Cheat Sheet Round 12

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Morning Community. The bye rounds are upon us … my least favourite time of the SC season, in particular the first bye round.

You might think “But Statty, you’re always telling us to stick with our plan, and surely someone with your intelligence and access to useless stats would have the perfect plan”, and you’d be half right. Despite my best laid plans and advice, somehow I always manage to diverge from my plan about 3 weeks before byes due to injury or my stupidity.

The first bye round is especially difficult. You don’t really want to trade into someone who is about to have their bye. Ideally you want to trade down in the first week of byes, holding cash for upgrades in the second and third rounds. To do that we need to have viable options to trade down to. Easier said than done right now.

But on the flipside, byes are a great way to fix your team, as long as you have the cash generation (already generated) and trades in hand. If you double downgraded last week, you can do 1 down 2 up this week, or something similar.

There are some great premo options for upgrade available in the coming weeks, and some players in forward line who are starting to develop as top 6-8 players. I listed Bailey Dale in the cheat sheet, but Shai Bolton is still solid, as is Aaron Hall and Dusty.

In the midfield, Cam Guthrie and Jarryd Lyons could drop with their high BEs, but will still be over $600k. Tom Mitchell will definitely be on my shopping list next week, as he looks to be almost back to his best.

In defence, Lachie Whitfield looks to be making a run towards the end of the season, also Jack Crisp and James Harmes.

Good luck everyone,
Statty Matty.

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Go Blues!


Simon, you just leaked Teague’s pre-game speech.




I’ll be dumping Grundy next week, I’d do it this week but there’s no good reason to jump on CCJ after 1 flash in the pan

Grundy has a break even 40 points higher than his average and when he comes back in round 15 he’ll be up against the rampaging Darcy and then the best tap ruck of the last decade in Paddy Ryder he might stop the freefall V tiges but he only managed 70 against Stef Martin and 92 against Flynn so he could spud it up against Chol as well.
Either way he’ll drop at least 80k in his first 3 back; if he comes back
There’s always the possibility that that Bucks will make him share the role in his first couple back and he only averages 80


Neale or Whitfield/Stewart this week? M8 or D6? I SHOULD wait on Neale but he is very tempting


i hope you went Neale as both Whitfield and Stewart have the bye this week


Unfortunately, Daniher is a keeper for me. Too many upgrades still to do and not enough trades.


i’m in the same boat mate.
He will be my last upgrade if i ever get there.
I’m okay with it though. The fwd line this year is a mess, could worse than Daniher as d6


He is going ok. Should average 80-90. Ok for a forward


didnt have him to start off in my team but idk what u ppl are doing, i have 17 trades (including the 2 added trades) and i have 4 to upgrade till a full premo team


And where are you sitting overall mate?
If you’re not in the top 300 ppl then I’d say the same back to you. All those trades left and not in the running? Idk what you’re doing

Big G

Highmore is sub.


While I don’t wish injury on anyone, hopefully he gets on early.

Big G

He is. on!!


Community. My final moves. Any comments appreciated.

There is 2 moves.

1. Keep Grundy. Bring in Reeves as cover. Will have Poulter as my last playing rookie with him Bianco, Murphy, CCJ, Madden, Reeves my only chance of getting him upgraded with culling and would be down to 6 trades at this move.

2. Trade Grundy. Bont comes in for Poulter. Reeves & CCJ become my ruck options next to Gawn.

I held Grundy last week with hope he would have an update. The only update I’ve seen is they have specialists helping. He is able to run but is in no contact and they plan to re assess after the Bye.

That doesn’t fill me with confidence and I feel he will bleed some cash the first week or 2 back at best? Meaning in 3-4 weeks I might be able to burn 2 trades to get him back Reeves, CCJ etc pull enough cash?

Would you agree?


I agree he’ll drop cash for sure. But for me the main issue is his return date and not his price.
No point waiting to get him at his lowest point to have him for just a few rounds at the end.
But if his return is the main worry then that’s definitely a good incentive to trade him. And love the option of reeves and ccj to cover while you can bring in Bont.


It’s purely for the league comps with mates. I won’t be winning it.

Dumping Grundy here gives me this line up.

Mills, Laird, Stewart, Short, Ridley, Moore (Murphy, Sharp)

Oliver, Bont, Macrae, ZMerrett, Titch, Brayshaw, Dusty, Walsh (Bianco, Brockman, Macrae)

Gawn, Reeves, Non playing ruck

Ziebell, Bolton, Impey, Tex, Heeney, Zorko (CCJ, Madden)

This allows me to swing Bianco with Sharp if needed to go up. Brockman/Macrae with Zorko, Bolton)

I wish I got a non playing ruckswing with CCJ but I didn’t 🙁 rookie mistake, though not gonna burn a trade on that. If I need to swing CCJ up I will by dumping him. Otherwise rather hold the trade and try let CCJ & someone else fatten up to buy Grundy when he bleeds some cash if he warrants selection.


Awesome looking side mate, well done assembling it!

If it’s just for leagues with mates then I’d lock it in mate!

And I hope you’re right and that Grundy bleeds cash. I started without him so would love to finally bring him in!