Cheat sheet | Round 14

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It’s almost over everyone, there is a light at the end of the tunnel of the “bye rounds”. It’s been made tougher with the re-scheduling of the West Coast v Richmond game to last week, which threw everyone’s bye plans into chaos. But we’re nearly there.

I’m sure you’ve played out every permutation to get as many players on the field as possible. Personally I think I’m stuck with 15 or 16 depending on Tyler Brockman who has been warming my bench since Round 4.

I’m not going to bore you with the same guidance again. Plans have been thrown out the window this week. Suggestions of sideways trades between premos (i.e. Clayton Oliver to …??) have been circulating social media and to be honest make some sense.

Anyway, I’m gonna leave this here. I just want this weekend over so we can go back to normal AFL rounds … 9 games, good crowds … no tribunal sitting to test the ‘fabric of the game’.

See ya next week everyone. đŸ™‚

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Great job again Statty Matty. Needing help from the community, how on earth do you decide out of Merrett and Walsh if you have neither?? I have been making all the wrong decisions this year, such as picking Whitfield over Hall, Marshall over Zorko, Heeney over Steele lol, so can somebody please give me a statistic that will help me split them…


I guess Merrett’s 3 and 5 round averages lately are better than Walsh’s , and he has more runs on the board historically.


Yo, Is this a good trade

Jordan > Wines
Zorko > Langford
Impey > Newcombe
Waterman > Hind

I believe in a few weeks when neale gets better zorko will lose his score’s of 100 +
and it also leaves me with only 2 spots left to upgrade, 8 trades left and 87k left. (Thinking of getting danger in a few weeks and rowell due to their high breakevens)


if it helps you out this week if you need numbers then I can see the appeal in it.
But personally, Zorko to Langford isn’t an upgrade. Zorko is flying, and averaged 98 last season with Neale winning the brownlow. So even if Zorko does drop his average to that of last year, a 98 is probably the absolute best you could hope for from Langford anyway. He’s never averaged more than 80 in his career so far.

Waterman to Hind is a great upgrade though!
And so is Jordan to Wines… great POD!


Turn one premo into 3 (sort of) can’t be a bad thing!


I have a bit of cash… what is better jordan to Lyons, merret, wines or spend big for bont?


Just saw you are having the same conundrum as me. I am still learning towards bringing in Bont even though his price is about as high as it will get.


i like wines or merret out of them


My trades this week
Darcy Moore- Tom Stewart
Heeney-Harry Mckay
gives me 19 playing, Harry Mckay a bit risky but hes so cheap for what he could potentially output.


If I can afford it should I trade in Bont who is sorely missing from my side or should I save the money and bring in a cheaper premo?


I like Lyons but I’m not sure if Neale will affect his price too much, merret is good but not as high scoring as lyons