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Following on from last week’s interview, this week we have currently ranked 4th overall Emily, coach of team SuperCoach Mumma, telling us about her year and how she goes about things!

You do well at most formats of SuperCoach, what’s your mindset when picking a team?

I like to do my research and try to find value in my picks. I try and pick premiums that will be in the top 8 of their line but don’t like to over pay for players. I like to research the rule changes (there are always new ones) and how if any this impacts SC, then find the players that would suit these changes. I also like to find a player that has had a role change that will benefit their scoring. I have had success in the past with players changing clubs and been given a new opportunity/role. Happy to take 1-2 calculated risks in each line. I try to avoid the hype train but also less likely to choose a super POD. I have found in the past the super POD mostly hurts more than benefits.

How did you structure your team this year to start the season?

I decided to start four premium defenders due to the new rule changes. They were Jordan Ridley, Tom Stewart, Jayden Short and Rory Laird. I did have Jordan Clark at D5 and Tom Highmore at D6 which was very painful. After a lot of consideration I started with Grawndy (Max Gawn & Brodie Grundy), I wasn’t prepared to field Flynn. I decided to fade Lachie Neale and Jake Lloyd, they were just too expensive for me. Decided with Jack Macrae, Zach Merrett and Patrick Dangerfield as my premium midfielders. I tried to find value with my M4/M5 in my midfield with Tim Taranto and Sam Walsh. I took some calculated risks in my forward line, Josh Dunkley, Zak Butters, Jack Ziebell, Jarman Impey, and that mainly paid off. Pity about the injuries.

Best starting selection?

I will have to say Mr Consistent Jack Macrae was my best starting pick. 97 is his lowest score, his floor is so high!

Jack Ziebell is my best value starting selection who I thought was going to a F6 at best, how wrong I was!

What’s your general rule for an injured player? How do you know when to hold or when to trade?

Generally if it’s a 3+ week injury I usually trade. However if it is a 2-3 week injury but there is still uncertainty about an immediate return I tend to trade as well. It depends if I have the appropriate cover or not. If I have a donut I usually more likely to trade. It also depends on the type of injury, shoulder or ankles worry me a lot!

At the start of the season you can also trade players and plan to get them back e.g. Danger / Grundy. It is different at the pointy end of the season so you have to decide with injuries whether you can finish the season without them. Danger and Grundy have shown us they we need them in our teams. If not then you have to hold them (if they are back for SC finals).

When you were planning your trades how did you prioritize which positions to upgrade first? Did you pounce on value selections as they became available or did you focus on getting the must-haves?

Unfortunately most of my first ‘upgrades’ were replacing injuries to Danger/Butters/Dunkley. I definitely tried to get value as much as possible. I was able to get Oliver/Steele/Zorko at their lower prices. I did get Bontempelli after Dunkley’s injury. I took a punt that his scoring would increase after Dunkley’s injury and bought him in at 600k. It was the only trade I made 2 min before a lockout! I thought I made a mistake and spent too much money at the time but Bont has repaid the faith!

Any trades you’d like back?

Paddy Dangerfield to Tom Mitchell in Round two I would have liked back! I wish I went for a more valued pick! ‘Titch’ has been okay recently but he dropped a lot of money after I got him. I also traded James Jordan in Round five for 205k (oops) but I did get Oliver. I am also regretting the Hawkins trade (RD 14) could have gotten a cheaper forward with similar output. Because of some poor rookie scores it meant I had to wait a week later to get Grundy back. Hopefully Hawkins kicks a bag in the next few weeks. Please Tommy?

What was your plan for the bye rounds, did the fixture swap affect your scoring or plans at all?

I was pretty prepared for the byes but rd 13 was my tricker bye. So the fixture swap actually helped me! Zorko’s suspension really hurt managed to avoid any bye donuts. I had to trade a bit aggressively though. Traded Brodie Grundy to Nic Naitanui in RD 12, and then traded ‘Nic Nat’ to Hawkins in RD 14 and fielded Flynn. Worked out okay.

What would be your advice to someone who doesn’t have a complete team right now and probably won’t ever have one due to low trades?

Depends on the rookies they have, if the rookie has the JS and scoring okay then don’t use your last trades to upgrade. Just look at Cody Weightman last round (115 vs North Melbourne), rookies can still score well. I feel more carnage is around the corner. Save your trades for injuries. If you are looking at 20’s or a donut use those trades wisely and pray.

If you have two trades I would try and find a player with 1 trade instead of using both. I would choose a player with limited injury history with a lower ceiling over a player with huge potential but injury history. Avoid Houston for example!

Obviously your main focus is on this season, but what’s one takeaway for next season?

Next year I won’t start players who are under a injury cloud or who had a poor pre-season, like Tom Mitchell or Patrick Dangerfield! SuperCoach is a game, a serious one, but still try to enjoy it! As Lekdog says your worth is not determined by your SC score!

First picked for 2022?

This is a hard one because I like to pick value, and I don’t know who they are yet! Zak Butters and Josh Dunkley are definitely up there if they have a healthy pre-season. I will probably start Brodie Grundy/Jack Macrae/Marcus Bontempelli/Tom Stewart next year. Sean Darcy is also on the watch list. Sorry, couldn’t pick just one!

Thank you for your time, Emily, and we wish you all the best for the rest of the season!

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Well done Emily being so highly ranked and good luck in your efforts to win the grand prize! 🙂


She’s a jet!


You’re a jet at dancing like you just don’t care.


Great stuff Emily.. good luck for the run home … I am now slapping myself for trading in Houston .. 🤡


great effort emily Trades plays a big part something i know little about .Good luck in the big one NDD


You must be going crap this year mate cause you were my only win last week lol, always next season bud, we’ll be back better than ever!


Really thought about a break from s/c Russty but we all have those years and sometimes good ones 3 rookie sub 50 scores will kill anyone and can’t get good players in As you rightly say next year


Don’t have a break mate, years and sc seasons can go wrong sometimes, not much one can do about it…it’s definitely more fun having a go rather than not having a go. I’ve had to do 17 injury trades in 17 rounds, unbelievable but true which means I basically have no hope of doing well, the other few trades were swapping maxed rookies out for newer ones, but no chance of improving the team’s scoring potential…but that’s ok, shit happens. I just hope the regular members of my leagues still want to enter next year haha


One of the most illuminating things for me from these interviews is how marginal things are from a really good season to a bad one. When I look at the structure and players chosen for the starting lineup, it looks really similar to many that were shared on this site pre-season. (Personally I took a left field approach that didn’t pan out, but that’s on me).
the message to guys like John and Rusty in particular is that you might feel disheartened and jaded with SC because of another sh&& season, but the reality is that you are not far away. The points gap and your ranking make you feel otherwise, but go back and compare your starting teams. Small differences. Some that could have gone either way.
as an example, Dow versus Jordon as a starter. Jordon looked like a 1-2 week prospect with Viney only a week or so away. Then Harmes got injured. Then Jordan’s form demanded he stay in the 22. You can be forgiven for not picking him. Dow on the other hand looked best 22, was a first round draft pick and looked like he was ready to finally produce. So picking Dow over Jordon to start – hard to criticize. Some teams ended up with Jordon because they couldn’t afford Dow. Nice bit of luck that you need. I have reflected on that Dow versus Jordon decision, and decided that I would probably have made the same call 9 out of 10 times. In my mind it was a similar call to Impey, Ziebell and Clark. Some will work out, some won’t. Remember the Impey discussion pre season? A huge school of thought that said he’s never averaged 50, and us injury prone. Some of us took him because he was a better risk than the forward rooks. None of us could believe our luck when he became almost premo, and wouldn’t have looked out of place as an F6 in a completed team.
so I am quite buoyed by these interviews. They are insightful and reassuring that I am not as far away from success as my ranking suggests. I hope that a few of the guys here losing interest can get the same out of it.


Good words Keen, I remember deciding on Dow over Jordon lol, and not starting Impey but at least I did start Ziebell, that was a win!…not feeling so much jaded or disheartened as ..well just a little bit unlucky I guess. I had to make 17 injury trades to round 17 lol. I still love it and all the banter on here, and am looking forward to next season big time 🙂


Great discussion. I havnt really analysed it much, but will have a closer look at season end, but I think it is more the premium selections that shape the season.

Obviously there are the injuries to premiums, but for me this year was the cash loss of my starting selections that really hurt.

Lloyd, Neal, Adams, Cripps, Martin, Daniel all poor starting options, not just for lower points, but their value loss.

Is team value a function of rank or is rank a function of team value, they obviously are the same thing in a different measure.

You are right to say, the top teams don’t appear that much different to my team or many other teams, it is usually two or three premiums that make the difference, especially early in season. If you can be in top 1000 after 3 or 4 rounds, you usually stay there.


Thanks Keen I fit into that ‘losing interest ‘ field Last year i did well to finish inside 500 and except for a rookie error of not watching the start time in R23 should have been 300 ,so why the difference between 20 and 21 ? Team selection is a big part . Grawndy has been in my start for yonks but this year Flynn was my choice coupled with injury /suspension prone dangers and heeneys and sicilys and my year was catch up very early. A few things went ok ,not many though so next year i will concentrate more on my starting team . As much as Jelly seems great those types won’t cut it / Oliver Macrae Steele and Walsh are certain starters. Not convinced with G n R either as there appears plenty of reliable quality elsewhere Jordon and Weightman for starters. Thanks Keen you have done the trick NDD


For Super coaches looking at 2022 here is some valuable planning…These are the likely position changes for all the major players as of Round 16. The classifications are subject to change, depending on where players spend their time on the ground in the remaining seven rounds of the season. But for now, they’re the best guide we’ve got.

Players must spend at least 35% of overall gametime in a position to be sorted into that position for the following season. If one of your star players isn’t listed below, it’s because we expect them to retain their current position in 2022 – you don’t need Champion Data to tell you Jackson Macrae and Clayton Oliver are going to retain midfield status next year!

Note: The advice that follows is based on the belief that forwards are the most valuable players in KFC SuperCoach Draft – given the lack of quality forwards – followed by defenders, then ruckmen, then midfielders – of which there are plenty of great options.

Dyson Heppell (Ess) 2021 MID > 2022 DEF
Jack Billings (StK) 2021 MID > 2022 FWD-MID
Mitch Duncan (Geel) 2021 MID > 2022 FWD-MID
Lachie Hunter (WB) 2021 MID > 2022 FWD-MID
Lachie Weller (GC) 2021 MID > 2022 FWD-MID
Tim English (WB) 2021 RUC > 2022 RUC-FWD
Dan Houston (Port) 2021 DEF > 2022 DEF-MID
Harry Perryman (GWS) 2021 MID > 2022 DEF
Mark Blicavs (Geel) 2021 DEF-MID > 2022 DEF-RUC
Jake Stringer (Ess) 2021 FWD > 2022 FWD-MID
Hunter Clark (StK) 2021 DEF > 2022 DEF-MID
Tarryn Thomas (NM) 2021 FWD > 2022 FWD-MID
Liam Duggan (WC) 2021 DEF > 2022 DEF-MID
Jack Lukosiu (GC) 2021 DEF > 2022 DEF-MID
Zak Butters (Port) 2021 FWD > 2022 FWD-MID
Jordan De Goey (Coll) 2021 FWD > 2022 FWD-MID

Mitch Duncan, Jack Billings, Lachie Hunter and Tim English are the headline acts here, given they’re all currently on track to become forwards in 2022. Duncan has spent 40% of his time on ground as a forward this year, and with a PCL injury likely to rule him out of the rest of the home and away season, it’s pretty safe to lock him in as a forward for 2022. Bulldogs pair English (41% forward) and Hunter (50% forward) appear safe given their current percentages too. Billings could go either way, though, having spent 36% of his time as a forward and the majority of his time on a wing (which counts toward midfield status). If you’re looking to trade him in, it’s worth watching him closely in the next few weeks before offering a king’s ransom to a rival coach.


Great info Gator, couple of those young fellas I might be starting next time around Thomas and Butters. Thomas is improving nicely this year and Butters it’s a shame he went down with that injury, he’s Port’s best new talent. Zac Bailey is also a watchlist for me for next season.


cheers mate


BTW, congrats on a great year mate, you’re smashing it this year and are being very modest about it. Hope it’s your best year yet my friend.


great info Gat. Duncan and Butters are the standouts


Yes NDD as well as Lachie Hunter