2021

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Lekdog and Damo talk about an injury plagued round of footy and some rookie priced players who are making an impact before identifying some of the biggest surprises of the 2021 Supercoach season.


Times Codes:

02:20 – AFL fixture changes

04:36 – Injuries

05:33 – Rookies on the bubble

09:45 – Cheap premo replacements

19:00 – Supercoach surprises of the year


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As always trading is needed but lack of trades hurt. Dusty to Marshall if named for me this week. Team is a weak full premo with the likes of Sidebottom, Bolton, P Cripps and Cerra. Holding onto 2 trades for future carnage. Good luck to all.


Great pod as always fellas. Surprises this year?……..don’t know if its a surprise but seeing both Pendles (out for the season) and Selwood (test this week) banged up to the point where they can’t play is unusual. These two guys are past their best, but have been ultra reliable starters each week for years.
My Star Wars character suggestion………the obvious one to me is Gawn as Chewbacca.

Adam Cerra (born 7 October 1999) is a professional Mummies Boy playing for the Fremantle Football Club in the Australian Football League (AFL).


Great pod Lek and Damo, for my last trade this year I’m tossing up between Marshall and McBags for Dusty, it might depend on if Langford is named this week but leaning towards Hugh now for less injury risk.
My Star Wars character is Taranto as a Storm Trooper, fires off shots everywhere but nothing hits the mark.
Cheers lads, good luck this week in finals.


too easy:

Nic Nat = Jar jar

Mikey C

I was looking at the straight Martin-Marshall swap, until the horrible news from Ben Cunnington. Now I need to make 2. With some spare cash from behind the cushions on the sofa, I can stretch to any of the following:

Option 1: Dangerfield and Marshall (combined average 230 – 3 weeks and 222 – 5 weeks)
Option 2: Dangerfield and Bailey Smith (246, 249)
Option 3: Tom Mitchell and Marshall (245, 215)

Games to come: Danger – Nth, GWS, StK, Melb; Mitchell – Bris, Coll, WB, Rich; Marshall – Carl, Syd, Geel, Freo; B Smith – Adel, Ess, Haw, Port

Based on the averages, I’m leaning to option 2. The only possible cloud would be if De Boer goes to Danger in Week 2.

What do people think?

The Ranger

I’d be wary of Smith with Dunkley and Treloar still to come back in.
Option 1 for mine.


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