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In this episode Damo and Clarky along with Barron Von Crow look towards the weekend ahead, and also discuss how you should plan for finishing your team, whether or not to trade out under performing players and what we like on our toast!

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Looks like it’s a normal round, no best-18!


In a normal round I get 2 injuries so, hopefully not

The Ranger

Normal round………..
(sighs wistfully)


Back to Back 2,300’s look out the fire sale team has taken off!
and that was without clarry. Wasn’t he magnificent on the weekend, the ranga was on fire.
Was gonna bring in Ridley but thought he could possible wait one more week as wasn’t gonna move much if he scored a ton so set my sights on the breakout player of the year, especially since he has gone on to his born to play role of midfield. If players play all their career as a midfielder why play them out of position when they get to the AFL? I know stronger bodies but reckon you should just play to your strengths. Anyway thanks to an injury to sheil, parish has become a full time midfielder. I watched the Anzac day game and he was everywhere but thought I would wait and see if he could back it up rather than chasing the car. He has more than backed it up, so welcome Darcy to the “ON” fire sale.
In order to do this had to free up some cash for this trade and to bring in ridley this week. So powell become poulter. Missed first rise but still plenty of value there at $170k and looks to have locked himself into the pies side.
As he played early zorko wore the VC armband. While 117 is handy doesn’t make my 125 rule. So as is normally the case with midfielders the newbie wore the capt armband. Had to wait till the last game with some monster scores being posted but definitely happy with 152.
Rd 10 Score. 2,368
Overall score: 21,542.
Rank around 7,400.
Scary thin. This now puts this team a whisker short of my actual team with no holes in the team and only going from strength to strength.
Team is below:
Def: Moore, Doch, Lukosoius, Rich, Clarke, CJ. (Highmore, Fredrick)
Mid: Tarranto, Walsh, Parish, JOM, McGrath, Jelly, Smith, Zorko. (Jordon, Bolton, Sharp)
Ruck: Hickey, Flynn, (ROB)
Fwd: Buddy, Heeney, Hind, Ziebell, Impey, Poulter. (Rowe, Campbell)

Trades this week.
Is Hickey injured again? Can’t get much info. Guess ROB can do the job if it is only short term. Else will be forced to do another injury trade. Otherwise
Definitely Ridley this week. He is about as low as he is going to get. Thanks CJ you have done your job but time for an upgrade. Due to the powell trade I have more than enough cash to do this with one trade.
However Campbell wont be back till after the byes so may have to consider moving him on.
With bolton back hopefully this week will mean no rookies on deck once more.

The experiment continues …….


Lukosoius was back in defense without Bowes, racking them up again.


Fire sale team is now killing me completely


He may be onto something there Lek, several midpricers in the hand may be worth two in the bush, Maybe we don’t need so many “premos”…it’s a thought I had at the start of the season but was to chicken shite to run with when it came down to it, and now my season is sucking hard so maybe I’ll try the alt approach next time πŸ™‚


Trade Hickey or Rob for Reeves, he misses this week but will only be your R3 so it doesn’t matter and he’ll come in handy during the real byes then you could turn Campbell into Hall and possibly frederick into ridley and keep CJ for bye cover

Rick Grimes

Got a donut in defence. Don’t think Clark is playing.


Another injury trade. πŸ™„


Fire Sale Team really fire ing now.How are the byes going with it?


You know me mate. Dont really care about byes except if going for overall. So never. 🀣 Too much unpredictability esp around rookies who may play or may be rested. Though looking at team quite a few swans. They r 14 I think. So may struggle rd 14 like every other team on the planet. With clarke doing his groin looks like another injury trade for the fire sale.

zenon frontczak

very good team


It doesn’t matter how many trades you have???

It’s round 10 and you have 13 trades with 4 rookies on field?


I don’t like the rookie options at all this week. Ideally I’d be bringing in playing rookies in preparation for the bye rounds, but I just don’t trust the job security at all, especially for any midfield rookies. Scott -> Dusty my only move for the week, will be patient to see what happens next week. I’m expecting carnage this bye season.

The Ranger

Might take a punt on Bailey Smith at 400K.
No Dunkley, no Treloar…someones gotta get the points.


True dat Ranger, remember there’s also Libba and Hunter too though


Libba is having a career year yet not a peep about him. πŸ™„


Thoughts on VC & C this week ? I’ve changed my mind heaps , currently going with Macrae into Grundy ??


I’m going Oliver to Grundy, Macrae probably just as good.