Cheat Sheet Round 10

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Good morning community, welcome to the Round 10 cheat sheet.

We’re having a bit of trouble this week. There is a dearth of quality downgrade targets, either through poor performance, or lack of job security. That may be ok if you’re trading “one up, one down” into a premium player, and you’re close to finishing a line of your team, but it’s a problem for many of us who are still looking for some cash generation.

Lachie Jones would have been one of the prime defensive targets this week if he was named on the field for Port. There’s still a chance he plays, but we won’t know til later today when Port names it’s bench players.

In the midfield I’ve got Tom Powell as a trade out. Powell is still averaging 74, which is ‘respectable’. Considering the lack of downgrade targets you could hold him this week and take a small loss (about $10k or thereabouts)

I’ve included PODs this week instead of Rucks. Most people will have their rucks set now and there’s no value rookies at the moment. In terms of PODs … Nick Hind is a good value buy, but with some risk. Still only 30 games for a 26 year old mature age recruit. He may be about to breakout or just be a very good player. Christian Salem is at the top of the spectrum. He’s a high priced defender who’s been slowly building his SC average over 8 seasons.

Anyway, keep progressing with your upgrades. Only 2 more rounds (this one and the next) and then it’s the first of the bye rounds, where we have 3 trades per week. What will your plans be by then?

Have a great week everyone, and whatever you do make sure you don’t steal someone else’s artwork and pass it off as original. That would be really bad. πŸ™‚

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Would Harry Edwards from WCE be a defensive downgrade option? Don’t see too many other choices if Murphy and Jones aren’t named


Feeling lucky? Jesse Hogan, BE of 5, avg 90. Sure there’s all the reasons to not pick him, but WHAT IF GWS has gotten Jesse back to his 2018 form? POD 1%. LeBeau would say laissez les bons temps rouler Colonel Hogan.


Jake Stringer was primed for a similar pickup few rounds back.

Cheaper / lean and fit (Hogan already has missed a game) / better role and had better scores on the bubble.

Hogan will burn just like Stringer did to the people that brought him in.

Also has some good defensive lines on the horizon. Won’t score 4 every week.


Hogans out for four weeks


Can someone talk me out of trading in blake hardwick and heeney for powell and H.chapman via dpp…….
def: llyod, stewart, laird, HARDWICK, short, ridley – bench cox, highmore
mid: lyons, bont, oliver, merritt, cerra, cripps, jordan, scott – bench RCD, brockman, fyfe
ruck: gawn, grundy – bench flynn
fwd: zeibell, impey, HEENEY, warner, D.robertson, poulter – bench briggs,treacy

before trades had $320k with only 16 trades, after $115K with 14 trades…. i know i know.. low trades! need to make a move and hope for the best.. any advice would be great!

The G Train

Heeney is so tempting this week, could straight swap with Powell via DPP. That being said I wouldn’t touch him with a 10 foot pole, especially with Horse saying last week that he is still managing his injury. Im spending the extra coin and going Powell and Scott to Zorko and Lloyd.


Saw you on TV demolishing a pie at the footy big fella, good to see you haven’t lost the love for a dietary staple and lost 100kg like plugger


I downgraded Powell to Heeney. Heeney will break at some point but he’s still really really really underpriced, so hopefully he breaks later rather than sooner πŸ˜‚


Yeah i remember saying to myself last year ill never touch heeney again! but hes so cheap.. given my dire trade situation might need to take it and hope for the best! although i really want to go to dusty or perhaps some combo of dusty/hind/heeney and leave cox on field in defence for now


He’s a seriously good footballer BUT he’s already broken twice this year and was cheap to start because he broke so badly last year.
It’s a concrete deck at Optus and Isaac’s ankle is held together with a tissue and a bit of spit, it could easily disintegrate 5minutes into the first quarter. Alternatively he could stumble and break his fall using the still broken hand.
Last weeks 110 was against the pies on the SCG marshmallow deck, it is a seriously soft surface Bolton could land on his head after taking a speccy and not be bothered.
I hope that he survives the Optus surface but even if he does he will probably need a rest next week.

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Heeney in Perth. He can wait a week


Dustin Martin or zorko? Will probably end up with both by the end but who to get this week?


Dusty the better value but like you say you’ll probably need both, I think Zorko will score better until Neale comes back and Neale is still 5 weeks away


good stuff.


Heeney worries me can get injured so easy