Cheat Sheet Round 11

Published by Statty Matty on

Hope you’re all surviving the latest lockdown. I’m not going to write platitudes about how to get through it. But hopefully here’s some juicy SC content to get you through the day.

It’s been touch and go for trade strategies this week. With rumours that Hawks v Suns would be postponed and SC teams would be “best 18” pundits were talking about double downgrades, but since it’s all 9 games playing, and regular scoring, it’s best to stick with your original plans.

There’s some great rookie downgrades this week in Madden and Weightman, and there seems to be a few debuts coming also which is great timing for us. Maybe the Fantasy Footy Gods are listening to our prayers.

There’s lots of upgrade targets too. I’ve only listed a few at a few price ranges. It’s important to consider your full set of trades (ho many trades, how many positions to upgrade) and try and upgrade to premos who will be top 8-10 for their position, even if that means waiting 1 week for an extra downgrade. 1 extra week might cost you 50 points this week, but the difference between a 450k player and a $600k player over 10 weeks will return more than those 50 points. Try and stay away from Mid Priced Risks as much as possible.

The exception to that rule is the forward line. MPRs (like Heeney in this instance) could end up being top 6-8 players for the remainder of the season.

And as always, consider your Bye situation. Try not to trade in players with a Rd 12 bye this week. Watch, wait, bring them in after the bye. But you all know that already.

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Great stuff Matty! Will be looking too move on Scott and Powell. Unsure whether I’ll paint the fence or double down on weightman and madden. Haven’t watched madden at all how’s his JS? SC Average is decent but that doesn’t guarantee his JS in that quality side.


Personally I am not a fan of the double down this week because next week is not a good week to upgrade with the byes starting. I want to keep focussing on getting rookies off field.

Bob Butter

That’s my thinking too (on Madden not the double down). Tossing between him and Weightman, not sure on his JS, would love to hear from Brisbane fans.


Bit of help here, I have 16 trades and looking to dump one of my rookies but cant decide who – Warner, Scott or Jones?

And who to Weightman or Madden? have 16 trades with $121k banked


i’m going Weightman, for no particular reason, except his last score was higher so he’ll appreciate quicker (hopefully). he’ll probably get dropped after this round.

Nick nick

Thoughts on Cunnington?


He’s quite old.


He looks alright in the hair ads, but hasn’t made me sign up for plugs, yet.