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Cheat Sheet | Round 16

Published by Statty Matty on

It’s been a hectic week for everyone, and it’s no exception in my house. But finally the cheat sheet has arrived.

It’s all pretty straightforward this week. Many of us are low on trades, or low on cash, or already full premo, so might not be a lot of trades made. If you listened to the JR podcast this week, with the dulcet tones of yours truly, you’d have heard us reviewing the top 20 players in the comp. Obviously they are all your targets if you can afford them (and that should be your goal if you can), but for those of us with less cash, less trades or possibly a different strategy here’s a few different options.

Good luck this week, everyone. Stay safe and most importantly enjoy your footy (and Supercoach).
See ya next week, Statty Matty.

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Unfortunately had to move on Impey and Docherty this week so my trade for Walsh has to take a back seat.


A lot of talk about the number of trades this week. There are really three types of trades – 1. Cashing in rookies to turn into premos, 2. Sideways trading of premos or rookies 3 injury trades
I think most of us believe that trades should be about 1. We all hate it, but know itโ€™s an inevitable part of the game when we have to use 3. And many purists hate the call for extra trades when people have been using them for 2.
it might be complicated, but how about introducing different types of trades? Or more specifically injury trades as a stand-alone class of trade. If someone is listed as a 3 week (say) injury on the official team injury list, you can use an injury trade to a player of equal or lesser value on the same line.
you could have a set number each year – say 6. But they can only be used for that purpose. There might be a different colour button on any player who can be traded using an injury trade. It could also mean that if you have an injury, you could do an injury trade AND still do your 2 normal trades in a week.
this could open up the discussion as to how many normal trades we have. Might go down to 24, might stay at 30, or something else altogether. So whilst injuries are a part of the game, and can be a factor in who you pick, losing a player and trades to injury is probably the worst part of the game.
just a thought

JohnDJ59.Black Flag

This is exactly what I have been banging on about since round 9 after injuries had ruined my season. Though I suggested an extra 5 on top of the 30 that could only be used for injured players that were going to be out for longer 2 weeks.


Mate, I am so worn down from the relentless injuries this season, I think I’ve had 15, most recently Impey, Gray…and now CCJ…it just never ends.

Last edited 3 months ago by Russty_
JohnDJ59.Black Flag

I really am over it Russty, even though I had a great round last week, which pleased me no end, they have been very scarce. Just an uphill battle since round 8. Still a chance for 4 finals, but really only one in ”Won’t Back Down” where I am 4th.


Keep fighting it out John, anywhere in the top 8 is a chance, I am zero chance at any top 8’s, hence am not feeling any hope, the way I’m going I’ll have used 20 trades on injuries by the end of it all. I’ll still be back next season to try again…because I must be a glutton for punishment lol

JohnDJ59.Black Flag

I have to laugh, at the start of the season, I was happy with my team, had a good bunch of premiums, the best rookies, a good structure and I wasn’t going to trade in the first 5 rounds unless I really had to. Boy did that go out the window, even the best laid plans can go to [email protected]%t.


Yep, best laid plans and all that jazz…I couldn’t have even planned for this season in my wildest nightmares, whatever plans I had for whatever trades came unstuck because it was just injury after injury, after injury etc…..sometimes it goes awry pretty bad, guess it was one of those years for me.


I traded out CCJ for danger this week


Nice one Job…dodged a bullet there.


Yeah, and got an terrific score for it too


Dodged a rusty ole bullet and traded it in for a couple of ounces of pure gold!…Gold I tells ya! ๐Ÿ™‚


Great idea Keen I like it, it’d be worth forwarding this piece onto the HS Supercoach admin.

JohnDJ59.Black Flag

I second this.


Walsh or Danger this week? Other one will be done when i move CCJ on


Whos the best scorer from here out? Looking for a cheaper M8!

  • Taranto
  • Brayshaw
  • Boak
  • Parker

Taranto for mone


At this time of year I start to lean towards players who will in finals, I’ve been caught before where teams send players for early operations


If Fyfe is stuffed, Brayshaw is your man


Im slightly worried about brayshaw getting tagged again by hawks in a few round like he did earlier in the season and didnt cope well at all


Also a POD in Keays an option??


Whats peoples thoughts on Cam Guthrie? few games back since injury could hit early season form again.


Good player Jake…get him in


Do I wait another week and not do any trades or do I get rid of CCJ and Dow now to get danger and a rookie? Even though Iโ€™ll lose money


Hope you did it Huncho…ccj done with a calf for 6 points yay!
The fun this season just doesn’t stop.

Last edited 3 months ago by Russty_

Only 6 trades left and I’m running Highmore at D6, Cripps at M8, and Impey and Heeney F5/6.

Should I just hope Cripps and Heeney come good and save 2-3 trades for injuries?
I can roll between CCJ and Heeney til CCJ maxes out too

Thinking Impey to Danger or Mills this week


Yeah hopefully you went Impey to Danger this week coz next week CCJ will need to go. may as well hang with Cripps and Heeney for now.


Cheers Russty! CCJ going down really stuffs me around here. If I go danger this week I’ll be tight on cash to bring in a D6 next week. I could bring in Mills this week and then should have more freedom picking an F6 between 450-500k which gives me another week to watch danger, marshal and even butters (in the SANFL), but this means I would have to take CCJ’s 5 points


Good luck all for the round


thanks mate, i’ll need it

big week in the leagues for me. All my leagues i am between 6th & 11th. need a good week.

see i have Shake in two leagues this week, NDD and Gator in other matches.

I think everyone except me has Zorko, behind the couch for saturday avo for me

Shake n bake

Good luck all ๐Ÿ˜‰


Uh Oh

forgot to do my trades before game started tonight.

trading Gray to Grundy, thought tonightโ€™s game didnโ€™t affect me but forgot I had to swing CCJ from R2 to Forward line to get Grundy.

that might hurt looking at CCJโ€™s first half effort

Shake n bake

Very very early things change quickly. You still going to bring in Grundy?


Cant this week.

Prob go Danger this week and finish off with Grundy next week


Yes , you too Holty, only wanted to make 1 trade this week but I don’t have enough go Impey to Danger, my playing Rookies will still fatten this week and my no playing haven’t earnt enough and are better served for looping , decisions ?

Also thinking of putting the VC on Dusty tonight ? decisions ?

JohnDJ59.Black Flag

The three that you have listed for the fwd line are the ones that I am looking at to replace Impey.


Was all organised to trade in Dangerfield for Poulter or Coleman Jones this week but with Briggs and Madden now out I have no bench and they haven’t earned enough to trade them. Might wait to see how CJ goes tonight as his job security is not great either and assess. May have to leave trades and hold to see how things pan out and maybe leave bringing in Danger till next week


Unlucky Kat..CCJ done with a calf for 5 points means he’ll plummet next week, I had him onfield too.
Also, I tipped Tigers to beat Gold Coast by more than 40 points LOL

Last edited 3 months ago by Russty_

Yeah think I am in trouble getting Danger in now. Could have traded CJ to Danger this week but thought I should wait and see final teams and if it was CJ to go, do it next week but didn’t factor in a 5 in my thinking Have to hope Danger doesn’t go to large this weekend and CJ doesn’t drop to much cash as won’t be able to trade Poulter for him now as I need him as my F6 for the moment. All the best-laid plans have gone out the window. Oh well that’s SC


I should have traded Gray for Grundy, forgot to do before game started tonight.

was going Gray to Danger and hoping CCJ to Grundy next week. Next week would need a decent price increase from CCJ, now thinking Marshall this week instead of Danger.

Rick Grimes

CCJ’s BE was only 18, so he won’t lose much cash. To be fair, he was looking rubbish before he went down. No room for three talls.


Dimma said in the post match that he wasn’t 100% going in. Maybe he shouldn’t have played.


understatement of the season


Danger, Greene or Dale for Madden
Adams, Taranto or Walsh (or any other mid under $527k) for Jordon.
Walsh is the obvious choice, however, will only leave me with $1,300k in the bank.
Appreciate any thoughts and advice.

What Bear

Go Vanilla – Danger and Walsh


I Concur with the mysterious Bear guy.


Doh!. I don’t have enough cash to get Walsh if I bring Danger in for Madden. Do I still bring Danger in and just make the one trade or do I trade Jordan as well but bring in Taranto or Adams instead of Walsh. Only way I can bring Walsh in is to bring in Dale or Greene instead of Danger.

JohnDJ59.Black Flag

If you can’t get Walsh, I would hold Jordon. Maybe don’t trade and wait until next week. Have another look at Danger, Greene, Dale.


Thanks John. I would be more than happy to hold Jordan for one more week as he has been great for me all season. However, I do need to get rid of Madden who is injured otherwise I have to field Waterman and that does not field me with a lot of confidence or likely to result in winning too many league matches this week. I am tossing up between Danger and Toby for Madden.

JohnDJ59.Black Flag

I’m so low on trades, I decided a while back that Jordon was going to end up being my M8. Both Danger and Toby would be good picks, I’m looking at them as a replacement for Impey. I’m just worried that as soon as I pick one they will get injured, such has been my season with injuries.


I totally understand and agree with you especially in the case of Danger who is coming back from injury while Toby who narrowly escaped suspension two weeks ago and you just don’t know when he will do something stupid again. Either would also be a good pick for Impey – on form I would go for Greene but for consistency I would go Danger. Thanks for your advice.


Hey Community, am sitting 337 and would love some help!
179,300k in bank. Only 4 trades left.
Thoughts were to make Heeney – Toby Greene / Sidebottom.
And Flynn – Grundy over the next 2 weeks with 3 trades.
But now with Doch having surgery i’m thinking Doch – Haynes, Flynn to Grundy this week.
And then keep 2 trades and just ride with Heeney for now. possibly make him Rowan Marshall in a few weeks if he drops enough.

I also thought about going Doch to Mills this week, then using 2 trades to get Grundy in next, but then i’m down to 1 trade, and haven’t ‘improved’ my team this week, just replaced a premo.
Going Haynes let’s me grab Grundy this week and that’s what I lean towards.
Don’t like that he’s got Ryder and Marshall, but then Flynn would have Gawn and Jackson anyway

Any other thoughts i should be considering?
Thanks Community!

Def. Laird, Stewart, Doch, Daniel, Lloyd, Whitfield. (Highmore, Madden)

Mid. Walsh, Oliver, Macrae, JKelly, Brayshaw, Lyons, Wines, Mitchell ( Bianco, Newcombe, Saunders)

Ruc. Gawn, Flynn (Reeves)

Fwd. Dusty, Danger, Ziebell, Zorko, Daniher, Heeney (Treacy, Briggs).


Why not patiently build a war chest using only 1 trade. Trade out Doch (who now has a poor SC role on the wing) for $102 k (on bubble) Bramble? Bianco goes to defence (E) with Highmore (200 points last 2 rounds) coming on-field. Your $180 bank becomes $ 550 bank with scoring likely slightly improved. Also you can wait on making this trade until 7.30 pm Saturday night.


I would totally agree if this was early on in the season mate.
But only 8 rounds left I reckon doesn’t leave time to patiently build anynore


fair enough but Docherty may miss season


Actually Sam Docherty Has to go (as below). Acute syndesmosis injury & surgery this week.


Ok here we go again – Rd 15 right? Loosing track.
The catching fire team got off to a flyer to start Rd 15 with Zorko wearing the VC armband (174 u magnificent bustard) and the other two lions belting out tons. Unfortunately that is where it all finished for the team for the week with some low scores (60 or lower) in defence and up fwd.
Trades made were laird for smith and smitty decides to go beserk always the way, poulter to bramble to facilitate this trade and to free up cash for heeney to danger rd 16.
what a last quarter from buddy sent the SC score soaring, doch injured another trade.
Finished the round with a score of 2,382 which is low compared to some of the other scores of over 2,400 but still pretty good.
Overall the team is sitting on 32,000 which ranks it around 2,500 for the year.
Team is below:
Def: Stewart, Doch, Whitfield, Rich, Lukosius, Mills (Highmore, Bianco)
Mid: Tarranto, Jelly, Parish, Walsh, Lyons, Wines, JOM, Laird. (Jai, Bramble, Sharp)
Ruck: Hickey, ROB. (Flynn)
Fwd: Zorko the magnificent, Hind, Buddy, Ziebell, Bolton, Heeney. (CCJ, Madden)

Trades this week:
Heeney – Danger
Doch – Ridley?
Do I keep Laird in the middle and just trade Doch to anyone under $500k or do I put laird back and trade in mid under $500k?
Just before I go how good could this team have been if not for the injuries that had to be replaced in the team over the last 15 weeks?
In no particular order:
Rowell, Young, Butters, Dunkley, Hickey (now back in the team), Cerra, Martin, McGrath, Impey, Moore, Doch
That’s 11 trades right there.

The experiment continues …..


I have put the C on Macrae. Who should I put the VC on – Zorko, Oliver or Gawn.

JohnDJ59.Black Flag

Any of those three should score around 125 pts this round.


Gawn. Historically scores 145+ vs Mumford.


Greene, Sidebottom or Dale?