Are 4 Trades Enough This Week?

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Lekdog and Patch are back to talk about all the players we should be targeting for Round 14, trade reversing, Duke Newcombe, Ned Reeves and sing about Aaron Hall.

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Time Codes:

04:30 – You can undo trades?

07:15 – Lekdog on Blue Abroad 

08:05 – Trade strategies for Round 14

09:20 – Brisbane Lions breakdown

09:30 – Daniel Rich

10:14 – Harris Andrews

10:55 – Jarryd Lyons

12:15 – Lachie Neale

13:45 – Hugh McLuggage

15:25 – Dayne Zorko

16:20 – Zac Bailey

17:09 – Carlton Blues breakdown

17:20 – Sam Walsh

18:30 – Patrick Cripps

19:30 – Sam Docherty

20:49 – Paddy Dow

21:40 – Essendon Bombers breakdown

21:47 – Jordan Ridley

24:15 – Darcy Parish

26:12 – Zach Merrett

28:13 – Kyle Langford

30:21 – Dyson Heppell

32:00 – Western Bulldogs breakdown

32:22 – Caleb Daniel

34:00 – Hayden Crozier

34:33 – Jack Macrae

35:25 – Marcus Bontempelli

36:03 – Tom Liberatore

36:25 – Bailey Smith

36:44 – Lachie Hunter

37:33 – Riley Garcia

38:05 – Bailey Dale

40:00 – Jai Newcombe

40:46 – Aaron Hall

42:28 – Toby Greene

43:17 – Jeremy Cameron

44:18 – Nick Haynes

47:00 – Ben McEvoy

47:32 – Tom Mitchell

47:54 – Ollie Wines

48:02 – Travis Boak


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Shake n bake

I only used 2 trades the last 2 weeks got rid of Warner and Frederick leaving myself 14 how is everyone one else tracking.


Five trades the last 2 weeks, two more this week and 10 to go.
Four full upgrades plus a lot of mediocre players who have to stay. Not a great season, for me.


made 4 trades last week and 3 the week before, looking at 3 or 4 more this week.

10 left before this week

needed to grab a few wins and improve my rank a bit.


Hey Shake, either of my trade offers in the JR Midseason Draft interest you?


Also my offer in Jungleland Draft?

Shake n bake

Will look at the Sidebottom trade

Shake n bake

l don’t have many a graders playing and there the ones u want. If l move them on I’ll just have a very c grade side.


What about; Gaff, BCrouch & ZWilliams for Neale?

gives you a bit of depth in guts and a decent defender


Hey community,
which option are we going
dale and Langford
hall and green
dale and green
reasoning appreciated aswell
cheers in advance


Or Langford and green


Which Green/Greene?

I got Toby last week


Toby looking for two forwards


what downgrade options this week?

is Dow an option? Seriously!


$198k and in the guts. Not many other options

Teague Train

Probably the most testing round of supercoach we have coming up this week, think most teams are accepting they wont have 18 players and are just going with the flow

Thoughts on trading Cripps and Saad out this week to bring in Lloyd/Mills and Bont/Parish or are they luxury trades? Which I probably cant afford or are these 2 good enough for D6 and M8?

Ive got Impey, Heeney, Poulter, CCJ and Weightman floating at F3/4/5/6/7 so are these guys better off to be upgraded?

Teague Train

Or if i wanted to, i could do the following

Campbell, Poulter and CCJ to Newcombe, Hall and Greene (Toby) but only have 42k in the bank

If i did that id have to hold Saad and Cripps for the rest of the year


Madness trading out CCJ (BE -22, Av93) and Poulter (BE 38, Av70) … there aren’t that many rookies coming up that will earn you cash. And you’ll be creating a cash problem. Both of these are scoring well and have a few weeks of growth left.


I’m going with the flow … will bring in Newcombe for Scott which will give me 14 on the park… if Reeves plays then15. Your 3 rookie forwards have growth left. I’m in a spot of bother too as I only have 1 rookie (Frederick) that’s not playing and all the others are still “earners”. (Bianco, Jordon, Poulter, Thilrhorpe, Reeves, CCJ, McCreery, Weightman and Waterman). So going early on an upgrade is a weighting consideration – will my rookies rise more than target premos e.g. Mitchell, Hall et el.
So if I do trade one of my rookies I’m seriously considering moving either Heeney or Impey out as well to get two better Premos.
So along the same lines, and if you have the spare trades and the cash, I’d consider trading Saad and a a rookie for either paring.. Bont and Parish before Mills and Lloyd however trading out Saad probably forces the latter..

Teague Train

My biggest issues are D6 (Saad) M8 (Cripps) R2 (Flynn)

My F3 and F4 have struggled (Impey and Heeney) F5 and F6 are covered by Poulter, CCJ and Weightman

If I focused more on the sideways trading, i can trade Campbell, Saad and Cripps for virtually any combination of players, ill be taking Newcombe early and then have 1.3m to spend on 2 players

That leaves a big hole in my forward line and those players may not get upgraded until really late in the season


Same here Lazza I have 14 with my 2 trades Bont and Newcombe Not going to get to full with F 5 and 6 covered by ccj Treacy and Poulter. Just have to be that way Terrible year NDD


😬… turd of season … Russty is in an even worse position… 10 without trades I think…

Shake n bake

Play u twice neil


not again hope your pies dont play us for a while. Very underestimated .though moore out wont help

Rick Grimes

I’m pretty serious on trading Zorko. He’ll ave 90 to 95 from here out I reckon, so he’s massively overpriced. That value gets me a Macrae who will go at 120-130. Plus he’s playing. It’s a no brainer I reckon.

Rick Grimes

I might also fire Heeney. Talk about a spud trade.


I traded Heeney in 2 weeks ago, he hasn’t made my best 18 either week and now trading him out. That’s using the 2 extra trades wisely.


wow I wish I thought of this (or stole your idea) weeks ago

Rick Grimes

Anyone else notice that Robbie Gray has tonned up last 3 games. He seems to be attending a lot of centre bounces but then floats all over getting cheap possies.

JohnDJ59.Black Flag

So many things that I would like to do to my team, but have next to no trades left for the run home, so just the one this week, looking at trading out Green since he has been scoring like a rookie lately and trading in either J.Kelly, who I rarely have in my side,(only once as an upgrade and I think he ended up getting injured not long after) or Titch who seems to be coming back into some form. This will complete my midfield, I am keeping Jordon as my M8. Who do you think I should trade in Kelly or Titch.

Rick Grimes

I’d go Titch for the reasons you note. He also looks a good C option this week. Last 5 scores v Essendon: 135, 122, 127, 153, 116.

David C

Kelly for mine, has been playing full time in the guts. Titch has been spending some time forward.


Tich for mine Jelly’s injury curse worries me .Bont would be even better

JohnDJ59.Black Flag

I feel Kelly would be the better pick, but also that as soon as I trade him in, he will get injured. Bont, joined my team round 6.


Coniglio will be back soon to change the dynamic of the GWS midfield

JohnDJ59.Black Flag

I would feel safer with Titch.

JohnDJ59.Black Flag

I could also get Macrae, but he is 100k more expensive, so I would have to downgrade a rookie to get him, using an extra trade I can’t afford to use.


1 Mid spot left. Poulter to Walsh or hold off for Neale?????


I’m holding off for Neale, hoping he will drop by 25k this week to fit in my plan


are you interested in Rowell for under $400k in a few weeks?




I have 12 trades remaining. Only have 10 playing this week and that’s if Reeves returns. I am trying to decide whether to make two or three trades or just take the week off and reassess everything in Round 15 when the byes are over.
The trades I am thinking of making are –
Rowe to Newcombe (assuming he plays) via Brockman DPP
Warner to Hawkins or Hall
Jordon to a midfielder less than $447k.
I am happy to make the first two trades, however, I am struggling to find anyone decent to upgrade Jordon to so I could leave that for this week and try to trade him the following week by downgrading another rookie and having more cash to upgrade Jordon to someone better.
Appreciate any advice or thoughts on what I should do.


Like the Rowe trade, Hall has surprised me this year but I’d feel safer with Hawkins. Wait for a worthy trade for Jordon, he deserves it.


Feeling a bit smug about bye planning and having 19 onfield this week, 20 if Reeves gets a recall. Based on the comments here and other forums I could pickup 400 points and 10,000 ranking positions in this round. I’ve traded moore to williams this week so far and I might upgrade Cripps to Macrae but I have concerns about his history at the cattery he could drop 30k and Cripps could make 20k if they both score 100.
Playing this round



Predicted for 1948 with Jelly as Captain
Have Oliver-Brayshaw-Lloyd-Grundy & Dusty on the bench so I might burn Brayshaw & Waterman for a good FWD who should I get?


don’t think Reeves will get a game.

Madden is a chance, but i’m not counting him yet.

Is there a better defender option than Williams?

I would hold Brayshaw, he should get a bump in his TOG with Fyfe’s injury.

i would be looking at one of the geelong forwards, either hawkins, Cameron or Dangerfield


No Waterman either


Thoughts on going Jordan and McCreery to Jelly and Toby Greene? I’ll have to downgrade Poulter to get enough cash so waiting to see if any rookies are named this week.


I got them both last week. Highly recommend


Quick question on best 18 scores during byes.
Trying to work out fire sale team score.
If I had hickey and flynn on deck with the E on Rob and buddy on ground up fwd. Do i get robs score of 90 over buddys despite both ruckman playing?
As he had the E does it count in best 18?


E only works for each line. If both you have R1, R2 and R3 all playing, you can’t get the R3 score


No Greeves. But Madden gets a game


Good news that Madden is playing (even if it might only be for a week) and I hold my breath and hope that Newcombe and Brockman (less confident) are both named tomorrow night when the final teams for Sunday’s game are announced as my trades all hinge on it:
Thoughts on which of the following trades I should go with:
1) Rowe to Newcombe and Warner to Hawkins – leaves 10 trades and $59k
2) Rowe to Newcombe, Warner to Greene/R Gray and Jordon to Langford – 9 trades $43K
3) Rowe to Newcombe, Warner to Greene/R Gray and Jordon to Swallow – 9 trades $15K
If Newcombe is not named then I am just going to take the weekend off.

JohnDJ59.Black Flag

I’d hold Jordon, too good to trade out, good enough to have on field going forward or at M9 as cover if your midfield is full of premiums.


Lester is listed as 3 – 4 weeks, Madden might be in for longer than a week imo


Great work lads. Was going for overall but might have to just go for leagues now. With Zorko, Reeves and Waterman out, I now have only 13. Probably no point using all my 4 trades this week as I’ll still have only 17 and will lose more rank. To those who have a full team of 18 this week, I salute you.