Burn Men Who Can Save Your Season

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Lekdog, Barron Von Crow & Patch take a look at all the #supercoach stories of the week and identify some players who might have haunted your past but also might save your future!


Time Codes:

01:00 – Barron 14th overall for the round

01:50 – Covid impacted Supercoach players, most notably Mills and Greene owners

05:40 – Sam Walsh is god or at least much better at footy than them

08:15 – Injuries

08:20 – Dustin Martin ($446,200 | B/E 129 | MID/FWD) Kidney, out for season

09:00 – Josh Kelly ($556,800 | B/E 149 | MID) Ankle, unsure on recovery time

09:43 – Thomas Highmore ($331,000 | B/E 38 | DEF) hand, will miss Round 19

10:15 – Matt Flynn ($400,800 | B/E 121 | RUC) Shoulder

11:13 – Sean Darcy ($710,900 | B/E 88 | RUC) Hopeful to play, 5-round average of 152.4

12:34 – Brandon Ellis ($461,200 | B/E 146 | MID) Hammy, will miss 3 weeks

12:43 – Lachie Jones ($243,800 | B/E 74 | DEF) Should play SANFL this week

12:50 – Zak Butters ($454,000 | B/E 138 | FWD) Chance to play this week

13:15 – Rookies

13:20 – Jamarra Ugle-Hagan ($207,300 | B/E 32 | FWD) 61 from 3 goals

13:55 – Ryan Garthwaite ($188,000 | B/E 37 | DEF) 48 & 28

14:17 – Sydney Stack ($277,600 | B/E 73 | FWD/MID) 49 & 45

14:55 – Connor West ($102,400 | MID) 71 on debut, Shuey injured might help him

15:25 – Sam Durham ($102,400 | DEF/MID ) 49 on debut

15:57 – Matthew Parker ($141,000 | MID/FWD) 47 on debut for Richmond

16:34 – Oliver Henry ($125,600 | B/E -4 | FWD | COL) 50 against the Blues

18:34 – Value Targets

19:20 – Jake Lloyd ($510,100 | B/E 92 | DEF) Averaging 105 for the year

19:40 – Jayden Short ($486,500 | B/E 59 | DEF) 7th ranked defender

20:00 – Harris Andrews ($472,000 | B/E 73 | DEF) 111 on weekend

22:21 – Hugh McLuggage ($471,800 | B/E 71 | MID) Averaging 101.2 for the year, 121 on weekend

23:40 – Travis Boak ($509,500 | B/E 119 | MID) Game number 300, players improve in milestones

25:50 – Cam Guthrie ($483,700 | B/E 71 | MID) Averaging 110 for the year, 107 on weekend

27:40 – Tom Hawkins ($461,900 | B/E 79 | FWD) 128 on weekend, 5th ranked forward

29:30 – Jordan De Goey ($490,600 | B/E 56 | FWD) 3 round average of 117, 114 on weekend

31:03 – Rowan Marshall ($464,600 | B/E 57 | FWD/RUC) 3 round average of 107, 127 on weekend

31:38 – Shai Bolton ($420,800 | B/E 62 | FWD/MID) 107 on weekend

35:41 – The Burn Men

36:00 – Jake Stringer ($487,900 | B/E 90 | FWD) 5-round average of 115

37:50 – Shannon Hurn ($500,700 | B/E 83 | DEF) Averaging 105 if you exclude his injured game

40:50 – Bailey Smith ($453,000 | B/E 44 | MID) 126, 75, 124 and 104 in last 4 games


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Ruckman Rowan Marshall is set to miss Round 19 against West Coast following the discovery on Monday that he attended a Tier 1 exposure site last week.
While checking the Victorian Government exposure list, Marshall discovered the recently added site and immediately alerted club officials and self-isolated.
Before heading home from the International Rugby Match at AAMI Park, Marshall and fellow teammate Darragh Joyce attended the Precinct Bar and Restaurant for approximately 45 minutes.
The club informed the AFL, who in turn contacted the relevant Western Australian authorities.
Upon advice from the Western Australian Government, Marshall will continue his self-isolation with arrangements currently being made for him to return to Victoria when possible.
At this stage, the timings of his isolation period will mean he is available for Round 20.


Haha you’re kidding right?…I am done for this season, Dusty, Kelly?..Highmore?..now Marshall, I have one trade left lol


The only good thing Russty is most of us will be affected by at least a few of these players who are either injured or COVID affected. I have Dusty & Greene to deal with plus the possibility of Madden being dropped after a poor game. Was lucky I missed Marshall last week. Wanted to trade him in but my rookies needed to play one or two more games to get enough cash to afford him. Was my trade in target this week but will now have to look elsewhere. I at least have 4 trades left but looking very unlikely to get to full premo. Certainly has been a season to remember.


Cheers Kat, forgot to mention I also have Greene lol


Finally got Mills in last week so the timing sucked there. Now Dusty done for the year could be fielding Parker and Waterman with 1 trade left.


some people are having rough years, i think it was OTW traded Whitfield to Mills last week

Shake n bake

I have 7 left l could possibly borrow u 2 trades!


Thanks for the thought mate, even that wouldn’t help with 5 out this week.
Cest la vie.


First time I’ve poked my head out and its only because my situation is dire.
I’ve lost Dusty & Kelly to injury and Toby Greene, Marshall and Mills to covid, I’ve also heard that highmore is gone.
I am in a must win situation in all 5 of my leagues this week and I only have 2 trades left and 45k in the bank
What can I do to minimize the damage?


Write an email to the Herald Sun and ask for best 18 this week!


that is rough

I’ve got Dusty, kelly and Greene.

Dusty has to be traded, probably to Bolton.

i’ll hold Kelly and hopefully Brambles/Newcombe/Bianco can give a half decent score

Greene is a hold even though i only have Fullarton/Macrea as cover


weightman, Waterman, Poulter, Bianco,Highmore, H Sharp, Newchurch


Fixture change coming for this week is being reported.
Collingwood V Hawthorn
Adelaide VS Port Adelaide (Boaks 300th)


Adelaide clubs now coming to Melbourne after-all, what a $hit$h0w.


Can someone please just confirm, are the GWS/Swans players who had to quarantine last week, Mills Greene etc out again this week?


Yes Kat, they are along with Rowan Marshall


It’s the first podcast that I’ve listened to and Goodness Gracious me your podcast crew don’t support any support from supercoach for people whose teams have been smashed by covid. I suppose its because none of them had Green, Mills and Marshall or Dunkley plus Dusty and Josh Kelly.

Five of my best players suddenly unavailable due to covid restrictions and injury the injury unavailability is a part of supercoach but covid isn’t.

I lost 3 of my best to covid and some people may have lost 4. It’s almost finals time and trades are few for most teams and its very unfair that teams like mine might miss the finals because of covid.

If supercoach wont give everybody extra trades they could allow teams with covid suspended players to switch those players for another of equal or lower price for 1 week or however long they are isolated. I think that process would be very easy to implement and keep integrity in the game.

Grant Lewis

Best 18 maybe if no extra trades…


Like that idea Pete.
Only for players out because of covid.
Extra trades would give those not affected an advantage but the swap out might just work.


Thanks Mr Happy 🙂
I thought it was a good idea too


there are a few things SC could do similar to other games.

In the EPL there are 2 wildcards you can play during the year where you can have unlimited trades for one week, or
one week there is a triple captain points, or
you could have an extra trade but it costs points,
or a bonus trade where you can just use that player for one week and then it resets to the original player for the following week.

I think SC need to be a bit more creative


In R3 last year I had six bombers/dees, all guns, including Gawn as c. It was just tough luck and no compensatory choices. This year I have avoided the carnage so far……what goes around……
The thing is, SC is about planning for continencies especially with holding trades for this time of year. Those that have been prudent should not be disadvantaged.

Last edited 11 months ago by Wighty

I tried that, but 20 injury trades later…that was impossible.


last year i DIDN”T have Whitfield or Sturt (who both were injured early and scored only a few points) everyone else did.

then when the melb game was cancelled it was changed mid-round to best 18 (after i had traded out Oliver to ensure i had 22 playing). By being a best 18 round, most people avoided having to use Whitfield or Sturt’s scores.


What about Cogniglio burnman, very cheap


They should’ve made Cal Ward or Josh Kelly Capitano…Gongiliogs doesn’t seem up to it, physically or mentally.

The Ranger

Mills and Dusty to deal with and six trades left. Still have two rookies onfield too so I’m thinking I’ll go to Bolton and Lloyd leaving me with 128K in the bank for the final upgrades.
Any other suggestions?


Can you hold Mills. Who is on your bench?

The Ranger

I’ve got Bianco as cover but only 40K in the bank so I kinda like the cash that the trades bring in. Still leaves me four trades for the last few rounds.


Bianco plays in the first game of the week, will let you see how he does before you pull the trigger

The Ranger

Yep, that’s the plan Derek.
I’m leaning toward trading still as I can’t see a way to get to full premo without the cash grab.
Not that it matters much when you’re down at 30K in the rankings and won’t make any Finals but pride is spurring me on to at least end the season without any onfield rookies!


I’d try to hold Mills (assuming you have cover) and upgrade a rookie instead if it were me.


Sorry……didnt see earlier reply when I refreshed.


depends on where you are at with your leagues.

i’ve been fighting a battle to make the top 8 in most of my leagues, so i’ve been trading as much as a can, and now have only 2 trades left (which won’t take me too far into the finals this year)


How much does a can trade Derek? 😉 at least you’re still fighting to make any top 8’s, I’ve been fighting to make any top 16’s LOL


We have a heavyweight battle in Draft this week

Really looking forward to the match up. Both teams estimated to score around 2000

Good luck mate


You too bud, it’ll depend on whether Darcy gets up I reckon.


Both Darcy’s will be important


Chad could be back this week.


After sorting out the Dusty problem I have just enough cash for a final upgrade. Looking at two options………..
A. Selwood up to Oliver, or
B. Daniher up to Hawkins.
Any thoughts?


Hawkins could win you plenty of games during finals

Baggy Pants

With all the talk about extra trades, substitute players and other covid related issues. Weather you agree or disagree Fantasy games need to move with the times and evolve. If you don’t you fade away. If a large number of Supercoach players continue to pull out well before the seasons over it doesn’t bode well for the future of the game.

Rick Grimes

I’m not sure I’ll bother next year if the formst doesn’t change. Might play AFL Fantasy instead.


its a good point.

I have been playing EPL fantasy for many years, numbers have grown from around 3mil 5 years ago to just under 8mil players.

they have some very good concepts including Wildcards (unlimited trades for 1 week whenever you like), triple point Captain option for one round, reset option (can trade in players for just the one round and they reset for the next round) extra trades can be made each round but it costs you points.

anyone who hasn’t played it should have a look

Baggy Pants

Derek your usually up with everything SuperCoach, how are the number of participants trending each year. Say over the last 5 years.


Not sure if the numbers. Off the top of my head there are about 170k teams this year, this has been a bit less than the last few years.

I recall there was a very big fall in numbers about 4 or 5 years ago on the back of SC cracking down on people with multiple teams.

There was a drop in numbers the years after the byes were introduced, many casual players struggled with byes. Oh and the green vest players didn’t help much either.

My guess is 170k teams is about as low as it’s been.


I would but I hate Soccer….too many images of draws and dudes taking a dive like they’re doing some improv class.


I didn’t follow soccer until I started playing EPL fantasy.
Made me like the game


Agree bro


Yep I hear ya…I’ve felt nothing but beaten down and behind the 8 ball this season, and with no relief, 20+ injuries, no hope of getting anywhere near the side I wanted, just trying to survive the whole time and stinking it up in every league I’m in. It’s not encouraging to play on.


I think Dusty to Bolton will be my only move this week.

Will leave me 2 trades & $120k

Will have JKelly and Greene on bench with very thin cover.

I have Bianco/Brambles (loop available) to cover JKelly; pretty happy with that, but,

I have Fullerton/Macrae (gulp) to cover Greene

I’m in 5 leagues where i’m either 7th or 8th (only safe in 2 leagues and dead in 3), so i might have to trade Greene if i must (GWS play last game this week)

Baggy Pants

Is Kelly definitely out?


Kelly named


Good luck making your top 8’s mate…I’m having to field, Bianco, Poulter, Weightman, Jordon and Treacy this week, LOL…Treacy!


Have you had Treacy from the start?


Brought him in round 4 for Hunter.


is this the last week before SC finals?

Baggy Pants

Yes, I hope there isn’t any last week carnage.


You mean like Dusty, Marshall, Greene, Highmore…luckily not Josh Kelly but, the carnage has already happened for many of us mate.


I’m holding Jelly.

thinking he will be a late out on Sunday


Awesome, then I’ll be able to get Brockman’s 40 odd lol

Teague Train

Ive got Flynn and Dusty but avoided all COVID isolation “injuries”
My one and only cash league im sitting 4th and playing 2nd for a guarantee top 4 finish, ive only got 2 trades left and Reeves, Madden and Brockman as cover for those 2 injuries.

In one hand im thinking do the trades i can (ive only got 72k in the bank and 950k to spend across a ruck and forward) in the other im thinking just let it ride because my opponent is riddled with COVID and injuries/not selected/Sunday lineups ( Sharp, Marshall, Newcombe, CCJ, Waterman, Dusty, Durham )
Good thing is i can hold my trades if i need them and then do Dusty to Bolton/Hawkins

Crazy time to be alive!


omg Lekdog did I hear you say “We don’t need extra trades” 5 minutes in?… how dare… how could… HOW HOW could you say it my dude? what if the folks at Herald Sun were listening?? Haven’t you seen me kneeling beside my bed in long sleeves praying to the eternal one His Youthfulness T Boak for more trades?

Every time the media gives me bad news about viruses I console myself with hopes it’ll mean delayed games and bonus trades. My silver lining is starting to fade and simply look like silver hairs appearing on the dazzling head of Holy Travis, and if age can weary him then what hope does my team have??


I’m curious about these alternatives..?