JOCK MAILBAG | 2022 is Here…sort of

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Damo and Clarky are joined by Dylan to discuss potential SuperCoach 2022 positions as revealed by AdelaideNow, which sub 500k defenders should you target, is Zak Butters worth finishing your team with and who our first selected players next year will be.

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The byes are over, teams are near full premium, trades are low and the BIG BOYS come out to play.
There were some seriously good scores on the weekend.
At the top of the pile, and with Immunity for Round 17:
CHAMPS (2627) – trouser stretching good
Unfortunately, there had to be Two teams eliminated this week:
The Certs
Jolly Jels
Its a pity to see them both eliminated, they were our two big under-dogs for the Champion’s group, both defied all the odds to qualify even though they had worse rankings than even me. Bad luck fellas.