INTERVIEW: Hold My McCluggage

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Zac currently sits in 16th position overall and is the coach of brilliantly named team “Hold My McCluggage”

At the conclusion of Round 15 we sat down with him to talk about his season so far.

What strategy did you take when building your own team at the beginning of the season?

I tried to stick to the guns and rookies policy, had a couple of mid priced selections in Tim Taranto and Jack Ziebell, both of which I thought could be in the top 6-8 scorers in their positions.

Who’s been your best starting selection?

Marcus Bontempelli is my best starting selection by far. Went building my team I had to decide if I wanted Bontempelli or Dangerfield and I’m glad I stuck with my gut and went with ‘The Bont’

When you were planning your trades how did you prioritize which positions to upgrade first? Did you pounce on value selections as they became available or did you focus on getting the must-haves?

I looked at which line I fielded my worst rookies on and tried to upgrade that as early as possible, you don’t want to be stuck in a situation where you are fielding a rookie who is scoring 30s each week.

Trading in value picks is important because you’re never going to complete your team by picking the most expensive blokes on every line each time you trade, you also have to make sure you keep an eye on those fallen premiums and plan for when they are going to bottom out in price.

Have you been affected by injuries as much as some others, what is your general rule when a player gets injured?

I haven’t been too bad with injuries. Early in the season I had Dunkley and Butters to deal with, and recently Grundy. My rule changes depending on if your going for rank or league, but normally for me anything over 2 weeks and I’ll trade them out.

What’s a trade you’d like back?

Bringing in Hunter Clark for Tom Highmore. I was forced to do the trade early in the season to make sure I had a full side but Hunter Clark was a failed pick and ultimately did not help me all that much.

How did you attack the bye rounds, were you short at all because of the fixture change?

I was in an alright position over the byes. I did some luxury trades over the byes and traded players like Brodie Grundy, who was injured, and Dayne Zorko, who was suspended, to gain cash and players on field but managed to have 18+ in every round and as a result I moved up the rankings.

What advice to you have to someone who’s limited on trades and still hasn’t completed their team?

My advice is if your short on cash and trades try to work out your trades in advance. Try to leave 2 trades for injuries, and if you’re short on cash take a punt on bringing in players you like watching or players from the team you support so at the very least you get enjoyment from watching your selections even if the scoring is hot and cold – It’s a risk but it could pay off.

Obviously your eye is on the prize this year, but is any player piquing your interest for next season already?

Jarryd Lyons. I wish I started him this season but was unsure of how he would be this year and I was wrong to doubt him. He has been super consistent all year and just always seems to find the ball.

Thanks for the taking the time to answer these questions, Zac. We wish you all the best for the rest of the season!

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Briilliant stuff Damo and good luck Zac such a great name NDD


I had a bit of a complain about how the AFL website reported the Melbourne game on the weekend, it was if Bombers led all night and Melbourne scraped in due to 12 frees in front of goal in the last quarter, Dee’s were in total control all night.
Anyway the AFL doubled down today repeating their lie and claiming that the “Baby Bombers” were hard done by.
Baby Bombers sounded like another lie from AFL so I did some checking.
Essendon have only played 4 players aged under 20 this year. Hawthorn (6) Collingwood (5) & Freo (5) have all played more under 20’s and Gold Coast, North, Port, Sydney also played 4 under 20 years old.
But it doesn’t end there Essendon have played 24 players aged 23 or over (mature aged) which is the 3rd MOST in the competition with only Dogs (28), Saints (27), Blues(26) playing more players aged 23 years or older!
For Comparrison Hawks, Pies, Freo who have all played more under 20’s than Essendon have and all have significantly fewer players aged 23 and over.

Why is the AFL feeding us so many lies about about Essendon? What possible reason could they have?


there is a disproportionately large number of Essendon supporters in the media


You may want to recheck your numbers there in terms of the “lies”. Going off a round 1 article Champion Data published, the Bombers have the 4th lowest average age in the comp and are 3rd based on least games experience.

Even if you look at your 23 and over category, Champion Data lists it as 24 and over and in that table the bombers are ranked 11th for most players aged 24+ and rank 3rd for most players aged 24 or below.

Check out this article for the full breakdown:


Great work fellas.

should be more of this type of stuff


Yes agree Derek, makes excellent reading on how the the better coaches think 👍


particularly those coaches who are regularly near the top every year. anyone can have a good year with some luck, but the fellas who are always good, i’d love to hear there thoughts.

i managed to get into a really strong league this year (ranked in top 30) and i’m currently embarrassing myself at 0-13 on the head2head.



There are a few teams that haven’t joined the JR SURVIVOR CHAMPIONS OF CHAMPIONS GROUP

You have until Thursday to join and stay alive in one of the toughest AFL Supercoach competitions to win.

the following teams: please join Group# 468645

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The Try Agains
Yeah yeah Righto
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The Red Snappers
Hall of Fame
Loverly Long Leg
Headless Zombie
Teal Point Thunder
Taranto Raptors

I noticed there are quite a few of the teams from the earlier groups that were set up who haven’t joined, maybe they have lost a bit of interest with the year.

Whoever is in by the start of this week, will battle it out to the end.

I’ll leave it until i have the final number to know how many eliminations each week (it will be either 2 or 3 each round)

ONLY the ABOVE TEAMS PLEASE JOIN. I’ve had about 10 other teams join who i’ve had to delete.

The Code to join is Group# 468645


Round 16 Immunity can only be awarded to a team that had already joined prior to the weekend.

Pretty Average (2466) hold immunity for this week. Well done a cracking score.


There was no eliminations last week.

thanks fellas.

S C tragic

Doe anyone think Buddy a viable replacement for Impey, if not any suggestions, add $50k Impey value. Thanks in anticipation.


Maybe as an M7 loop but Swans usually play later in the rounds, it’s a no for me, on the same line is Danger @ 495k is a bargain and is in only 10% teams atm

S C tragic



Lads sorry to be a pest. Anyone know grundys breakeven?




So, with limited trades and $$ I have a decision to make on a Premo FWD .. Zorko v Dangerfield… with a price gap of $154k will Zorko out score Danger by 30 points every week here-on-in? With such limited ability to generate cash the $153k might be the difference in getting Grundy as my last premo. As an example it would be like deciding between Danger + Grundy vs Zorko and Marshall.. thoughts?


I’m in the same boat, surely Danger/Grundy is the better option unless Ryder goes down.


I think Danger and Grundy are the better combination scoring wise there however it’s also a question of when you think you’ll get Grundy in – if it’s quite late in the season you can probably disregard him as an upgrade option and pick a player that could perform in that role for 2-3 weeks. This also gives you time in case he has a poor game that could allow his price to drop.
I’m not entirely convinced on Marshall yet, he should go around that 90 avg if things go well but it is a recurring kind of injury that he has so they’re just going to try manage it as best as possible. Danger’s still fading out late in games and hanging around those 90-100 scores, while Zorko should be closer to that 110-115 mark most weeks. Grundy will float around 120 avg so you’d think Danger + Grundy is giving you about 10 pts more per week at worst, but that’s only going to be a factor if you’re bringing in Grundy early enough. Otherwise Zorko and Marshall will negate that if $$ allows you to bring in both of those guys earlier.


Cheers Joe.. I’m think same re their relative scores, tho Danger could easily have gone 110 last week if his disposal was better. I’ll bring in 1 this week(FWD) and 1 next (RUC)…, I could wait longer for Grundy if his price drops further and/or if either CCJ and/or Thilthorpe get decent scores, but as you point out the longer we wait the more the Zorko option comes into play.. food for thought. cheers to Derek and John and Hugh too.


similar position.

This week i can easy go Gray to Grundy (will leave me with CCJ at F6 as my last upgrade and Cripps at M8.


Gray to Marshall and Cripps to Neale this week.

only 6 trades left which is my main concern.

If i do option 2, i can swing Marshall to forward line and get Grundy as my last upgrade, but do i have enough trades and cash generation to get Grundy?


I’d go Gray to Grundy. Chol is out & (Nank still out) & Tom Lynch a likely inclusion… CCJ will have to do some ruckwork which may well add to his SC score. Cripps is still Cripps.


I think I’ll just get Grundy and hold onto Cripps, decide on either Danger or Marshall as my last upgrade


That seems like the right approach Derek, Marshall you need more time to assess given the injury history and Ryder playing combo, while Danger should still be decently priced over the next few rounds


Great work Damo. Some great words of wisdom to hopefully take on board for next season.

8 trades left and $375 in the bank. I am looking to bring in Danger or Taylor Adams and one of Whitfield, Short or Rich but not sure who to trade out. Options are as follows:

Option A : Madden to Rich or Whitfield and one of:

Jordon to Danger or Adams – leaves 8k/36k in the bank
Walker to Danger – leaves 80k in the bank
Walker to Adams – leaves $87k in the bank

Option B: Madden (via DPP with Briggs to Danger and Jordon to one of Adams, Taranto or another midfielder under $527K.

Appreciate any advice and keep up the good work.