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Welcome back to Thursday games. If one less day of prep is bad enough for all of us here at the JR team, the shift of the West Coast v Richmond game from Rd 14 to Rd 13 has caused even more panic and headaches across the country.

The 2 most important things to consider this week are a) get 18 players on the field for Round 13 and Round 14, and b) maintain your upgrade progress (or cadence as some call it). Easier said than done although the 2 extra trades is a slight help.

I was able to cover 19 players last week, and 18 this week, but I only have 14 next week, including a few non-playing cash cows that I can’t afford to move on yet. Clearly I don’t listen to my own advice and failed to implement my plan correctly. 🙁

There are not a lot of good downgrade options other than the ones listed here (Bianco, CCJ and Reeves), Max Holmes would have been on the list also, but was named on the emergencies for Geelong. Admittedly his job security isn’t great, and he may end up being Tom Highmore Mark 2.0 (Medical sub, low scoring, ruining cash gen). But there are a few more players you can consider as upgrade targets.

Dan Houston is a bit of a speculative pick, based on his early season form, pre shoulder injury, at only $415k he could be a good pick up for cash-strapped teams.

There are always good mid available at all price ranges. I read a good Twitter comment this week which simply stated “don’t skimp on your midfield”. I like the sentiment and in line with that, Travis Boak and Ollie Wines are two experienced premos who are likely drive Ports Finals push, and should score well for the remainder of the season.

Forwards are tough to choose, and Dusty is still great value at $458k, but has a bye still to come. But at 66% ownership, I’m preaching to the choir. Charlie Dixon (the AFLs highest paid decoy) is averaging 107 over the last 4 weeks. A risky option, as he’s a Key Position forward.

Anyway, I’m off to work out how to use 8 trades in 2 weeks to save my round 14 Team. Have a great weekend everyone and I’ll see you next week.

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Jai Newcombe Mid -103k from the Hawks to debut, was taken at 2 in the Mid Season Draft, he has been killing it for Box Hill


He’s going alright at half time on 37 points, mostly handballs though…needs to kick it a bit more.


Does anyone know how bad Cam Guthrie’s shoulder is? Out again this week – starting to become a concern….

David C

Scott did say he will play next week, if you can believe that.


Rd 12 update – Fire sale team.
Well the team went into the byes with a few players missing Luk, whitfield, tarranto, kelly, jom, flynn, ziebell, impey.
So 8 of the starting 22 missing.
Trades Rd 12 were:
Cut ties with Fredrick (didn’t quite worked out as planned) traded to Bianco.
As Hickey was named CJ was turned into Mills.
Rd 12 score: 1892.
Not too bad when you consider the 8 missing above and McGrath injured first qtr. His 9 didn’t count in the 18 but Rowe’s 32 did.
25,800 which puts the team around the 5,000 mark overall.
Zorko wore the VC hat again this week. 122 was just short of my 130 rule so captain bloody fantastic Parish wore the C armband with pride punching out a cracking 166. This guy has been phenomenal.
Team is below:
Def: Moore, Doch, Lukosious, Rich, Whitfield, Mills. (Highmore, Bianco)
Mid: Tarranto, Kelly, Parish, Walsh, McGrath, Bolton, JOM, Smith. (Poulter, Sharp, Jordon)
Ruck: ROB, Hickey. (Flynn)
Fwd: Buddy, Zorko, Heeney, Hind, Ziebell, Impey. (Rowe, Madden)

Thanks SC for the extra 2 trades will come in handy next week. Where I intend to go premo shopping.
Thanks Rowe for your service you have been a good cow but trading him to down to CCJ (like everyone else)
I dunno after that?
Flynn to Reeves or just leave Flynn as backup?
Don’t really need the money as trading jordon next week.

Next week is a big week:
Jordon down to rook that will leave about $600k in the bank,
McGrath – Lyons
Impey – Bont/Mccrae – swing bolton forward
Smith – Mccrae or just leave in rd 14 as a warm body and trade to Steel/laird rd 15?

The experiment continues …..


Going great mate…just proves you don’t have to start with all the big name superstars to still do well, I’ll be re-thinking my strategy next season as this one has been a disaster for my side being decimated by injury. Always good to have Trig’s Happy Ending to look forward to at the end of the regular SC season. 🙂


Coouldn’t agree more Russty Teigg Happy Ending always loads of fun


Triggs or trac whatever


Are you keeping Zorko?Impey to Bont seems the better good luck Trac


Thanks Statty Matty. Great work again. At this stage, I have 18 on the field this week and next week I will be struggling to even reach double figures so I am thinking of concentrating on this week and just coping an absolute hiding next week given there is no chance I will be able to field anywhere near 18 players next week (please feel free to talk me out of it)
Currently have 14 trades and 116K in the bank. My thoughts at the moment are to bring in Reeves for Hunter and CCJ for Warner or Rowe. The other concern I have is Nat Fyfe and how long he will be out injured for as another option would be to trade him for Josh Kelly.
I am hesitant to make all three trades especially if I change my mind and do trade next week so I would appreciate any comments or advice on which way I should go this week and potentially next week.


With Warner and Fyfe injured I think getting CCJ and Kelly is a good idea. If you’re close to completing your side and can get some good playing bench players then you could take some weeks off from trading and save em for the crucial end part.


Thanks Russty. I have about eight rookies to cull on field and a couple of non playing rookies if trades permit so have a little way to go to complete my team. At this stage I am just trying to make the right downgrades and upgrades and retain as many trades as possible.




Hunter has been named. Is it worth keeping him given he will have the bye next week or do I still bring in Reeves.


I’d still trade him to Reeves ST, Hunter’s pretty close to useless.


I’ve traded hunter too Whitfield. Tossed up between he and Stewart. Probably shoulda went Stewart jeez he looked good last night. Hunters not a keeper not even a D8 the way his playing and a BE of 150, move on ST

Last edited 11 months ago by Maverick

Both good choices Mav, but maybe you thought I meant Hunter Clark?…I meant Paul Hunter, the Saints backup useless Ruckman lol


Electricity , phones and laptop back on deck in VIC What a sh//tty year for us still here Hey Russty i think Hunter is pretty much useless but you do have one of the best tap rucks plus Marshall who will only get better.Maybe get LLOYD down there and good trading this year and who knows ,look at my mob NDD


Exciting times for your Dees mate, hope they go all the way this year, will be hard to stop the way they’re going.


Hoping your Dees can get it done this year NDD,, Gunna be bloody hard to stop them unless they shoot themselves in the foot and run out of steam.


thanks guys Top teams are easy but they relax in the so called easy games .Hope they are over that now It wasn’t that long ago when we three were talking about how close the saints and dees weres i recall a few years back they were in a similar position playing Brissy with 6 stars out plus losing Voss on the day ,they won and were last . Thats the problem All dees fans remember those days and hope they are gone Realistically we should win easily against a poor pies without Grundy ,we will see Cheers fellas Is the power back on gat?


I traded in Powell-Pepper. I traded in Powell-Pepper. I traded in Powell-Pepper.


😬 Go stand into corner Hugh… 😁


ok, i guess i should


At least now you can say that one year in your SC team you had a pickled peck of powell peppers 😉


I now have 4 rucks and too many defenders 😁 have brought in 3 of Matty’s babies.. Laird is now a MID.. well for this week he is..


Same here laz, now i have Gawn, CCJ, Ladhams and Treacy…and full defence with Laird in the mids lol


Fyfe expected to play Round 15 now, what does everyone think? Surely his scoring output is affected if he’s meant to have surgery post-season.


Yes, I am in the same boat Joe_T. I was thinking of pulling the trigger on his this week and brining in Josh Kelly. Now I am a little undecided on whether to still do it or wait until Round 15 and then bring someone else in like Steele once he has had his bye if he doesn’t return. I doubt that he will be back by Round 15 and even if he was it will definitely affect his scoring output and there is every change he could re-injure it and be out for the rest of the season.


I’d offload him Joe, other teams will know about the bung shoulder and won’t hold back on him. Better off with someone fully fit I reckon.


Who is everyone putting the VC on this week?. Currently have it on Lloyd (wished I had the foresight to have put it on Wines last night) but not overly confident since I don’t have Steele and Fyfe in injured. Currently have the C on Gawn. Thoughts?


I’m going Jack Steele into Gawn or Oliver mate, Lloyd on 41 at half time…hope (if you went with him), he lifts his scoring for ya in the 2nd half.


Thoughts on which forward to bring in this week, out of Hall (McDonald returning soon which could impact his role) and Toby Greene? (Injury/Suspension concerns) or do I wait a week and bring in Langford or Dale instead?




Reeves a late out for the Hawks – I brought him in today and now can’t reverse thanks to stupid Thursday night footy – faaaaaaaaaaaaaark!!!


Same problem ST With the outages i had no phone and laptop so with the little bit of life in the battery did all the trades early Looks like a wasted trade my friend NDD

Paul W Housden

I have been told you can reverse a trade after lockout providing you have a trade left and neither player has played, very embarrasing for SC.