JOCK MAILBAG | It’s Dependlebury M8

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Back after a bye round of their own Clarky and Damo are joined by Herald Sun Sport journalist Al Paton to answer all of your questions ahead of Round 15. Can Isaac Heeney match Callum Coleman-Jones for output, Best Mitch Duncan replacements, is Scott Pendlebury a decent option to complete your midfield and we also tried to get some answers about SuperCoach 2022.

Special thanks to Al for coming on, you can follow him on Twitter @al_superfooty

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Hey community!
Sitting 263 and would love your help!!!
132,500k in bank
Am currently thinking weightman to nelson (via zorko into fwd).
Then Duncan to Neale.
Leaves me with 199,600k to take flynn to grundy next week.

Theb week after that treacy to rookie and daniher to fwd premo around 530k

They’re currently my thoughts but would love some feedback and any other thoughts and ideas!
Thanks community!!!

Side is:
Lloyd laird doch stewart whitfield daniel (madden highmoore)

Oliver macrae Jkelly walsh titch duncan wines brayshaw (bianco newcombe zorko)

Gawn flynn ( reeves)

Dusty danger ziebell daniher heeney weightman ( treacy briggs)


Great job Paul, team is looking good. Only because I think you can afford it, I would do everything you mentioned except get Lyons over Neale. Ceiling is actually quite similar now, but can trust Lyons body and his floor scoring more. Whitfield, Jelly, Danger, Heeney….enough injury risk there for mine.
According to my calculations, round 17 you can definitely afford Flynn to Grundy given Grundy should actually drop more in price in 2 weeks, while your last fwd premo trade should still leave you with cash if Treacy can finish strong. Good luck mate.


Yeah I wanted Lyons instead of Neale but just hesitate with the extra 50k or so.
I can still get my upgrades done as you said but i think it would require another trade to do so and I’m cutting it thin with 6. I’d need to use 5 and only have 1 up my sleeve for injuries.
But hey, maybe you’re right and it’s worth it to go for it!


I don’t think it will cost you an extra trade to get Lyons given Flynn is projected to make you 12K in round 16 and Grundy projected to lose 18K….the difference between Neale and Lyons is only 36K which means it might only cost you 6K! Bargain 😉


lol okay, you’ve sold me.
I did want Lyons but thought I needed the extra cash.
Have been considering Joel Selwood also for cash reasons.
Damn Duncan scoring a 10 sucked as he dropped so much cash!

Cheers mate, you’ve sold me. And at 8% ownership he’s pretty much a pod too!


Looks like you’ve got it all worked out mate!

My only concern is Neale, are his two 150s (against North and Bombers) real? Or are all of his sub-100 scores real?


Yeah I agree Lek, Joel Selwood was a pod i am considering also, but he doesn’t really have as high a ceiling to help me climb.

Would love as has been suggested to grab Lyons, consistent scorer with ceiling and has low ownership but costs another 50k


Which rookie do people like best?
L.Foley 161k D, K.Briggs 123k D/F or L.Edwards 117k M?

David C

They might all be dropped this week. If Mummy was injured Briggs would be good.


Whichever one isn’t dropped!


Amazing episode boys