21 Disappointments Of ’21

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Lekdog and Foz take a look at the 21 most disappointing #Supercoach selections of 2021 so far. Then the guys take a look at your Round 17 trade-in targets.

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Time Codes:

02:90 – Patrick Danger scores 184

02:40 – Darcy Parish score 190

02:53 – Sean Darcy scores 193

05:17 – 21 disappointments of ‘21

06:00 – Patrick Cripps ($430,100 | B/E 98) Has lost $93,600 in ‘21

07:45 – Michael Walters ($326,000 | B/E 88) Has lost the most money of any player, $205,100

09:40 – Nat Fyfe ($505,600 | B/E 154) Has his lowest average since 2012

11:45 – Max Gawn ($605,800 | B/E 152) Still the third ranked player in Supercoach

14:45 – Lachie Neale ($575,700 | B/E 84) Averaged has dropped 33 points since 2020

17:00 – Jake Lloyd ($522,800 | B/E 141) Is Jordan Dawson impacting him negatively?

19:15 – Christian Petracca ($542,400 | B/E 101) He hasn’t taken the leap we thought he could

22:00 – Rowan Marshall ($437,200 | B/E 88) Injury has hurt his season

24:33 – Isaac Heeney ($349,900 | B/E 68) 74.9 is his lowest average since his debut season

26:25 – Jordan Ridley ($495,200 | B/E 70) Has dropped off since Round 4

29:15 – Bailey Smith ($394,200 | B/E 30) Has dropped $100,400 with just two scores above 100

31:20 – Caleb Daniel ($472,900 | B/E 109) Is the 29th ranked defender for the year

34:16 – Jordan De Goey ($407,200 | B/E 10) Has dropped down to an average of 72.4

35:55 – Sam Menegola ($448,500 | B/E 145) Only two scores over 100 for the year

38:05 – Patrick Dangerfield ($533,100 | B/E 32) Has missed 9 games in 2021 so far

39:45 – Tyler Brockman ($172,700 | B/E 28) Only averaged 43 across 4 games

41:00 – Tom Phillips ($352,500 | B/E 79) Hasn’t excelled at the Hawks, 70.5 average

42:35 – Nik Cox ($268,700 | B/E 81) Has only generated $92,900 for the year

44:05 – Jordan Clark ($263,500 | B/E 29) Didn’t live up to the preseason hype

46:00 – Zac WIlliams ($457,200 | B/E 77) Had the role and the price to be a good pick, wasn’t

48:30 – Lloyd Meek ($213,000 | B/E 23) Didn’t pay off for those who took a ruck risk

50:03 – Rookies

50:11 – Jeremy Sharp ($141,800 | B/E -72 | MID | GCS) Projected to gain $56,100

51:10 – Leo Connolly ($123,900 | B/E 15 | DEF/MID | STK) Projected to gain $6,400

52:00 – Trade targets


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As we are talking about disappointments I am slightly disappointed I didn’t start the “on fire” sale team. Slightly because my team is still going ok around 4k rank for the year and scored just under 2,500 for the round but the “on fire” sale team dwarfed that score and is going from strength to strength.

293 – I repeat 293 from the two ins from last week!
Doch – Ridley
Heeney – Danger

As you know with this team whoever plays early out of zorko or parish usually get the VC armband, as Parish played first he wore it with pride and ripped the comp a new one. 190! Insane!
Add Stewarts score of 107 and the and the 4 players from the first game of the round scored an eye watering 780 points!! 4 players (one as VC) 780 points!!

Madden wore the Capt armband for the week.

So building on a 780 launch pad the team scored – wait for it …..

2,645 for the round! wowzers! this would have given the team a rank of 175 for the round.

Overall total points scored are
34,647 which ranks around the 1.5k for the year.

Team is below:

Def: Stewart, Ridley, Lukosius, Rich, Whitfield, Mills. (Highmore, Bianco)
Mid: Tarranto, Jelly, Parish, Wines, Walsh, Lyons, JOM, Laird. (Bramble, Sharp, Jia)
Ruck: Hickey, ROB. (Flynn)
Fwd: Buddy, Zorko, Danger, Hind, Ziebell, Bolton. (CCJ, Madden)


Not much I don’t think, dwindling fast.

Cant really see anywhere I can improve except the ruck and might wait a couple of weeks on that one.,

There is some interest in de goey as he has a role change and has played predominately mids under harvey but who to trade? can trade CCJ to degoey and highmore to sharp for cover but not sure it is is worth it.

Probably will just save trades incase injury strikes over the next few rounds.

The experiment continues ……

Though it is becoming very clear this is an experiment worth pursuing.

Rick Grimes

Is the basis for this that you onlu pick guys at a bargain price? How do you decide on upgrades? Must they be at discounted price from opening figure? This year it has certainly worked, but I feel like we’ve had a lot more midpricers pan out. Usually it’s the odd one but generally GnR kills all comers.


The basis for the team was that no player cost more than $500k in the starting squad. Then I tried to replace (if injured) players with players under $500k but that didn’t work too well, so then went after premo’s who had dropped in price (every premo has a price drop) and try to pick them up at their lowest price. The other method is to look at players with a role change or who are scoring well in that position. Parish a classic example. Think only one time spent over $600k and that was lyons after his bye.
The great thing about this set up is:
a) no rookies on field
b) only need to spend around $100k to upgrade to fallen or a breakout.
c) pods galore

The experiment continues …..


great stuff Trac


You shouldn’t be disappointed with either of those teams mah man, both are kicking some major rump…and you should be proud. Kudos to you for proving a theory that a team consisting of less than premo picks can finish strong in a sc season.
OTW had a similar strategy from memory and sticks to it, didn’t have the best luck this year but I admire the guy.


thanks rust


Best forwards to bring in between 420-520k?
And again, best forwards between 320-420k?

Whoever I bring in will be my F6 for the season, thanks in advance!


Yeah was really struggling under 420k mark, Darling and McKay as left-field options looked ok. Any love for Hawkins Lek? Marshall would’ve been perfect if he didn’t have his injury issues this season


I’ll go 17 disappointments for the year…
Dangerfield, Rowell- injured
Adams, Hickey-injured
Neale, Dunkley-injured
Chapman, Campbell, Gulden- injured
T.Kelly, Grundy-injured
Rcd, H.Clark, H.Sharp -injured
Impey, Gray-injured
Coleman Jones-injured
The disappointing part is not being able to be competitive from fairly early on…so feeling behind the 8-Ball, which sucks but shit…it’s a game and it doesn’t always go in your favour so ….next year is coming and I’m looking forward to that. Wishing the very best to those who had some success this year.

Last edited 11 months ago by Russty_

unfortunately went way worse russty 23 including 12 from my starting team 7 were prems or midpricers. 5 were rookies Smith Sharpe Hunter and Fyfe were poor selections based on DPP Never again so early .This creates slow cash flow.Also from my starting team Lloyd Neale and Danger were poor and Dunkley got injured// Playing catch up from the get go mean’t 4 trades left post byes . JUST A SH//T ROOKIE MESTAKE FILLED YEAR grrr next year will be better planned NDD


i had a quick look at my Trade history for this year.

Players Traded OUT in order:

Dangerfield – suspended
Sharp – injured
Young – injured
Neale – injured
Meek – too fat
Adams – injured
JClark – omitted
Flynn – omitted
Dunkley – injured
Campbell – injured
Gulden – injured
Powell, Scott & Jorden – upgrade
Highmore – went missing
Warner, CCD, Berry, Kozi & Poulter – upgrade
Grundy – injured
Gray – injured
JCameron – injured


meek aint sleek
gray no way
clark no spark
JC byeski
sharp not very
flynn we aint in
very similar list with only about 5 different
what do they say about fools??


Next year !



The byes are over, teams are near full premium, trades are low and the BIG BOYS come out to play.

There were some seriously good scores on the weekend.

At the top of the pile, and with Immunity for Round 17:

CHAMPS (2627) – trouser stretching good

Unfortunately, there had to be Two teams eliminated this week:

The Certs
Jolly Jels

Its a pity to see them both eliminated, they were our two big under-dogs for the Champion’s group, both defied all the odds to qualify even though they had worse rankings than even me. Bad luck fellas.