Two (Extra) Trades To Paradise

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Lekdog and Damo look at all of the targets coming off their Round 12 bye. The boys also take a look at the new trade rules for Round 13 and 14 and how that might impact your Supercoach plans!

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Time Codes:

01:00 – Extra trades and new trade rules

06:00 – Dayne Zorko ($603,800 | B/E 76 | MID/FWD) suspended for Round 14

06:28 – Andrew McGrath ($459,200 | B/E 181 | MID) PCL season?

07:48 – Gold Coast Suns breakdown

08:02 – Touk Miller ($616,000 | B/E 81 | MID)

10:15 – Hugh Greenwood ($513,900 | B/E 135 | MID)

10:25 – Brandon Ellis ($488,600 | B/E 76 | MID)

11:26 – Jack Bowes ($466,300 | B/E 140 | DEF)

11:50 – Jack Lukosius ($384,000 | B/E 3 | DEF) 

12:40 – Oleg Markov ($425,200 | B/E 101 | DEF)

13:20 – Matt Rowell ($495,100 | B/E 197 | MID)

14:01 – Ned Moyle ($102,400 | B/E 20 | RUC)

14:58 – Geelong Cats breakdown

15:15 – Cam Guthrie ($609,900 | B/E 129 | MID)

16:23 – Tom Hawkins ($513,400 | B/E 79 | FWD)

17:12 – Zach Tuohy ($454,900 | B/E 55 | MID)

18:36 – Patrick Dangerfield ($611,900 | B/E 198 | FWD/MID)

20:22 – GWS GIANTS breakdown

20:25 – Matt Flynn ($367,700 | B/E 74 | RUC)

21:19 – Josh Kelly ($562,300 | B/E 111 | MID)

22:26 – Tim Taranto ($526,600 | B/E 125 | MID) 

23:12 – Lachie Whitfield ($503,600 | B/E 70 | DEF)

24:23 – Toby Greene ($463,100 | B/E 118 | FWD)

25:53 – Tom Green ($436,200 | B/E 77 | MID)

26:30 – Hawthorn Hawks breakdown

26:44 – Tom Mitchell ($542,000 | B/E 93 | MID)

27:04 – Blake Hardwick ($504,200 | B/E 129 | DEF)

27:32 – Jarman Impey ($442,800 | B/E 111 | FWD)

27:55 – Chad Wingard ($433,300 | B/E 73 | FWD)

28:15 – Changkuoth Jiath ($369,400 | B/E 99 | DEF)

29:00 – Ben McEvoy ($433,600 | B/E 80 | DEF/RUC)

30:20 – Jack Scrimshaw ($466,200 | B/E 82 | DEF)

31:65 – Jai Newcombe ($102,400 | B/E 20 | MID)

33:10 – Twitter jail

35:10 – North Melbourne Kangaroos breakdown

35:40 – Jack Ziebell ($534,600 | B/E 120 | FWD)

36:03 – Aaron Hall ($502,100 | B/E 74 | FWD)

37:03 – Ben Cunnington ($549,800 | B/E 73 | MID)

39:00 – Jacob Edwards (102,400 | RUC/FWD) & Charlie Ham ($102,400 | DEF)

39:50 – Jy Simpkin ($485,000 | B/E 127 | MID)

40:30 – Port Adelaide Power breakdown

40:43 – Ollie Wines ($549,800 | B/E 94 | MID)

43:30 – Travis Boak ($533,800 | B/E 125 | MID)

45:11 – Charlie Dixon ($462,400 | B/E 55 | FWD)

46:33 – Sam Powell-Pepper ($424,100 | B/E 16 | MID/FWD)

47:27 – Robbie Gray ($424,300 | B/E 31 | FWD)

48:05 – Trent ‘The Cannon’ McKenzie ($388,300 | B/E 38 | DEF)

48:57 – Nick Haynes ($304,300 | B/E 45 | DEF)

49:29 – Trent Bianco ($123,900 | B/E -84 | DEF/MID) Proj +$71.8k

50:00 – Callum Coleman-Jones ($161,200 | B/E -102 | RUC/FWD) Proj +$82.8k

51:08 – Ned Reeves ($123,900 | B/E -98 | RUC) Proj +$81.1k

51:31 – Tom Liberatore ($543,100 | B/E 144 | MID)

52:57 – Kyle Langford ($474,000 | B/E 31 | FWD/MID)


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Whitfield was my target this week but todays news has left him in some doubt for the weekend. Original plan was to get whitfield this week (laird into midfield) and get one of Duncan/Neale in the next few weeks to finish my midfield. If whitfield is to miss, is Josh Kelly a great option instead? Scoring power undeniable but injury history worries me. I’d like to wait and get both duncan and neale if whitfield misses but i’m behind in rank and not sure i can afford to wait 2-3 weeks.
What would you guys do???


Lekdog if it uses up an extra 1 or maybe 2 trades to get Mills instead of Whitfield, do you think that’s a wise move given we have the extra 2 trades now? The only reason I was going Whitfield was due to limited trades, but now I’m rethinking under the new rules.
To add to that, I’ve got Fyfe too so I’m technically going to use one of the extra trades there.


What’s the word on what’s ailing Whitfield Tommy?


nothing too worrying russty, just heard he was running laps away from the main group yesterday!


mate, I like both options. And agree while waiting to bring in an upgrade is ideal to get a better price, you will lose plenty of further ranking points not getting them in now.
Just not sure about your reasoning not to get Josh Kelly. If you’re nervous about getting Kelly because of his injury history then how are you considering Whitfield lol? Has an equally, if not worse history at least for this season.


Totally agree that’s true so far for this season Lek. And for the record I’m bringing in Whitfield myself thus week and am not against him at all.
Am simply saying that if you have a hesitation with Kelly purely based on injury, surely a similar one is needed with Whitfield? The guy has only played 22 games once in 9 seasons. And has only played 20 games once in the last 6 seasons. He is regularly injured and they haven’t all been freak outside of the box injuries mate.


Whats wrong with Whitfield? he isn’t mentioned in the AFL injury list


Ran laps away from the main group yesterday. Obvs doesnt mean hes out but just thinking about alternatives if he isnt named!


Nick Haynes! Geez there’s a bullet I dodged this season, I actually considered him as a bit of a POD to start with, his natural progression average wise seemed to have him in for a 100avg season, what happened to him? Obviously a role change, any chance of him finding his way back to premo territory?


i havent been watch many GWS games, but i believe he has been playing on the wing.

Its a bit like Lukosious at the Suns, take him away from the defence and he isn’t worth a spit in SC


No mention of Petracca who is cheap atm. What are peoples thoughts if not worrying about byes


Love the pick, most people just can’t touch him because the rnd 14 bye is already stacked with premium outs


you are on the right TRAC Kat.


Viney back shouldn’t effect him. It might actually help with someone else in the guts doing the hard work. he was in beast mode last week, he should have gone bigger than he did


Lambert will be named for the Tigers as well as Prestia, the out will be RCD, time to go like most have doing anyway


So where is everyone getting their cash gen for upgrades DBB?
he has made barely $100k. Highmore $50k so that’s $150k for two players and still leaves you short if you trade jordon to a premo around $550k.
I am getting there with upgrades but still think i will be one short of a full premo team coming into rd 15 and impey still in the fwd line.
I don’t think i could have done too much more, picking off the fallen premo whenever I could so how is everyone else going?
gonna get there at the end of the byes?

Last edited 11 months ago by TRIGGA HAPPY

i have tried to get players who are a bit cheaper last few weeks. May, Kelly, Petracca, Walsh instead of going the uber premiums. But will still struggle to get to full premo. I’m looking at having to keep Ziebel and Daniher

this is where we can look at getting say 3x $450k players or 2x $600k and a dud rookie (i should have asked Damo)

JohnDJ59.Black Flag

Gave up on full premo weeks ago Trigga, looking at having Bianco/L.Jones at D6/D7, Jordon/Robertson at M8/M9, Poulter/Weightman/CCJ at F6/F7/F8.


i thought Prestia was done


I personally believe that they exploited the sub and just got him off, like he wasn’t iced up ect

Rick Grimes

Anyone considering trading Zorko? I’d bet my house his scores go down with a firing Neale back in the team. Rounds 1-6, he averaged 93. Then Neale out injured he averaged 123. Went ok last week but I don’t think Lachie was doing as much heavy lifting. Post byes last year Zorks averaged 93.
Not saying he’s bad. I’m just thinking there’s an option to cash in on his massive price and get an uber mid. Then if you want him back, grab him before finals for $100k less.
This is all trade dependent. But if SC HQ are handing out trades like candy….


Neale had 80% TOG last week. he will ramp that up


Who are you trading in Rick? Zorko will still be in the best 8 FWD’s imo, yes his Ave might drop, not on my radar to trade


Danger named ,if he averages 100 pts over the next 2 weeks he will drop approx 60-70k

Teague Train

Biting the bullet this week
Grundy, RCD, Rowe, Waterman to Reeves, CCJ, Miller and Jkelly

That will complete my midfield and defenders, only issue with these 2 lines is Saad and Cripps floating at D6 and M8 and the forward line leaving Poulter, CCJ and Weightman filling in to F5 and F6 with 8 trades and 350k still in the bank

Still no idea what to do with Flynn, will probably hold and then upgrade when hes first out

Cant Imagine to many teams getting full uber premo, so having some rookies at F6 wont be the worst scenario if Poulter or CCJ can continue their scoring output


What has happened to Will Gould?

A. Is he injured
B. Only a reserves player
C. Slept with horse’s daughter
D. Best mates with Titch


All of the above


I am thinking about Oliver to Miller to pump up my Rd 14 and getting Oliver back in after his bye and his price falls. I have trades to spare, so not an issue. I can’t work out whether this is genius or stupidity. At the moment I am rating it as smart ass that is sure to bite me back.


Oliver should do whatever he likes against the pies and then has the dons coming off the bye. I don’t like his chances of sub par scores keen. I’d only be doing it if you were stacked for trades and knew you’d be able to bring him in without notice


I’m assuming a few of us are gonna have to do downgrades to rookies to be able to afford the premos we’re bringing in, but honestly aside from Reeves are there any other rookies we can bring in who SHOULD get a game soon?
Really want to avoid bringing in more dud rookies if possible.


This Eagles Richmond game being moved has now made my round 14 very difficult. I had 17 before this week and now have 13 (Martin, Short, RCD and CCJ. I assume it has made the same issue for everyone though.


i dream of having 13 for round 14.

i currently have 11 playing


Ouch, yeah I saw that a few days ago. My mate had 14 for rd13 and 20 for rd14. But now he is looking the goods. I guess some will benefit from this change in the fixtures.


i was always going to struggle round 14.

even if i add Dusty, CCJ and RCD i would have only had 14 and was needed to do some serious trading to get to 18. Now its just a dream.

JohnDJ59.Black Flag

I have 19 for R13 and 12 for R14 after doing 3 trades this week. I will be doing two trades next week to get my on field players up to 14 for R14.

JohnDJ59.Black Flag

K.Langford and J.Newcombe will be the two that I will be looking at getting in next week.


FIGJAM had to go but who is going to do any better The list is just poor . The caretaker would have to be a chance


I think the importance of AFL coaches is extremely over rated. A few years ago Clarko was regarded as a coaching god but then a few players got old and the recruiting/draft picks suffered due to success and suddenly its a very ordinary team and a very ordinary coach.

Malthouse is another prime example Scott Morrison could have coached the eagles and Pies to premierships in those years but the media gave the accolades to Malthouse.
They still say that he was a great coach despite the fact that the Bulldogs were instantly better when he left them and the Blues were instantly worse when he joined them.

Players win premierships and it doesn’t matter how bad the coach is


Same with Chris Scott when he took over the Cats , he was gifted with the title of a premiership coach.
I believe Sam Mitchell is on the Pies radar


I will have 3 spare players for round 14 if anybody wants to rent them from me for the week 🙂


It’s a rookie plague


Aaron Hall or Steele Sidebottom for F6?


Steele is in the guts and gets plenty of it. he would be my pick.

With Tarrant coming back for North, it might change Hall’s role.


Terrific Toby? formerly know as Naughty Toby


I have a no flogs in my team rule


Am I totally crazy or just a little bit nuts?
Trading out GRUNDY, Warner, RCD, Mansell
Bringing in REEVES, CCJ, JKelly, TMitchell
It will leave me with $70k and 9 trades with Heppell at M8, Bianco D6, CCJ F6, Reeves R2
Bench cover are FWD-Weightman & Waterman, MID-Cripps, Jordon,Poulter, DEF- Highmore & Sharp
I hope to use Cripps & Jordon, to get Grundy back and Newcombe
Weightman and CCJ to get Hall and a def/fwd swing rook
Poulter & Bianco to get Hurn or Whitfield
Does that seem likely?
Any other suggestions coz my team looks real good online but in real life it seriously sucks; I should have called it Kim Kardashian