Top 20 Supercoach Players Analysed

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Lekdog is joined by debutant and future cash cow, Statty Matty, as they dissect the Top 20 Supercoach players for 2021, trade-in targets for Round 16 and some players to keep an eye on for 2022.

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Time Codes:

01:00 – Introducing Statty Matty to the podcast

03:50 – Jack Macrae and Marcus Bontempelli love fest

05:40 – Top 20 players breakdown

06:35 – Max Gawn, can we pick him in 2022?

08:20 – Clayton Oliver, was trading him after his bye the right call?

09:30 – Jarryd Lyons, consistency is key

11:05 – Jack Steele is still a bargain

11:45 – Darcy Parish is a top-10 scorer!

13:39 – Jack Ziebell, what can we learn from role changes?

15:59 – Nic Naitanui, Lekdog’s claiming this one

17:08 – Zach Merrett, his ownership seems to low

18:03 – Touk Miller, should we have seen this coming?

18:28 – Ollie Wines is gearing up ahead of finals

19:00 – David Mundy is the 18th highest scorer, not even Damo called it

21:20 – Jake Lloyd, can we be disappointed with him? 

22:07 – Dayne Zorko, getting better with age

22:30 – Brodie Grundy is a must-pick in 2022

23:54 – Injuries

24:00 – Balta & Vlastuin (do we see some Richmond rookies return/hold their spots?)

25:22 – Beau McCreery subbed out on 0!

25:33 – Denver Grainger-Barras subbed out in first game

26:10 – Chad Wingard hammy soreness

26:30 – Lachie Neale’s shoulder a worry?

27:35 – Rookies

27:40 – Brandon Walker ($117,300 | B/E -17 | DEF | FRE) Proj $26k

28:31 – Lachlan Bramble ($102,400 | B/E -39 | MID | HAW) Proj $39k

29:32 – Riley Garcia ($123,900 | B/E 30 | MID | WBD) Projected to lose $3.5k!

30-40 – Jeremy Sharp ($141,800 | B/E -19 | MID | GCS) Only played one game for 74 points

30:57 – Jarrod Leinert ($289,200 | B/E -12 | DEF | PTA) Proj 41k…scores of 94 and 88

32:19 – Affordable Targets

32:39 – Patrick Dangerfield ($495,300 | B/E 100 | MID/FWD | GEE) 

34:27 – Isaac Smith ($442,300 | B/E 51 | MID/FWD | GEE)

36:00 – Tex Walker ($423,100 | B/E 108 | FWD | ADE)

38:17 – Lance Franklin ($433,500 | B/E 78 | FWD | SYD)

39:55 – Sam Walsh ($545,100 | B/E 119 | MID | CAR) Averages 113, priced at 105

41:00 – Travis Boak ($517,000 | B/E 104 | MID | PTA) Averages 108, priced at 99

42:41 – Andrew Brayshaw ($517,000 | B/E 102 | MID | FRE) Upside pick, can he dodge Cunow tag?

43:40 – Callum Mills ($556,500 | B/E 112 | DEF | SYD) Top defender in 2021

45:45 – Lachie Whitfield ($521,900 | B/E 65 | DEF | GWS) 

47:05 – Jordan Ridley ($470,900 | B/E 55 | DEF | ESS)

48:25 – Dougal Howard ($454,400 | B/E -18 | DEF | STK) Do not pick this man

49:09 – Nick Haynes ($407,400 | B/E 50 | DEF | GWS)

51:15 – Hugh Greenwood ($510,700 | B/E 98 | MID | GCS)

54:16 – #sleevewatch of the week Lachie Plowman


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My DEF has been completed for some time, can’t afford to make any sideways trades.. Thoughts on moving Laird to complete my MIDs (M8) and bringing in Mills as my D1? Also enables use of DPP rookie if the need arises.
Laird is currently SC #2 DEF and #9 MID.


Don’t see why not Laz, if you have the trades…Mills is having a career year.

Rick Grimes

Sounds reasonable. Laird’s output is premium for a midfielder. 110 ave and 128 three round average. He’s a gun.


Mills is $556k, paying full price for him.

there are just as good options in the midfield at same or lower price. Walsh, Neale , Patracca.


Have Walsh and would take Mills before Petracca.. I guess Houston + $90k in the bank is another option or maybe Boak.. Neale I’m not certain on, he is $20k more and I’d have to watch him for another week to see how his shoulder and tag-resistance goes..
I can Delay and get Danger first .

Interestingly.. taking Danger & Houston over Zorko and Mills saves me $262k which equates to around 70pts.. . And a certain upgrade to a 3rd Premo


That should have read 50 pts, not 70.


do you mean Zorko & Houston VS Danger & Mills?


Taylor Adams Lekdog, only played 1 game back from injury but could average 110 pts for the rest of the season at 464k is a risky POD bargain.
A chance worth taking with 11 trades left I reckon.

Rick Grimes

11 trades is enviable. Worth a punt.


good player. i had him until he got injured. looking at him or Neale as a replacement for Cripps.


I won’t touch him again with a barge pole, not after his first 4 rounds of crud and then injury. Thought I was smart picking a pod but he was the beginning of the ruination of my side this season.


He did have an interrupted preseason that’s why a lot of us didn’t start him. I’m hoping his issues are gone and he can finish strong.


Starting the season with Adams & Cripps was the beginning of the end for my season


Yup…feeling the same pain bro

Rick Grimes

Big Maxy might be worthy of the VC this week. Last 5 v Giants:
163, 150, 149, 156, 160.


Good Stat, however with Mummy,Flynn & Briggs ,I don’t think Max will have his own way this time, Big Boy & Ceglar probably 1/2 their Rucks last week without Mummy.
I have Max, but won’t be putting the VC on him , just my take Rick

Rick Grimes

He’ll eat Flynn and Briggs. Mummy is a walking corpse. Will back him in. Bont if he fails.


Clarry for mine just more reliable

Rick Grimes

Does he get DeBoared?


Surely? It did the job earlier in the season if he very surprised if they didn’t go with it again


The Bore is dropped 🙂


midseason draft is up and running Got Holty in the first but a real chance NDD


Yeah wtf with that where we didn’t even know it was on for the whole first week?…lol, my team is substandard, might finish 4th or 5th if I’m lucky.


I have you this week Russty.

I had a peak at your team, going down the list i wasn’t feeling to good when i saw your defence: Laird, Whitfield, Ryan with Harmes on the bench!


Mills Hurn and Andrews ain’t too shabby mate, I always seem to get good defenders in draft, it’s the mids and fwds that’s the worry 🙂


although looking at the league ladder there were no points awarded for round 1.

What Bear

Hi all,
Thoughts on:
Heeney and Madden out – Danger and 102f/m in to loop CCJ, Danaher Will have Robertson as swing cover as well. 4 trades left

Rick Grimes

Is that 4 trades now, or after? If you are low on trades, the sensible approach might be to hold off. Madden has money left to make and surely Heeney posts a decent score soon, surely. Plus Danger probably won’t destroy his BE. That said, I never do anything sensible, so I say go for it!!

What Bear

Currently have 6 trades. I cannot see the point in keeping Heeney when i am considering playing CCJ over him. Will wait until after tonights game and see what CCJ scores. Might just go Heeney down and no up this week


Madden out with hand surgery


Lachie Neale reported to have injured a calf – out for 2 -3 weeks


The injuries keep on rolling in.
Sam Docherty underwent surgery yesterday to repair an acute syndesmosis injury.

Rick Grimes

SC may need to tweak rules next year. Maybe two trades per round, or at least a few more than current. There’s still fun to be had for the die hard fans, but must be hard to enthuse a newbie when it’s so darn difficult to build anmaintain a decent team. Evolve or die.


Last year proved how popular more trades was After 10 LTI my season was over long ago . LTI is the key to more trades NDD


i thought it was his shoulder. he did really well to get through last week


Hey guys,
so for my final 2 spots, I’ve set my sights on walsh, tracca, danger and Bolton for my last 2 upgrades. Which one should I pick in each position and who should be a priority this week? I’m leaning towards walsh and danger but both have their downsides. Walsh has de boer in round 23 and dangers had his injury worries. Thoughts guys?

Rick Grimes

Walsh and Danger for me.


Danger would be ahead of Bolton

Walsh slightly ahead of Tracca.

Tracca is frustrating to have in my team. he has quarters (usual early) where is BOG and on track for 150, then he disappears. I’m waiting for him to have a 4 quarter game and all will be forgiven. Walsh is a dead set gun.


Regardless of Trigg’s learned opinion of Tracca I totally agree Derek That’s why he is below bont and Clarry Trac has never been in my teams for this very reason but a word of wisdom Derek if he ever does put 4 quarters together he will go double ton.hope he does many times then I will grab him NDD



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