Mailing It In | Round 14

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This week the boys have decided to give the mics a rest.

Your questions will not go unanswered though! Questions will be asked, and they shall be answered.

See what we had to ponder below…

Dude. It all seemed way too good to be true! And then about 25 minutes before the game started the great Pete Jank of Virtual Sports confirmed the loophole. At a guess, nobody had been game enough to try it, and those that knew chose to keep a secret until the panic ensued when Ned Reeves was a late out.

Don’t get us started, forward line is a rabble! You could probably throw a blanket over the top 30 at this point, and this run home will decide the top 6. At a guess, in no particular order, Ziebell, Hall, Zorko, Langford, Dale, Hawkins – plus Dangerfield, Greene, Martin and McDonald will be closing in as well. Dustin Martin has a knack for coming home strong.

As long as Josh Kelly keeps doing what he’s doing, then he’s the best option out of the four you have mentioned by a long way. Tom Mitchell’s 4 contested possessions in that North Melbourne game looks more and more like a strange anomaly, and Aaron Hall, well, is doing things we didn’t know he was capable of. Nothing against Toby Greene and every chance to be a top 6-8 forward, but think I’d prefer the bigger scores from Josh Kelly. Final answer: Josh Kelly if you want a mid. Aaron Hall if you want a forward.

It will probably affect Ziebell more than Hall, but both players will likely take a hit. Jack Ziebell moved up onto the wing with also some forward minutes late in the game versus the Giants, so we may also see an unfriendly role change for Ziebell as a result of McDonald’s inclusion. Positively though McDonald is replacing Lachie Young who was playing a little higher, almost like a 7th midfielder who swept the defensive 50 arc.

Damo and Clarky will be back with the normal Jock Mailbag podcast next week, and a another special guest! So don’t forget to get your questions in when the call is made!

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What do we think about trading out one of Impey or Cripps instead of Jordon? I know it seems crazy to preference a rookie over one of the mature guys but I hate seeing them stink up my team and Impey must have changed roles or something??


If you need players this week don’t trade Cripps or Impey, if you have to pick one it’s probably Impey. Change of role.


yeah I sold Jordon and Impey, which could haunt me, but it let me bring in Macrae and Guthrie. Great feeling to buy two shiny new premos and rip them out of the packaging and get em dirty.
Special mention to a cats player repping the no sleeves over the long sleeves (think it was Close or Dalhaus).

Great fact hunt

Hi lekdog. Does anything need to be done for anything in survivors league


I’m not sure mate, I don’t run it! I’ll check with the main man

Great fact hunt

Thanks dude you are a legend. May all your trades be good ones

JohnDJ59.Black Flag

Thanks for the feedback, Damo and Clarky. You picked them in the order I was thinking. Still undecided, but I’ll probably go with Titch even though J.Kelly is the better pick, just feel that as soon as I trade Kelly in, he will find a way to get injured and I’ve had enough of those this season.

Great fact hunt

Hi guys what is the scoop with survivors league. Do we need to. Enter another code.